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Today's Comic> He-Man/Thundercats #5

He-Man/Thundercats #5

DC Comics (April, 2017)

“The Fall Of Grayskull”

WRITERS: Rob David & Lloyd Goldfine

ARTIST: Freddie E. Williams II

COLORIST: Jeremy Colwell

LETTERER: Deron Bennett… 318 more words

Yesterday's Comics

"Yesterday's" Comic> Masters Of The Universe v3 #8

Masters Of The Universe v3 #8


Image Comics/MV Creations (December, 2004)

STORY: Emiliano Santalucia & Val Staples

WRITER: Ryan Foley

ARTIST: Fabio Laguna… 531 more words

Yesterday's Comics

Episode 067 - The Energy Beast

In which our heroes plan public holidays to celebrate their own awesomeness.

As the inhabitants of the Palace prepare to celebrate He-Man Day, in honour of all the good He-Man has done the kingdom, Orko decides to crash the party by destroying one of Man-at-Arms’ stupid inventions and then whinging about how no one thinks he’s a hero. 1,072 more words


Episode 065 - The Heart of a Giant

In which Orko goes looking for drugs and finds a friendly giant.

Adam, Cringer, Man-at-Arms and Orko are out in the Eternian wilderness, looking for a bright orange weed that grows on trees. 953 more words


Chapter 6.5 Birthday Overload

Last time Conrad left, Nala died and Rory set fire to himself.

This time I would like to start with a picture of something that really made me laugh. 789 more words

Winterton Adoptacy

Episode 058 - The Once and Future Duke

In which four characters lose their memories, but regrettably I can’t forget about this episode.

An amnesiac boy rescued from a carnivorous plant turns out to be David of Abra, an old childhood playmate of Adam and Teela. 983 more words


Chapter 6.4 Ice-Cream and Exits

Phew it’s been a long time since the last chapter hasn’t it.  Honestly I have been having several issues with this file, I may have to move them to a new town sooner than I wanted to.   762 more words