Top 8 Habits That Can Cause Serious Bone Damages

Orthopedic complications can jeopardize your ability to perform your daily tasks, and might adversely affect your movements too. Unfortunately, there are many common habits, which enhance the risks of potentially terminal fractures, and other bone damages. 593 more words

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Ankle Injuries Treatment in Dallas

Ankle plays a crucial role every time we walk, run, play, and perform all kinds of body activities. Entire weight and stability of your body is reliant on your ankle and that is where its importance comes in. 227 more words

Ankle Injuries Treatment

Take Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery Benefit from Best Hip Surgeons of India


If you have been facing from hip ailments that cause loads of pain in the hip, you have the option to fix the problem seeking the help of surgical procedures like total hip replacement surgery comes as a great respite. 608 more words

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PRP Therapy – The Treatment of the Future

You may have heard of famous athletes, such as Tiger Woods and tennis star Rafael Nadal, having received PRP Therapy for sprained knees and chronic tendon injuries. 229 more words


How to Exercise with Osteoarthritis?

Exercising with osteoarthritis can seem like a daunting task. While you may worry that it could cause more harm than good, research shows that exercising with osteoarthritis is beneficial. 147 more words

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