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Play It Safe With a Personal Safety Alarm That's Small in Size, Big In Sound

* Incredibly loud 120-decibel alarm
* Discreet and extra-light at just 20 oz.
* Grenade-style activation – just pull the pin to sound alarm

Personal safety is never a joke, so gear up with an alarm that’s louder than a whistle, lighter than pepper spray. 310 more words


Sabrina Claudio - Orion's Belt

This mess of emotions got his body questioning
Is this feeling alright?
He studying my freckles like the constellations
And he’s looking for signs

I know that you’re not used to this… 275 more words



When I was serving my religious mission, I was sent to a very small town in the hills and woods of East Texas. I loved it there instantly because it was much like my hometown. 433 more words

I'm Just Saying

Orion's Belt

I’m beginning to get a nice stockpile of work for you all, provided you all still follow me. You’re still interested, right? I haven’t forgot about you. 153 more words

Creative Writing

Newlyweds on Tour - Leg 9: Nieu Bethesda

Today we saw a crab. After fourteen days of travel, ten of which were spent, at least in some part, in coastal regions, we saw a crab for the first time today; in the middle of the desert. 700 more words


Orion Nebula And Orion's Belt

Above you can see a test shot. I randomly shot a photo of the night sky. I don’t like the photo as much as the other one… 413 more words


Now we are Sixty Six.

Now we are Sixty Six.

Now we are Sixty Six.

No probs with Clickerty Clix!

Am very much still in the mix


Conjunctions & Rainbows. 544 more words

Pete Kennedy