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Arthur and the Neolithic

The name “Arthur” can have at least two origins. One possibility is that it is linked to the Welsh word “arth” (“bear”), and another possibilty is that it is derived from the star Arcturus, which means “bear-guardian”. 193 more words

Astronomy: The Week Ahead - Sun 23 Aug to Sat 29 Aug 2015

Sunday, August 23th:

The bright star near the moon is Antares in the constellation Scorpius the Scorpion. You’ve got about another month or two to see this uniquely summer star for us in the Northern Hemisphere, during the evening hours. 2,936 more words

eyes and arms and heart wide open

(the vigilance of stars)



i think we might just
have something here, lost
in all this blue. do you
remember the way the… 75 more words

Greetings Intergalactic Star Beings, who wish to know the tale of a traveling (420 friendly) Healer

I created this blog because I feel the need to document and share my experiences thus far on this beautiful being called Earth. First off, I’m going to start by saying that i do indeed call most living things, beings. 428 more words


beg and bartered glow

open sesame

that moon, she’s posing
as a bowl of milk, the open
-ing rind of a sweet can’t
-aloupe, arresting of tongue
but stilted and squat… 71 more words

Egypt-The Solar Society

May the sun in heaven be favorable to thee.

Egyptian cosmology is significant both as a study in itself and in view of its significant impact on later Western worldviews, especially in relation to its notions of a cosmos struggle between light and darkness, and elaborate views on the soul’s ascent to the stars, including a judgment of the dead. 4,715 more words



Here in the meadow

your mane is no less regal

than the race-time view.