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Generate a C# class from a SQL table

I prefer to use a lightweight ORM (Object-relational mapping) when accessing a database from C#. My favorite is Dapper. To use Dapper, I have to generate a plain old class object (POCO). 548 more words


ORM\ERM and hidden fields

Hidden fields pose a major security risk when used in conjunction with ORM\ERM. An ORM\ERM provides a way to map your classes into a database scheme and provides code to retrieve and save the objects. 996 more words


Working with dynamic conditions for ORMs

Dynamically append conditions to a query

I recently came across a scenario where I wanted to add conditions to a query dynamically. Why? Because I wanted only one function to execute the query and all conditioning to be done against the database, thus avoiding reading bloated results to memory before filtering them. 511 more words