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I have oranges in the dogwood tree for Oriole, but he seems uninterested.  He prefers the sycamore fluffs at the tops of the trees.  The dogwoods have lost their pink in the three days since I took the photo. 75 more words


Baltimore Oriole

Did you know that baltimore orioles play an important role in the forests ecosystem. This is because of their diet, which consists of eating destructive pests which helps the forest to thrive.

Baltimore Oriole

We have Bullock’s and Orchard Orioles all summer, but Baltimore Oriole’s are migrants through the Texas panhandle and I’ve never seen one around here. I had to drive all the way to Missouri (over 700 km) to add one to my Life List.


Weekly Walk 32

The eighth week after the vernal equinox, we got to take our weekly hike with my mom! (Not pictured: my mom.) 337 more words


Gardens and Islands

Season of the ferns.

Gratitude List:
1. Goethite, those small brown-black cubes we find in the fields.  Remineralized pyrite.  Philosopher’s stone.
2. The Curious Garden… 191 more words


Dropping Keys

Gratitude List:
1. This poem by Hafiz, from yesterday morning:

The small woman
Builds cages for everyone
While the sage,
Who has to duck her head… 257 more words


Fire Bird is Back!

(Not  my photo–from Wikipedia, labeled for reuse.)

Gratitude List:
1. Fire Bird is back in the hollow. The oriole has returned.  I have been watching and listening for weeks now.   159 more words