12 mile run 1 year post op ACL surgery

I started running about 5 months post op ACL reconstruction surgery. I got the all clear from my physical therapist and my orthopedic surgeon to start running. 711 more words

ACL Post Op

My First Triathlon

So I’ve had an ACL tear on my left knee and my Orthopedic Surgeon repaired it using my patella tendon and I am about 10 months post op now. 770 more words

ACL Post Op

Running after ACL surgery

So I’ve had my first ACL reconstruction surgery and I finished physical therapy, now it is time to start the long journey of getting back to where I was before I had my injury. 319 more words

ACL Post Op

First ACL recovery part 3

So now I have my brace off and I am post op ACL reconstruction surgery for a little over a month now. This is where the fun begins, I get to do more and more at physical therapy. 419 more words

ACL Post Op

Be Gentle With Your Joints

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting 1.2 million Kentuckians. “The hallmark of osteoarthritis is the breakdown of cartilage – the part of the joint that cushions the ends of the bones and allows easy movement. 167 more words

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First ACL Recovery Part 2

So I’ve had my ACL and Meniscus surgery using my Patella tendon and I’ve been to my physical therapist to have my evaluation, now starts the fun part, the recovery process. 554 more words

ACL Post Op

First ACL Recovery part 1

So I had my first ACL and Meniscus surgery and everything went well. They used my Patella tendon as this was the strongest and had the best results. 319 more words

ACL Post Op