We think of the foot as a simple thing but it actually comprises one fourth of all the bones of the body, with 26 overall. Although some stability comes from the arch structure (the Roman arches did not require mortar) most of the stability of the foot is ligamentous. 284 more words

Orthopedic Surgery

Day 5: Orthopedic Surgery

Today is my last day in Orthopedic Surgery but also my last day at Taipei Hospital for our summer internship!

I observed Dr. Chuang in the OR for a pin removal that was used to stabilize a clavicle fracture. 408 more words

Wendy Zhou

Day 5: LAST DAY! :-( Orthopedic Surgery Recap - SC

On our last day, we had 3 different lectures, one in the morning meeting and two in the afternoon. The one in the morning was more for the rest of the doctors, presenting their cases and looking at xrays of their surgeries to see if their implants were placed correctly. 686 more words

Stanley Cheng

Day 4: Knees and Carpal Tunnel - SC

Intra-articular Injections

From last week’s total knee replacement comes other knee pain management. “Knees are joints that have the worst design,” says fellow Student Doctor Patrick Hsu. 488 more words

Stanley Cheng

Day 4: Orthopedic Surgery

Today’s shedule consisted of observing surgeries in the morning followed by outpatient appointments in the afternoon. During outpatient, we saw many patients with low back pain. 397 more words

Wendy Zhou

Day 3: Orthopedic Surgery

Today I had the opportunity to observe Dr. Huang in the OR in the morning and Dr. Chuang in outpatient in the afternoon. Dr. Shi then gave us a small lecture on hip fractures and splints and casts. 539 more words

Wendy Zhou

Day 3: Total Knee Replacement - SC (slightly NSFW)

In combination of some of the things learned in both surgery and in outpatient, an important thing an orthopod needs to decide is whether or not the patient needs surgery. 487 more words

Stanley Cheng