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Naruto and Nagato! Village Safe - Naruto Shippuden 448

Naruto Shippuden 448 see’s a repetition with a few changes as Naruto gets chakra, transforms and defeats Pain, then sticks himself with a rod allowing him to trace Nagato, he goes to talk to him which somehow repeats and gets Nagato to leave the village alone just by what Naruto said. 166 more words


Sasuke vs Naruto! Orochimaru's Curse - Naruto Shippuden 446

Naruto Shippuden 446 repeats everything between Naruto and Sasuke as we see both of the battle against each other, from the first moment when Naruto fought Sasuke and created the black object to Sasuke somehow killing Itachi when striking with his powered Chidori, history repeats itself. 164 more words


Sasuke Runs! Pain's Born - Naruto Shippuden 445

Naruto Shippuden 445 see’s Naruto and others try to fight against the ANBU that are trying to stop them from stopping Sasuke. On top of which, we learn that when Nagato was pissed off, it was due to Deidara and his action as they tried to see the birth of Pain. 161 more words


Sasuke's Power! Naruto Returns - Naruto Shippuden 443

Naruto Shippuden 443 see’s the return of Naruto to the village of the Leaf, he notices that everyone and everything has changed into nothing but a village run by the police consisting of Sasuke and his thugs controlling and preventing the village from developing. 135 more words



Orochimaru (大蛇丸, Orochimaru) adalah salah satu Sannin legendaris dari Konohagakure. Dengan hidup untuk ambisi mempelajari semua rahasia dunia, Orochimaru mencari keabadian sehingga ia bisa hidup abadi yang diperlukan untuk menyelesaikan tugasnya. 157 more words

Sasuke and Naruto's Training! Orochimaru's Plan - Naruto Shippuden 441

Naruto Shippuden 441 see’s them returning to the village after facing what had happened to the village before. It seems that Jiraiya has been looking for Orochimaru who has been planning something very dubious. 359 more words


Hizashi Hyuga! Yahiko's Death - Naruto Shippuden 440

Naruto Shippuden 440 continues on with the filler arc, around half-way through as we’re revealed to the man behind the mask to be none other than Neji’s father, Hizashi Hyuga. 398 more words