How to Exercise with Osteoarthritis?

Exercising with osteoarthritis can seem like a daunting task. While you may worry that it could cause more harm than good, research shows that exercising with osteoarthritis is beneficial. 147 more words

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3 Anti-Inflammatory Tips to Alleviate Joint Pain

As summer comes to an end, the colder days are right around the corner, which means hibernating indoors-and our joints may experience pain from the lack of movement. 248 more words

Joint Pain Doctor Massapequa Ny

The opposite of your expectations

Do you ever prepare yourself for how a situation is going to play out, and then it happen the exact opposite?

I’ve been dealing with hip pain for a few years now caused by distance running. 294 more words

First blog post

Richard Obedian from New York is a seasoned orthopedic surgeon with a four year medical degree with honors from Columbia UniversityĆ­s College of Physicians and Surgeons.He holds extensive education and professional experience in general orthopedics and spine surgery.

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Flawless Knee Replacement Surgery Packages in Jalisco, Mexico

Flawless Knee Replacement Package in Jalisco, Mexico

Are you tired of struggling with knee stiffness and pain? Do you want to flex and bend your knee(s) easily and without any discomfort? 305 more words

The Benefits of Hyalgan Injections for Knee Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from knee pain as a result of numerous causes, including wear and tear, osteoarthritis, weight, genetics, and additional stresses on the joints. 228 more words

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3 Incredible Treatments by Orthopedic Surgeon Tempe AZ

Orthopedic treatments are complicated due to the fact that the musculoskeletal system is a complicated system of bones, muscles, joints, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. Malfunction or injury to any component can cause conditions leading to acute and chronic pain. 257 more words