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Seriously Ignorant News: Headlights Or Head Lamp?


7/26/16- Senior Chief Correspondent Damon Williams reports on a driver that replaced his headlights with lamp…on his head. He also goes to India to find a man that decided a second hustle was a little more important than his legitimate job.

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MORNING MINUTE: Omarosa's Black Quota, Justin Timberlake's Bail


7/26/16- Find out why Janet Jackson should pay Justin Timberlake’s bail, how Omarosa met her black quota and meet our new President…according to Comedian Chris Paul.

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Sandra Bland's Attorney, Mother Reveals New Findings In Case


Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Geneva Reed Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland and her attorney Cannon Lambert about what the latest is in the case of the Texas woman found dead in her jail cell. 74 more words

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TOP OF THE MORNING: Sistas Are Running The #DNC


7/26/16- Day one of the Democratic National Convention is over and the TJMS crew is recapping some of the highlights from Philadelphia. Click the link above to hear how the sistas were running things and get the scoop on what’s to come this week.

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Food for thought..

Over the summer I always catch up on the reading I wanted to do during the year, or on recent or popular psychological releases that I should have read. 358 more words


Unusual Companionship: Chapter 15 - The Fight and The Return Home

For a few hours, Nyx just flew as steadily as she could manage. Gurn didn’t add a terrible amount of weight – she was used to carrying entire cows short distances – but it was enough to make flight notably more strenuous than normal. 2,037 more words


Unusual Companionship: Chapter 14 - Reunion

Nyx almost frantically scanned the ground beneath her as it raced past, on the lookout for even the slightest hint of a sign that her mate had passed through the area recently. 3,977 more words