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Review: Naruto Shippuden Box 27

If there’s any truth in a calm before a storm, then this collection is exactly that. As the Fourth Shinobi World War rumbles on towards its zenith, Box 27 offers three distinct stories, connected in the shared chaos of the conflict and the allure of a dreamt utopia when everything around you crumbles into anarchy. 569 more words


Things that Rocked, Things that Sucked: The Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Following the first act of the war were a series that could be summed up as the good guys fight Madara, Obito, and the Ten Tails for a while, and then Obito tries to become a god. 11,219 more words


Cosplay: Orochimaru

Orochimaru, the snake of the Hidden Leaf. He is known as one of the legendary Sannin alongside Tsunade and Jiraiya. Being one with the snakes, and training within the city of Snakes, he is capable of calling forth multiple snakes, transforming into one as well as somehow managing to come back from the death. 64 more words


Naruto Season 3 Revisited: One More Time


We are back on the Naruto train kids! Please, please, PLEASE! If you have never watched Naruto before and would like to read a spoiler free review go check out my Naruto Season 1 Revisited: Come On! 731 more words

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Meeting Fuushin! Hell Valley - Naruto Shippuden 486

Naruto Shippuden 486 see’s Sasuke talking to En Oyashiro and learning about the Chinoike clan and is lead towards Hell Valley within the Land of Steam. 439 more words


Sasuke Investigates! Orochimaru's Help - Naruto Shippuden 485

Naruto Shippuden 485 sees the continuation of Sasuke’s story as we encounter more details on the enemy, we see that Sasuke goes on to find out everything he can by going to Orochimaru’s hideout, this is where he meets Yamato while also going to a secret island where he has to fight against the enemy who will soon show himself. 467 more words


Naruto Online: Hiruzen Sarutobi vs Orochimaru

Right now I’ve played many mmo Naruto Games, but most of them are no or just little fun, so I can recommend you a new game called, Naruto Online, which brings to gaming Naruto’s unique images and characteristics, and most important, the whole plot of… 180 more words

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