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Orko – Heroic court magician (1984)

Of all of the He-Man toys I got when I was young, Orko was perhaps the most disappointing to me at the time. I had no interest in him at all. 1,296 more words

Heroic Warriors

Episode 048 - Return of Evil

In which we are treated to a confusing but entertaining mess.

Before we begin, I’d like to reassure readers that the Evil in question here is not the less than compelling manifestation of Evil that we saw in… 1,260 more words


Episode 046 - Eternal Darkness

In which I reveal perhaps more about my psyche than I should.

As this week’s instalment opens, King Randor (who, incidentally, sleeps in a separate bed from Queen Marlena) is having a nightmare, in which a gentleman called Darkdream claims to be back. 1,058 more words


Episode 045 - Orko's Missing Magic

In which He-Man finds shaking hands with a four-armed man hilarious.

If we were to remove the word “magic” from the title, I’d be a lot more optimistic about this episode, but here we go anyway. 859 more words


Episode 044 - The Region of Ice

In which Skeletor, Beast-Man and Trapjaw go above and beyond in their efforts to be completely mental.

A skiing holiday for the royal family and Orko quickly goes wrong when everyone except Orko vanishes. 1,098 more words


Episode 043 - The Mystery of Man-e-Faces

In which a man with loads of faces justifiably tries to kill the Widgets.

At the preparations for Queen Marlena’s birthday party, Prince Adam decides to scare the living bejesus out of Orko and Cringer by introducing them to a gentleman dressed in a blue and orange robotic kind of suit who can change his face, demonstrating a green scary monster, a robot, Skeletor, Beast-Man and a “normal” face, which consists of orange skin and red diagonal sunglasses. 1,311 more words


Rice Krispies He-Man Puffy Stickers Promotion (1984)

The only non-toy He-Man related items I tried to collect as a kid were the puffy stickers offered inside specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal in 1984. 333 more words