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They could not be allowed to fight. I had to find a way to stop it. Even with their clubs drawn, and their curses spat at each other, they had to be talked back from this slaughter. 65 more words


The Beauty of Nature

Hello there friends, come one, come all
To read about one masked, though not for a grand ball
The topic given was to compare
Makeup and sins, my thoughts from nowhere… 2,447 more words


Inktober 2017 - Day 20: “Deep”

So, I’m not terribly thrilled with this. The color blending didn’t turn out how I wanted, and I think I overdid it with the colorless blender, so it got a bit muddy. 15 more words


Release: "Bunny Girl Setsuko-san" by Aoki Kanji

Setsuko and Masa have an argument over their plans for entering the workforce, which leads to Setsuko storming into a hamburger joint while wearing a Playboy bunny-style costume. 70 more words


The Lioness - 1

Feodora looked into her own dark gray eyes, that longsword of her grandfather’s now a mirror from the morning’s rain. An exquisite blade, forged of platinum; only the Forgefire of Horachlion could work such a soft metal into a serviceable blade, and yet Eranwind was far more than merely serviceable. 1,104 more words