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Episode 097 - The Time Wheel

In which He-Man goes head to head with a boring old king.

Out exploring in a rocky canyon, He-Man and Orko discover a tunnel leading into an ancient Silkon laboratory. 971 more words


Episode 096 - Battlecat

In which Man-at-Arms releases an ancient demon and blames everybody else.

This episode begins with an extended sequence in which Man-at-Arms, Teela and Adam all properly lay into Orko for being irresponsible and generally annoying. 1,373 more words


Episode 093 - Trouble's Middle Name

In which Negator puts in an unexpected and unwelcome repeat appearance.

He-Man, Battle-Cat, Man-at-Arms, Teela and Orko are invited to a ceremony at the Temple of the Sun. 899 more words


Episode 089 - Just a Little Lie

In which Orko learns a really important lesson about lying, and we all learn with him, and we come away feeling enlightened rather than patronised. 1,169 more words


Episode 079 - Disappearing Dragons

In which heroes and villains alike unite to hurl insults at a mute robot.

Responding to an invitation from Granamyr, He-Man and Orko make their way to Darksmoke, where Orko proceeds to wind Granamyr up a right treat. 1,174 more words


Episode 077 - Trouble in Trolla

In which Whiplash puts in an unnecessary appearance and ends up locked in a chest.

Dree Elle makes an unwelcome reappearance at the Palace this week, though to her credit she doesn’t bring Yuckers with her. 1,029 more words


Episode 072 - The Great Books Mystery

In which Skeletor makes friends with Eternia’s version of Batman.

As the episode opens, Orko is telling Teela and Man-at-Arms that he’s lost “a book about unicorns, with lots of pictures.” So far, so mental, but then Orko reveals that the book was intended for Prince Adam’s birthday. 1,108 more words