Dr. Walter William Huurman

Occupation: pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, educator
Born: Rochester, New York, March 16, 1936
BS, University Notre Dame, 1958
MD, Northwestern University, 1962
Diplomate Am. Board Orthop. 719 more words

Health Care

OUCH! When is it time to see a doctor for your joint pain?

Does your hip ache when you stroll on the beach? Or maybe your sore knees prevent you from getting down on the floor with your grandchild? 423 more words

Health & Wellness

Orthopedic Surgery Day 5

Just when I thought that a total knee replacement would be the gnarliest procedure I’d see, my day began with a total hip replacement. A hemiarthroplasty of the hip usually only involves removal of the femoral head and replacement with a ceramic prosthesis. 506 more words

Orthopedic Surgery Day 4

Today the operation room schedule was jam packed with orthopedic surgeries, many involving the removal of implants (ROI)  from previous surgeries.

The first one I watched was the removal of pins from a patient’s patella. 659 more words

Orthopedic Surgery Day 3

Today my day began with a journal publication presentation by the department PGY-1 Zhong Zheng Wei. He discussed the results of an article called, “Percent Body Fat Is More Predictive of Function After Total Joint Arthroplasty Than Body Mass Index”, which was published in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery in 2016. 513 more words

Orthopedic Surgery Day 2

Today I got to see two more surgeries in the morning. The first was a 3rd Intermediate Phalangeal Fracture. The procedure was fairly straightforward in that the incision would be made on the dorsal side and a plate with three screws would be inserted. 681 more words

Orthopedic Surgery (Week 2, Day 1)

After a 4 day weekend including a day trip to the Kaohsiung yesterday, I was more than excited to start my orthopedic rotation. My morning was to begin bright and early, so I managed to grab 2 fantuans in the pouring rain, only to be greeted with a Sausage Egg Mcmuffin with Egg and Coffee from McDonald’s at the department meeting. 676 more words