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The H Word via Nightmare Magazine

Came across this article by Orrin Grey at Nightmare magazine and found it to be really spot on. While the general thesis is on the emotional requirements of the genre, Grey’s take on the appeal of horror is particularly worth noting: 146 more words



If Orrin Grey had it his way, he’d likely be penning his creepy stories from the dank confines of a ruined abbey or the shuttered attic of a familial mansion owned by a clan of eccentric psychos. 2,123 more words


REVIEW: Painted Monsters and Other Strange Beasts by Orrin Grey

It’s no secret that the shadow of cinema has loomed large over American horror fiction ever since the premiere of the country’s first devoutly supernatural chiller on Valentine’s Day, 1931. 1,888 more words


"Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts" (Review)

Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts
by Orrin Grey

Who doesn’t love a good monster flick? Seriously…who? It’s always fun to watch a pulpy, rollicking yarn with some creepy creatures flickering across the silver screen. 2,493 more words


Five for 2015

This isn’t a best-of list; I read too much good material in 2015 to boil it down to five. Consider this a Christmas list for fans of the weird. 199 more words

We’re the ones who shape their nightmares: A review of Orrin Grey’s Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts

Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts by Orrin Grey
Published by Word Horde
Available here

Do you like monsters, horror movies, old dark houses/haunted mansions, skeletons, kaiju, giallo films, Vincent Price, F.W. 674 more words