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Edwina Findley Dickerson Is The Hardest Working Actress You've Never Heard Of

You know those people whose faces you see on TV and in movies all the time but don’t know their names? That’s Edwina Findley Dickerson… 357 more words

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Huggy Recaps 'RHOA': 'A Game of Big Butt Twister'

03/30/15 – Huggy Lowdown  recaps the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta where NeNe skipped out on the trip to the Philippines and the other girls bonded with some “Big Butt Twister.” 20 more words

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adidas Rita Ora S-M-L, Superstar Camo, Seeley ADV Villemin

Rita Ora S-M-L shoes – The S-M-L shoes have been released for the Rita Ora Superhero Pack and O-Ray Pack. Like the original version which was released on the site yesterday, these come in only 3 sizes 6, 8.5, and 10.5 because they have a stretchy fit and design which can adapt to fit different foot sizes.   165 more words


Dr. Ian Wants You To Eat Healthy And 'Shred' Some Weight [VIDEO]

Weight loss is a challenge for most of us, but thanks to Dr. Ian Smith, it’s gotten a little easier. Not only does Smith promote the Shred diet, which has helped thousands successfully lose weight, he’s backing up his now-famous diet with a new cookbook. 556 more words

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Gary Heyward on His Novel 'Corruption Officer'

03/30/15 – Roland Martin talks to author Gary Heyward about his debut novel Corruption Officer which is about his time at Rikers Island where he worked as a corrections officer but participated in criminal activities including prostitution, drugs and more. 14 more words

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MORNING MINUTE: Which Rapper Was Arrested for Sex Trafficking?

03/30/15 – Comedian Chris Paul runs through the day’s hottest topics including news on the latest rapper to get arrested and Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose’s agreement. 25 more words

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Money Mondays: The Kraft-Heinz Merger And Why You Should Care

A big business merger was announced this week, and you are here to walk us through it this morning.

Mellody: It is certainly a big deal, Tom! 625 more words

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