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Some jottings on Don César

César Aira, tr. Nick Caistor
New Directions, 2017

Exhaustion. In his interviews, Aira seems to take seriously an idea from Ortega y Gasset, that literature is like a mountain, and its practitioners are mining it. 1,131 more words


We, Thee, and Me

There are lessons to be learned from looking at such things as the Protestant Reformation, the break in the dam that held devout Europeans for so long close to the bosom of the Catholic Church. 950 more words

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To Understand Design, Read Philosophy

Technique and design are a reflection of human aspirations. Can the philosopher Ortega y Gasset offer us the key to understanding them? 372 more words


The best test quest in the west....


“Life is shot at us point-blank.”

~~ Ortega y Gasset ~~

Alcatraz Island….

Hajime…. Though it probably doesn’t look like it, today’s Pearl involved a LOT of effort; I’ve spent as much time at the computer as I could tolerate since Arthur’s return, piecing together what you will see below. 870 more words

Daily Pearls Of Virtual Wisdom

"Everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine-produced wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution"*...

What can a 19th-century rebellion against automation can teach us about the coming war– the robots are coming!– in the job market?

Clive Thompson, an author and journalist at the…

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Uneasy Civilization

In 1929 Sigmund Freud wrote his famous and truly remarkable book Civilization and Its Discontents. The latter term, in German, is “Unbehagen,” which means, literally, “uneasiness.” In any event, Freud pointed out that civilization is bought at a price. 722 more words

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Don Quixote's influence on Existentialist philosophy

Rocinante enjoying some Fall pumpkins in tropical Florida

Rocinante gets washed about once a year, even if she does not need it!

About to embark on another adventure. 334 more words