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A Series of Unfortunate Neil Patrick Harris Costume Changes...

Having read A Series of Unfortunate Events as a child I was very much looking forward to the Netflix original series starring one of my favorite people, Neil Patrick Harris. 609 more words


Timeline...Foster Journey pt2

We are so thankful for the response on my last post about Foster Care! Many of you have asked questions regarding our timeline in receiving a placement. 267 more words


My own quadrophonic seaside symphony

The lightness of being on a deserted North Beach

Back on the beach. The tide is but a distant swoooosh, a faintly pulsing thrum that draws you in to listen for its intermittent soothing surges. 451 more words


1minute29: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2 14

Gjallarhorn guy decides to clamp down on the Turbines to indirectly restrict Tekkadan’s freedom within the space mafia. They sneak some forbidden weapons onto a Turbines freighter and confiscate them equally quickly, using this to start restricting the trades of the Turbines. 102 more words


Here we go...Foster Journey pt1

Friends! We are so very excited to announce that we are on our way to becoming foster parents with the intent of adoption! After over a year of prayer and preparation we have submitted the paperwork to the state and had our first meeting with a licensing agent. 131 more words


To the Boy Who Lost His Father to the Drug War

It was eight o’ clock in the evening along Taft Avenue in Manila when a street child was going around each store to ask for food, if not for some coins. 578 more words

The SubSelfie Blog

Three days of agony

As I started to mount the camera on the tripod, her eyes had already

tears brimming. I looked on, unable to say anything to her, tried to calm… 1,286 more words