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Touch me not, even with love,
Or I could shatter into a million pieces
Fragile as glass I stand,
Skin cracked,
And pieces glued together, 40 more words


Draft - Foucault Pendulum

someday, when we grow up
this too will be a memory
glowing with all the passion
of a darling age; someplace
elsewhere where we’ve
kept all the dishes pristine… 78 more words



Meeting with old friends made me realize that some people actually made me their first choice. I was blind then. Never had my focus on people who actually took time to make me feel how worthy I am.  88 more words


PhonicB∞m - Spite | Drumstep

One of the tracks off of Phonic’s new album Sonomancy, Spite is most notable for the real heaviness behind the drop – the bass has some real oomph to it that makes it stand out and shows that Phonic is definitely improving in his production game.

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Operation: Fill The World with Positivity

No more tears
Please do not cry
Unless they are tears of happiness, I do not want them to try me

I will contend with whatever comes my way, but I would rather none of the pain… 14 more words

MrMehster - Reformed | Trap

Starting off this morning MrMehster brings us a sample-filled trap track about Sunset Shimmer. Released on Ponies at Dawn’s 2015 Christmas album Snowfall, this track blends modern trap sounds with more traditional hip-hop sounds to create a pretty fun little song!

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