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Eastern Visayas' First Arts and Crafts Fair Happening in Ormoc City

Growing up I am one of the biggest fan of Disney Channels’ Art Attack! It’s a haven for all things crafty and it’s a great way of encouraging audience to think outside of the box. 415 more words

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Arts and Crafts Fair in Ormoc City: Eastern Visayas' First

It’s always fascinating to see talented individuals who creates beautiful masterpieces in painting and calligraphy.

Who doesn’t appreciate art right? Well not all of us aren’t really into making different strokes on a piece of canvas to paint, but there is something in art that I think is stress-relieving and gratifying. 324 more words


How Ted Marcos Showed A Finite Sense of Parliamentism

The whole narrative encapsulating the ideology of how President Duterte should act in public is the current fashion statement of the contemporary Filipino media agenda. In fact, this ‘ 923 more words

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Robinsons Place Ormoc News & Update: Opening Date, Tenant List, Design, More Details Revealed

Thousands of Leyteños are now looking forward to the upcoming opening of the much-anticipated Robinsons Place Ormoc. Being the first full-service mall in the NorthWestern part of the Leyte Island, the RPO is expected to give Ormocanons the best shopping and entertainment experience. 387 more words


Lucy Torres Is Wise Enough To Say YES To Death Penalty

Religion plays a crucial role in the Philippines. Heck, it’s even quite amusing how most Filipinos are named after biblical figures. Then here comes drugs and Death Penalty; for a city like Ormoc which seems to be tightly-knitted to the vestibules of the dogmatic Christian religion, the idea of “killing” is obviously highly considered as one of “God’s” seven deadliest sin. 858 more words

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Puente de la Riena the “Bridge of the Queen”

Did you know? Puente de la Riena the “Bridge of the Queen” is considered as the last existing physical structure that symbolizes the Spanish colonization in the City. 162 more words

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Building houses out of plastic waste

Good news my fellow Ormocanons!

A group of Colombians are transforming the serious problem of pollution by using plastic waste—and the Lego building model—as a solution for the thousands of people without houses. 273 more words

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