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Is He an Oreo or a Snake?

The world may never know. But either way, he’s actually a pretty cool guy. I mean, now that I’m here with him and all.

If you’re thinking, “Sasuke, if you’re with Orochimaru, then how are you blogging right now?” You might just be an idiot. 192 more words


Naruto Side Story - The Path Shone By The Full Moon's Light

As previously reported, the Naruto one-shot manga chapter concerning the character known as Mitsuki has hit the internet. Just a couple of days ago it was released, with around 50 pages. 592 more words


Itachi Meets Kisame! Hunting Tailed Beasts - Naruto Shippuden 456

Naruto Shippuden 4556 follows Itachi in his effort to stick with the Akatsuki in order to watch over Tobi. While he is with Juzo, he encounters the Fourth Mizukage which battles both, we see Juzo’s death here. 386 more words


Itachi Massacres Uchiha Clan! Joining Akatsuki - Naruto Shippuden 455

Naruto Shippuden 455 seems to have upped it’s game as this chapter shows the story of how Itachi annihilated his own clan, the Uchiha, in order to prevent war within the Leaf Village. 526 more words


Politics (What is the Point?)

Why do republicans favor the rich?   Why should I care about Politics?

POLITICS is about power and the corruption of man (humankind).

Democracy creates a platform for corruption because decisions and policy are controlled by “votes” and essentially controlled by “men in power.” (it can also be women) 759 more words


Naruto and Nagato! Village Safe - Naruto Shippuden 448

Naruto Shippuden 448 see’s a repetition with a few changes as Naruto gets chakra, transforms and defeats Pain, then sticks himself with a rod allowing him to trace Nagato, he goes to talk to him which somehow repeats and gets Nagato to leave the village alone just by what Naruto said. 166 more words


Sasuke vs Naruto! Orochimaru's Curse - Naruto Shippuden 446

Naruto Shippuden 446 repeats everything between Naruto and Sasuke as we see both of the battle against each other, from the first moment when Naruto fought Sasuke and created the black object to Sasuke somehow killing Itachi when striking with his powered Chidori, history repeats itself. 164 more words