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[HMC] Totalspark - The Advent of Midnight | Cinematic Dubstep

Totalspark’s tune off the recent Horse Music Central Volume 4 compilation album is a cinematic-oriented track progressing into EDM elements and that makes it quite the unique hybrid track. 32 more words

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Kiskadee, oils on canvas, Barbara Haviland, BarbsGarden,Texas Artist

Kiskadee,oils on canvas, Barbara Haviland

©Barbara Haviland  Barb’s Garden 2014

 Kiskadee Bird

Medium oils on canvas

Size  7″x 5″

 by Artist Barbara Haviland

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Hallel and Kappara on Rosh Hodesh

There is a late custom to fast most days preceding Rosh Hodesh, the New Moon. Dubbed “Yom Kippur Qatan,” a Minor Day of Atonement, the pre-new-moon fast is usually not observed before Teiveth, for example, because it would coincide with Hanukka. 1,041 more words


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It saddens me to know that, there was 92 other Reapers in the history of this world, and it appears many of them perished rather swiftly during something called Kin’Dred’s Breach. 1,534 more words