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The Orthodox Church and Democracy: Can They Coexist?

Here’s a review I wrote of Christianity, Democracy, and the Shadow of Constantine (2017) for the journal Occasional Papers on Religion and Eastern Europe. 82 more words


A Quote by St. Porphyrios

“You don’t become holy by fighting evil. Let evil be. Look towards Christ and that will save you. What makes a person saintly is love.”

St. Porphyrios


Chapter 2: The Maniac

G.K. Chesterton recalls walking with a prominent publisher. He and the publisher were speaking about someone, and the publisher said a popular maxim of the time, “That man will get on; he believes in himself.” Chesterton had heard this saying before, that those who believe in themselves will succeed, but this time it dawned on him the terrible falsity of this statement. 1,078 more words


Holy Martyr Saint Valentina of Caesarea

Note: This post is unlike any other on this blog. Because of my dear grandmother’s steadfast dedication to studying the Eastern Orthodox saints, I have delved into these studies, as well. 237 more words

The Problem of Emotional Immaturity

Many people know the truths of the Bible relatively well.  They can recite many of the Ten Commandments and articulate key principles for Christian living.  They believe wholeheartdly they should be living them.  1,180 more words

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Rebirth of the Russian Empire

Throughout the 1990s, South Ossetians aggressively pushed for independence from the Republic of Georgia, ultimately seeking reunification with North Ossetia in Russia. Then on 12 November 2006, South Ossetia held a referendum which resulted in an overwhelming “yes” vote for independence from Georgia. 3,289 more words

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OCA Buzz... Jillions Out... Brum In... The Golden 400 Still Rule the Roost

It came from Syosset…


Jillions is out as OCA Chancellor. David Brum AKA “Bishop Daniel” replaces him… a Uniate employee replaced by a former Papist. 71 more words