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Orrin Woodward Releases The Financial Matrix Book

The truth can hurt, especially when it opens your eyes to what you always thought was the truth. That’s deep! When Orrin Woodward’s book gets released next week I hope you take it upon yourself to promote it to everyone you know. 1,838 more words


Fractional Reserve Banking: Power, Profits, & Pain by Orrin Woodward

The key to the Financial Matrix is fractional reserve banking (FRB) partnered with the central banks which in turn is partnered with the national government. Without this trilateral banking cartel, the inconsistencies inherent within the unstable FRB system would collapse under its own inconsistencies.   1,157 more words


Life Making An Impact In School

As I am about to post a blog for my readers on a book I just completed, I came across yet another eye opening post by… 1,038 more words


RESOLVED to become a School Curriculum by Orrin Woodward

I am excited to announce that the 13 resolutions from my book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE is being developed into teaching curriculums for the different age K-12. 963 more words


The Matrices of Control: Physical, Feudal, & Financial by Orrin Woodward

Over the years, with consistent study and reflection, I have discovered three matrices of control over people’s production – the physical, feudal, and financial matrices. The Physical Matrix, of course, was slavery and has been practiced since practically the origins of humanity. 136 more words


The Financial Matrix

Orrin woodward explains what the Financial Matrix is very well in a recent post made on his award winning blog.  Are you in the Matrix?  You’ll know after watching his video. 626 more words

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Entrepreneurial Prime Movers: Part 3 by Orrin Woodward

Great entrepreneurs create the future. They do so by sorting through the noise to see where the trends and technologies are taking the marketplace. LIFE Leadership… 108 more words