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What's in a publicly available conceptual data model?

We know the answer. And it’s not great from the viewpoint of usage of fancy language features and automated reasoning, which you may have guessed from an… 544 more words

Conceptual Modelling

Persistent Class

Persistent Class is Plain Old Java Object (POJO) class. There are following main rules of persistent classes,

  • Define no-arg constructor.
  • All attributes that will be persisted should be declared private and have getXXX and setXXX methods and define one…
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Hibernate Architecture

  • Configuration Interface :- Configuration object reates only once during application initialization. Configuration  loads *.cfg.xml or *.properties  *.hbm.xml  for connection between the Java classes and database tables.
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Design & Determine Your Online Business Reputation through Backlinking

In the present scenario, it is a huge challenge to maintain the online reputation of your company and yet, keeping abreast with the severity of competition, it’s compelling to enhance your online business image by the day. 332 more words

Redbeans – Light weigt ORM

RedBeanPHP is an independent, free, BSD licensed, open-source object-relational mapping software written by Gabor de Mooij. It is a stand-alone library, not part of any framework. 484 more words