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Important Notification Re: Your Hero Insurance

Dear Doctor Monstrosity,

This is an important notice regarding your Hero liability coverage in your FOUL Insurance Policy. You must read this document immediately and in its entirety, or our coven of witches currently on retainer will place a hex upon you that will result in you no longer being able to absorb fluid without vomiting, which means a painful and grotesque death by dehydration will await you. 424 more words


Global Orphan Population

Several years ago, one of my friends put together a blog on orphans, as orphans are very close to her heart. Although I cannot say the same, I had taken several mapping courses in college and had wanted to apply my mapping skills to something socially active, so I pounced on the chance to construct a Sqlite database that contained orphan population data for each country. 417 more words

Christian Missions

Orphans, Exiles and Disowned Rebels

There are signs of them everywhere

showing up in the wild looking pair of beautiful metal wings

set up on the shoreline in fae colours of dark moss green… 122 more words


Decisions that Don't Make Sense

Sometimes we have to make decisions that just don’t make sense…

Sometimes in ministry we have to make decisions that just don’t make sense to the world, to our friends, maybe not even to our families. 871 more words



Are you looking for a better life? Looking for the “American dream”? People should be able to achieve their dream of a “better life” in their own country. 464 more words





  1. abandoned, ignored, lonely, stranded, ditched, left behind, marooned, outcast, forlorn, cast off, jilted, friendless, left in the lurch She felt forsaken and gave up any attempt at order.
  2. 185 more words

Our Shame

Great Britain in the ‘olden days’ had large orphanages for the poor children who had lost their parents or had been sold by their poor parents. 325 more words