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Pervert Jiraiya! Talented Kakashi - Naruto Shippuden 483

Naruto Shippuden 483 concentrates on Jiraiya and Kakashi and their life throughout some periods of their life not yet covered. Jiraiya’s story covers him and his perverted period where he peeps on girls and goes on a few missions. 330 more words


Childhood Dreams and Nightmares

It’s been a very long time since I updated this blog! Life has given me so many lemons in the past month and it was extremely hard to make lemonade. 424 more words

naruto character aesthetics 1/?

o r o c h i m a r u

                amber run – i found

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The 3 Sannin (Naruto)

Hello all,

This is the 3 legendary Sannin, from left to right : Orochimaru, Jiraya and Tsunade :)


Paper Drawings

Is He an Oreo or a Snake?

The world may never know. But either way, he’s actually a pretty cool guy. I mean, now that I’m here with him and all.

If you’re thinking, “Sasuke, if you’re with Orochimaru, then how are you blogging right now?” You might just be an idiot. 192 more words