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St. John of Damascus on Black Lives Matter

I never expected St. John of Damascus to insert himself into my Black Lives Matter pondering, but leave it to a member of the Church Triumphant to nudge us, the Church Militant, in the right direction. 1,211 more words


Higher Criticism: An attack on Christian Orthodoxy

Lower Criticism

Lower Criticism is an old term known today as textual criticism which is a scientific activity that takes old or ancient manuscripts which have survived and arranges them in order of time.  2,675 more words


Be as one dead

Once St. Macarius sent a young monk to a cemetery to praise the dead. The monk did this, going to the cemetery and saying all sorts of complimentary things to the dead buried there. 89 more words


Three Proofs that Prayers to the Saints are an Apostolic Practice

Nothing makes Protestants balk more at Orthodoxy than the practice of praying to the saints, particularly to Christ’s mother. This is not without reason. In short, the objections to the practice may be summed up as both practical and theological. 2,603 more words


Grace, Free Will, & Synergy in Orthodoxy: A Brief Excerpt from St. Faustus of Riez

Over a year ago, I wrote a series of posts concerning Pelagius, St. Augustine, and St. John Cassian’s teachings on grace and free will. As do many Orthodox commentators on this Latin doctrinal debate in the early history of the Church, I held St. 2,233 more words

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Review: The delusion of 'correct' beliefs

Peter Enns is a scholar and we’re used to a fairly technical type of book from him. This one is different: while it comes, in the best sense, from his head, it comes also from his heart, more than any of his other writings so far. 1,142 more words

Book Review

The Humility of Being Right

There’s a peculiar satisfaction that comes with being right. Given the opportunity, we’ll make an idol of it and even run roughshod over those we claim to love in order to win an argument, thereby trading peace for the honor of clutching the blue ribbon of rightness close to our hearts. 678 more words

Book Review