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Chapter 6.5 Birthday Overload

Last time Conrad left, Nala died and Rory set fire to himself.

This time I would like to start with a picture of something that really made me laugh. 789 more words

Winterton Adoptacy

Episode 058 - The Once and Future Duke

In which four characters lose their memories, but regrettably I can’t forget about this episode.

An amnesiac boy rescued from a carnivorous plant turns out to be David of Abra, an old childhood playmate of Adam and Teela. 983 more words


Chapter 6.4 Ice-Cream and Exits

Phew it’s been a long time since the last chapter hasn’t it.  Honestly I have been having several issues with this file, I may have to move them to a new town sooner than I wanted to.   762 more words


Episode 057 - Castle of Heroes

In which He-Man goes up against Hannibal. Not Hannibal Lector though. That would be weird.

This episode opens with an absolutely bizarre sequence – the sort of thing that if you half-remembered it from childhood, you’d convince yourself couldn’t possibly haven’t actually happened in He-Man. 925 more words


Episode 056 - Quest for the Sword

In which He-Man deliberately does things the hard way in order to engineer a crisis for himself.

On a picnic expedition, a couple of children have a horrible day when Orko starts doing some magic for them. 1,239 more words


FAMILY ON ETERNIA: The concept of family in the Masters of the Universe vintage line

As a kid, I always considered Orko to be a child as well. It was only later that I realized there were more variants of the family concept tied in the vintage line. 713 more words

Masters Of The Universe

Episode 054 - Game Plan

In which He-Man plays a computer game.

Happy Boxing Day to you all. I hope you all had a great Christmas. As you sit there finishing off your turkey and stuffing and plum puddings and what have you, spare a thought for me, please, because I’ve had to waste my time watching Game Plan. 950 more words