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Creating A Culture

To my loyal followers (who are left :)), I am sorry for not posting more articles.  I am making out a game plan to get more frequent articles posted.   639 more words

Orrin Woodward

Stop Listening to Chickens!

I had an experience recently that provided some serious perspective for me. It involved a great conversation, an NFL football player, and chickens. Take a look!


Are you being Scammed by the Financial Matrix?

Hey everyone,

Here is a blog article by Orrin Woodward explaining the Financial Matrix and where people fit. Find out where you fit and start working your way out. 416 more words

Alex Nickerson

The Four Greatest Ills in America

I recently brought Rob Robson into the studio to join me on my show, Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser. We talked about some of the most serious issues of our day. 109 more words


Life Leadership Reviews

The Top 10 Reasons Not to Join Life Leadership

One thing I learned a long time ago was that we should never take ourselves too seriously.   199 more words

Chris Brady

Are you living each day to the fullest, or just passing time!!!

Hey Everyone,

“It’s not death that most people are afraid of, it is getting to the end of life and finding out you never truly lived.” 200 more words

Alex Nickerson

Inspiration At It's Best

Congratulations to everyone who attended the LIFE Leadership Weekend of Entrepreneurs Convention in Kansas City, MO last weekend.  From the kickoff of the Go LifeCoach Event on Thursday evening to Rob Robson’s closing remarks on Sunday afternoon, there was an excitement in the air that kept all of us on the edge of our seats!  254 more words