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Episode 106 - The Bitter Rose

In which Orko reveals that his sexual predilections go beyond vanilla.

This week’s episode seems to have a missing opening scene or something, because with no explanation whatsoever, Orko’s girlfriend Dree Elle is hanging out at the Palace, and she’s massively depressed for no apparent reason. 1,161 more words


TOP FIVE Vintage He-Man Toy Figure DESIGNS (Video Post)

This is the lastest MotU-related videos I posted on my YouTube Channel. These are MY favourite design features in the MotU vintage line. What are yours? 12 more words

Masters Of The Universe

Episode 104 - The Secret of Grayskull

In which we don’t learn the secret of Grayskull.

We start in the Palace courtyard, where it transpires – to my considerable surprise – that Skeletor has arranged a free fireworks display for our heroes. 1,445 more words


Episode 103 - The Good Shall Survive

In which He-Man takes time out to solemnly inform the audience not to eat baking soda.

In Buzz-Off’s kingdom, the year’s honey harvest has just been completed, when suddenly the giant bees come under attack from some other humanoid insects, known as Tykons. 1,332 more words


Episode 100 - The Greatest Show on Eternia

In which we meet the most annoying character in all of fiction ever.

An interplanetary circus arrives on Eternia, and because he’s an idiot, Man-at-Arms promises Orko that he can attend if he tidies up his room. 1,093 more words