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April, and Everything After

Spring flung itself on her like a song,
a remembering, a salvaged piece of sea
glass spun right round to scattered sand.

She’s gotta hand it to the moon, broken… 59 more words

Poetic Asides Prompts

Flying by the Seat of My Pants

(into a westerly wind)


True north
has spun,
and there’s a slight chance
I might soon be one
with the sky. If you see me… 70 more words

365 day 42

For day 42, I thought there was no other photo in the 365 queue that was more appropriate than a photo of Orion. I was so immensely proud of this shot. 26 more words



The #superbloodmoon – my pic from Central London at 04.21am 28 Sept 2015.

Orion’s belt (three stars) can be seen to the right of the moon.


21 September 2015 -- #haiku

Orion’s belt
hung over the night sky
three bright stars


Arthur and the Neolithic

The name “Arthur” can have at least two origins. One possibility is that it is linked to the Welsh word “arth” (“bear”), and another possibilty is that it is derived from the star Arcturus, which means “bear-guardian”. 193 more words