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Episode 020 - Dawn of Dragoon

In which we learn that Orko comes from a planet where the trees have a very unusual shape.

We find Adam, Man-at-Arms, Teela and Orko in the laboratory of the Palace, where Orko is reminiscing about how back on Trolla, he was a powerful sorcerer known as Orko the Great. 951 more words


Episode 018 - Creatures From the Tar Swamp

In which Skeletor takes some dinosaurs to lunch at the Palace.

At the Palace, Adam’s haughty cousin Edwina arrives for a visit. One of Edwina’s first lines carries more than a whiff of incest, giving the impression if the camera wasn’t on her, she’d be jumping Adam’s bones right there in the courtyard. 853 more words


Episode 017 - Daimar the Demon

In which Man-at-Arms uses magic to discover quantum mechanics.

This episode opens ominously, with Orko complaining that he is bored. There’s only one way I can see this going, and it definitely isn’t good. 840 more words


Episode 008 - The Time Corridor

In which Skeletor fails to master the art of reverse psychology.

We open at Snake Mountain, where we discover that Skeletor has been indulging his weakness for buying tat on eBay. 1,001 more words