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A Frame Per Day – 27th film – frame 26/36

Captured May 2nd, 2018

3rd year, 215th frame, in total 947th frame

Nikon FG
Micro-Nikkor 1:2.8  55mm
Kodak prof. Elitechrome 100 exp.01/2014

© 2018 Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld


Dazzled By The Stars

This one is for a girl, let’s call her Gail:
For his charming looks you fell
You’re like the dirt between my nails
I hope you love to live in hell… 145 more words



Izanami tengah berguling-guling di atas tempat tidurnya, salah satu hal yang sering ia lakukan sebagai pelampiasan dari rasa kebosanannya. 340 more words

Original Character

... a little

She lays awake at night listening to the silence wishing she could go back.

His mind wanders drifting to the place of yesterday’s

How did they get here, how did they survive? 238 more words

Poetry And Stories

Blue and Emerald

In a land of blue shades and emerald hues

Was where I found thee, you plucking at a morsel of lead

Or perusing through the hardback you read… 170 more words

Creative Writing

The Last Draconian 53: Advice on Gaining Strength

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Michael Ryufan

We had been flying in relative silence for some time. I was uncertain as to what I should say. A simple greeting seemed odd under the circumstances. 987 more words


Welcome to "My Writings"

There have been a lot of question regarding where I learned to write and express myself in such manner. Honestly I don’t have a satisfying answer. 207 more words