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Whisper's Offshore Racing Rule Certificate

Tom B. the owner of Whisper out of Chicago sent us his ORR certificate! I’m not sure exactly what all this stuff means but I’m pretty sure it’s a license to kick ass on the race course. 34 more words

A Nap kin A fter Din ner

Looking for a napkin to draw out the design features​ of the Orlampaland Resort and Residences pools. Super excited about the Sandbar Spots™, Jet Stream Lanes™, the lazy river and it’s sibling The Less Lazy River ™, but most of all the excitement is for the things yet to be drawn out. 9 more words


Orlampaland Resort and Residences – Orlampaland



New project, yeah; new project. Design phase, designing, doodling, have a winner of an idea…no seriously; generational sort of thing. Anyway stay tuned, Orlampaland is getting a something from Mikhael Ro that won’t be on a napkin, even though napkins do make some of the best canvases…historical speaking, but now, speaking now, not then, earlier. Yeah, we can do this. 👍


Az éghajlat hogyan alakítja az orrunk formáját

Az orrunk formáját befolyásolja az éghajlat, bizonyította és publikálta a Plos Genetics nevű szaklapban egy nemzetközi tudományos csapat.

Bebizonyították, hogy az orr formájának kialakulása több tényezőtől is függ, az éghajlat mellett, a hőmérséklet és a páratartalom is fontos szerepet játszik. 168 more words


Emergency Response and Assessment 40 Years after Argo Merchant

By Robin Garcia

On Dec. 15, 1976, the tanker Argo Merchant ran aground off the coast of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. Despite attempts to refloat the tanker, the Argo Merchant split in half in strong winds and high waves, spilling more than 7.5 million gallons of oil. 386 more words

Oil Spills

Fotomontaje. Acerca de.

Uso de referentes en una composición. 2016.

//Bernini, Weston, Féebrile, Woodman, Orr, Owens, Songsong, Kydonakis, Rothko.//