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Episode 044 - The Region of Ice

In which Skeletor, Beast-Man and Trapjaw go above and beyond in their efforts to be completely mental.

A skiing holiday for the royal family and Orko quickly goes wrong when everyone except Orko vanishes. 1,098 more words


Episode 043 - The Mystery of Man-e-Faces

In which a man with loads of faces justifiably tries to kill the Widgets.

At the preparations for Queen Marlena’s birthday party, Prince Adam decides to scare the living bejesus out of Orko and Cringer by introducing them to a gentleman dressed in a blue and orange robotic kind of suit who can change his face, demonstrating a green scary monster, a robot, Skeletor, Beast-Man and a “normal” face, which consists of orange skin and red diagonal sunglasses. 1,311 more words


Rice Krispies He-Man Puffy Stickers Promotion (1984)

The only non-toy He-Man related items I tried to collect as a kid were the puffy stickers offered inside specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal in 1984. 333 more words


Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Orko (and Adam) SDCC 2010 Exclusive

In July, 2010, we had the divisive Count Marzo arrive on our doorsteps. Also in July every year is San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Usually the big toy companies release some fantastic stuff that will draw people into the convention and for MOTUC, we were lucky that, in most years, we’d have the chance to get the SDCC exclusive figure(s) in some manner later on at Mattycollector.com. 1,164 more words


1984 US He-Man commercials

Masters of the Universe commercials had settled into a comfortable rhythm by 1984. All of them had more or less the same pacing and background music. 238 more words


Episode 038 - Valley of Power

In which He-Man learns how to fly.

We begin this week with an unnecessarily long pan through space, finally centring on Eternia, and then another unnecessarily long pan across a valley, which is the titular Valley of Power. 1,095 more words


#1004: Orko



Goofy sidekicks are something of a divisive bunch. You tend to either love them or hate them, with no in-between. 531 more words