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The Financial Matrix in Action: How the banking system fails Greece with swaps and debts

I was preparing for a radio interview about the Greek Financial Crisis, and I discovered how the financial matrix and its allies in the global banking system in partnership with local governments have been in action in several countries, and above all Greece, which is facing its worse financial crisis. 568 more words

Orrin Woodward

A self-directed Leadership education to break free from the financial matrix

Best-selling author and leadership expert, Orrin Woodward, shares profound advice in his recent book, The Financial Matrix. He says, “Get out of DEBT and stay out of DEBT!”. 286 more words

Roosevelt Jean-Francois

A Recap of a LIFE Leadership Opportunity Meeting in Canada

Holmes is a first-time commenter who posted his story about going to a LIFE opportunity meeting this past week. He gave me permission to re-post the story in a separate post. 1,037 more words


The Frugal Nexus concludes LIFE "is one of the worst business decisions you could ever make."

A trackback was posted on my site the other day, pointing to a review of the LIFE business written by The Frugal Nexus. It so happens that the author, who writes about frugality, anti-consumerism, and authenticity, was recently prospected by a LIFE member in Canada. 447 more words


Developing a Financial Plan by Orrin Woodward

“The only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a friend is a creditor.” It’s impossible to consistently win in any endeavor … 12 more words


The Manufacture of Consent? by Orrin Woodward

The ownership and control of the Mass Media is one of the key ingredient in the ruling elites plan for control of Western Civilization. … 11 more words


Owe No Man Anything

My all time favorite Bible verse is Romans 13:8. It says: “Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law (NASB).”  Well–in today’s times, that is one tall task.   663 more words

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