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Power of Life in Words

The following excerpt was taken from EDGE, co-authored by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

In 1887, when future president Warren G. Harding was just twenty-one years old, he worked as an editor for a local Marion, Ohio, newspaper called the Star. 803 more words

Chris Brady

Not a Life Jacket Moment

“Don’t throw life jackets to people that God is trying to teach to swim” Orrin Woodward. Orrin is a leadership expert, motivational speaker and community leader. 1,170 more words

Look at the Bright Side...

Over this holiday season I have witnessed many positive and negative human interactions. Now that the holidays are over, you would think that things would have calmed down, but that doesn’t appear to be so. 480 more words

It Won't Fall From the Sky

God takes care of even the birds of the air, but He doesn’t throw the food into their nests. (I don’t recall where I heard this, but I loved it!) 706 more words

Embrace the Struggle

“When I look back over my life, the times I’ve struggled have not been fun. But they appear in broad relief, now, as the greatest moments of change and personal growth. 806 more words
Chris Brady

Embracing Insanity

“You are driving all the way to Tampa after work? That’s a four hour drive! That’s crazy! Aren’t you going to be tired?”

Those are the questions that I was asked all week as I told people of my plans for the week, and invited them to come with me. 617 more words

Launching a Leadership Revolution

Leadership is the influence of others in a productive, vision-driven direction and is done through the example, conviction, and character of the leader. (pg 7 Launching a Leadership Revolution)

597 more words