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Shoes back on!

There’s only so long a girl can wait!  Actually, there’s only so long a runner can wait before you just have to pull those shoes back on, despite niggles and twinges and hamstrings and coughs!   75 more words

Why New York City?

If you read the About section on my page, you may be asking yourself, “why does this girl want to go to New York City?” To be completely honest, I didn’t always want to go to New York. 1,446 more words

New York City

Written on the First Day of the Year

To smell the fresh breeze of a winter’s day.
To wander through the heath, watching the graceful birds in their lair.
To light a candle and warm my hands. 410 more words

Anna Stevenson

following stars

the sky is ours
tonight, black as silk
and bright with promise.

we’re counting pinpricks
of light, keeping time only
by a melting moon. 32 more words

April, and Everything After

Spring flung itself on her like a song,
a remembering, a salvaged piece of sea
glass spun right round to scattered sand.

She’s gotta hand it to the moon, broken… 59 more words

Poetic Asides Prompts

Flying by the Seat of My Pants

(into a westerly wind)


True north
has spun,
and there’s a slight chance
I might soon be one
with the sky. If you see me… 70 more words