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All Grace Outreach: LIFE on Life by Orrin Woodward

Chris Swanson is new Spokesman for All Grace Outreach

I am so excited to share with you this announcement: All Grace Outreach (AGO) has appointed… 234 more words


Productive Investments and Entertainment Expenses by Orrin Woodward

Warren Buffett once said that learning is one of the few things that compounds faster than interest. Indeed, understanding the difference between an investment and an expense is an essential part of financial literacy and success. 90 more words


LIFE Leadership Business by Orrin Woodward

LIFE Leadership Business

Here is a fantastic video that answers several of the common questions asked about compensated communities. Network Marketing has been around for many years, but many still do not understand how and why people and companies are attracted to this business model. 56 more words


Financial Matrix Book Trailer by Orrin Woodward

The official trailer for my newly released book The Financial Matrix is here. Some of you have already picked up the book and read it. I would love to hear from you. 96 more words


Fighting Out of The Matrix

Hello!  It has been awhile since I posted anything. I came across this blog this afternoon.  It conveys a very powerful statement. This is a true testament to where we are today!   121 more words

Orrin Woodward

Founding Fathers’ Financial Matrix by Orrin Woodward

The Financial Matrix isn’t just for individuals. In reality, all levels of government are trapped in the Financial Matrix also because they are hopelessly entrapped in debt as well. 711 more words


Orrin Woodward Releases The Financial Matrix Book

The truth can hurt, especially when it opens your eyes to what you always thought was the truth. That’s deep! When Orrin Woodward’s book gets released next week I hope you take it upon yourself to promote it to everyone you know. 1,838 more words