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The Snake Shinobi - Mitsuki

Mitsuki’s past is clouded, his future is unknown within the world of Boruto. While Mitsuki is more then interested in Boruto and his future, the reason is unknown as we explore this in the latest anime episodes. 98 more words


Orochimaru’s classic battle in Naruto Online

I have played so many naruto games, and I love Naruto OL the most among all these games. You can see it from the title of the game, and the reason that I like this game so much is that it has high adaptation to originality. 272 more words


Do You Know These Weapons in Naruto Online?

Recommend a pretty good game called Naruto Online to you guys. It has exquisite images and various ways to play and a lot of content are adapted from the anime, so I like this game very much. 290 more words

Naruto Game Infor

Many People Wants to be Hokage But Only Naruto Succeeds

Naruto Online is a great work. I really like the plot of this anime. There’s a lot that we can learn from it: responsibility, hard work, talent, bonds. 314 more words


I Called Him Oreo-Snake and He Got Mad At Me...

Orochimaru gave me the day off today, and since I’ve already had enough of looking at trees and frogs, I decided to come inside and write a blog post since it’s been a little while. 641 more words


Hey there everybody! It’s been almost 5 days since I last wrote my last post and I am deeply sorry for the delay. I know that some of you have been following this segment and I’m happy for that. 259 more words


The Onyx Wolf *Oc X Oro*

Chapter 1. Lexy Katsura

Name: Lexy Katsura

Sex: Female


Character *Human* appearance

Eyes~ pinkish/red

Hair~ dark brown

Body~ Tall, slim, and fair skin

Age~ 20… 1,006 more words