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Our Plastic; Our Problem Ormocanons!

This hilarious yet highly-informative video of Seas at Risk in Youtube is a must watch!

With its catchy tune and rhyming lyrics, apparently this video is an eye-opener to the present issue of our world today—the accumulation of plastic waste. 311 more words


Ormoc City "Beauty by the Bay"

Ormoc is the pioneer city of Leyte. It is the first non-provincial capital city of the philippines.
Before the Portuguese navigator, Ferdinand Magellan, reached Leyte in 1521, a handful of Malayan families lived in a small settlement called “OGMOK”- an old visayan tern for lowland or depressed plain. 474 more words


Gomez and The "New" Ormoc

Brave Ormocanon might be the city’s only website openly criticizing the condescending hypocrisy circulating in the city’s political veins. Obviously, it is the website’s silent bold legacy to highlight the narrative of how politics  324 more words

Ormoc City

Food Porn: Sorbeteria by Lorenzo’s Café, Ormoc City

Looking for a good place to hang out with your friends in Ormoc City? Well, you should consider the Sorbeteria by Lorenzo’s Café, the modern ice cream parlor in town. 255 more words


Ormoc City's Media Personalities: The Reason of Brave Ormocanon's Inception

It is quite disconcerting how Ormoc city’smainstream media works in this critical phase of history –where not a single soul of the so-called writers have lamented in a time where the pendulum of the country’s political momentum is swerving at 360 degrees. 682 more words

Ormoc City

Taboan Expo 2016: Food + Lifestyle Night Market, Ormoc City

Discover Leyte Society has finally concluded the “biggest and grandest food + lifestyle nightmarket in Eastern Visayas” on Friday, December 23, 2016. More than 60 exhibitors have come together at this year’s Taboan Expo: Food + Lifestyle Night Market. 215 more words


Secondary Cities - Ormoc City

Topography of this city indicates presence of risks from landslides. How should the city manage the growth of its settlements along its coasts and waterways? 13 more words

Environmental Planning