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Ghost Towns Of Toronto - Oriole

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The East Don Parklands are a much different place today than they were 200 years ago. The corner of Sheppard and Leslie was originally known as the postal village of Oriole and was home to a thriving industrial community.   990 more words

Love and Spring Tonic

First, a tender message I found in my classroom zen garden today.
Then, blue sky in the space between the red barn and the poplar and sycamore trees. 263 more words


Birdsong and omelettes

This haibun is for the dverse recipe collection. I’m never certain I’ve got it right, and as for the kigo word, that’s anybody’s guess.

We camped in the house where there was no heating except the open fire, no electricity except three overhead lights, and a stone sink pitted with mysterious caves that the child in me peopled with merfolk and sea monsters. 140 more words


All Our Children

#resist — I found this in my classroom zen garden last week.

I am sure that I have written this before. Still, it seems to want to be said again. 408 more words


A Bunch of Birds and Rambling

Today was a birding kind of day.  I had just made it over the first hill in the Back Forty when I heard the sound I’ve been waiting to hear for the last few weeks–the bobolinks are back! 365 more words


In the Doorway of My Cottage

Here I am, stepping out of my little dream-cottage, into the world again, a little at a time.

When the stress of the everyday gets too stressy, I begin to fantasize about what my little witch-poet’s cottage might look like: thatched roof and cob walls, a nice big window, sunflowers and poppies and blue-eyed chicory in the garden, and a bee skep on a bench. 261 more words