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It is strange that there is no one person like him in this world.

“He was not any race”

He was American and Arab and Dutch, indigenous and Australian… 316 more words


For You, Mama

As I stood beside the coffin where you lie,

I let the painful image burn my eyes

burn my heart

burn my mind.

I set it afire until the flames subside – 30 more words



Between the lines,

between the pages,

between the pause in every words –

I longed for you.

Underneath the falling

drops of rain,

of frozen tears… 165 more words


Hide and Seek

Amidst the sea of people,

with a hundred faces I see,

I do not know where to look

nor where to focus my eyes. . . 10 more words



You and I

Under the clear, blue skies.

We were alone

On a lazy afternoon –

Beneath a table

Full of things

I cannot recognize. 290 more words


A Nightmarish Dream

Dreams are intricately weird; odd even in their own way. Some are so beautiful you don’t even want to wake up. But some could hurt so much you wake up realizing the presence of tears in your eyes. 1,795 more words


The Sun and the Moon

You are the Sun,


as I have always been the Moon.


We exist together in bright or darkened skies –


yet I cannot see you, 6 more words