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Have you ever had a meal where with every single bite you thought, “this is the greatest thing I have every tasted”? I hadn’t until last night. 1,635 more words


#MŪZIKASSIRDS 20/01/17 (w/ Oriole)


Slowdive – Star Roving
(released as a single on January 12th)

Hipstokrātija – Tumšā mēness puse
(published on January 20th) 102 more words

Radio NABA

The Little Oriole that Could

His brilliant yellow plumage caught our eyes immediately as he landed on the hummingbird feeder. This juvenile male Baltimore Oriole was a long way from his winter range in Central America. 267 more words


​Tsi Shiori, spokesperson for Bei

While the Oriole Clan is renowned throughout the Emerald Empire for their blacksmiths few realise their talents extend beyond the forge. Tsi Shiori is one such individual who eschews the stereotypes of the Clan and has become widely respected for her dreamlike watercolours and haunting poetry. 361 more words


A dark and stormy day

It was a dark and stormy day. Well, not stormy as much as rainy. But the wind was strong enough to ruffle the feathers of a common sandpiper by the sea-shore (featured photo). 227 more words


November 13, 2016 – Eurasian Golden Oriole, European Golden Oriole, or Golden Oriole (Oriolus oriolus)

Requested by: @danniks

Breeding in much of Europe and parts of Asia, these orioles migrate to central and southern Africa. 55 more words


No Doubt It's The Drought

We are in the midst of a fairly major drought here in the Atlanta area, and with the lack of rainfall, the birds have been flooding to my backyard for the fresh water.   251 more words