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This 1943 Guide For Dealing With Women In The Workplace Is Bullshit At It's Finest

Hiring women in 1943 was still a relatively obscure feat. Sure, there was Rosie the Riveter, but seeing women working alongside men was far from a mainstream practice. 383 more words



On my joining day
A guy in a black polo
Never left my mind

His smile makes my day
Whenever we’re together
I can’t help but fall… 52 more words


Never Enough Time (184/366)

There’s so many things for us to do, we’ll take anything to keep us awake,
Working on minimum sleep, barely any food and not even a minute’s break, 33 more words


The Yule Ball, Revised Pt 1

Note: This is a work of fanfiction, not anything else. All rights to Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling. This was originally published on fanfiction.net under my penname of TheTruthIsInsideOfYou… 1,765 more words


Pokémon Communication Seems To Be Slowly Changing

(Source: kotaku.com)

If you ask any fan of the Pokémon anime to explain how the titular creatures communicate they would undoubtedly point to the well-known self-referential speaking patterns seen in every episode. 441 more words


YapSap - Arcade Adventure | Chiptune / Video Game

A cute little song from YapSap for Button Mash. This track sound sounds like it would fit right into an indie 8-bit game or something along those lines.

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The Sun Sets in Oia

The Sun Sets in Oia

The sun sets in Oia —

waiters, lovers, the strays,

cue for fantasy