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How Orphan Care Saved A Nation

What difference does orphan care make? What difference can you make? How could taking one orphan under your wing really matter in the long run? Well, it mattered in Persia many years ago. 463 more words


Prayer in Foster Care - Part One

If the last few days has taught me anything, it’s that I am a passionate person when it comes to my kids. Each one brings out the best and worst of me in ways that I’ve never known were possible and in ways that both amaze and scare me. 713 more words


Seeing My Work Come Back to Me~Audrey

Each time child come to Bridgestone, something magical always happens. This time it was the night of the Ukrainian dinner. Each Saturday before the children leave, we host an authentic Ukrainian Dinner with borscht and pelmeni. 488 more words


Glory to God!!

Our hosting fees are now covered in full, thanks to sales of Hannah-made pumpkin rolls and fudge, donations large and small, and various sales of miscellaneous items and Jesse’s labor in the area of computer repair. 193 more words

Orphan Hosting

It's Hard Being Willow Chance - Counting by 7s by Holly G. Sloan

Counting by 7s is a heart-touching novel by Holly G. Sloan which follows middle school genius Willow Chance. Willow is an outsider in her middle school, she’s a genius as well as avid gardener and diagnoser. 210 more words


"Orphan" by Zainab Attari

The team’s favorite poem from Hello Poetry’s Orphan collection is by Zainab Attari that details the many hardships that orphans commonly experience:


Look into my eyes and you shall see… 192 more words

Do they know it's Christmas time?


Both orphans themselves, Gloria and Fred now run a centre which cares for 250 orphans and 40 widows.

With only enough money to send 10 orphans to school, Gloria and Fred know more than anyone what it means to look after people less fortunate than themselves. 311 more words