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'1984' by George Orwell

“Power is not a means; it is an end.”

1984 had been on my to-read list for a really long time as George Orwell is the reason behind the term ‘Orwellian’. 206 more words

Book Discussion

Making the case for the film 8mm in our Orwellian Landscape and for Nicolas Cage as an Actor, past and future

For me watching the movie 8mm is kind of like eating gas station nachos. (Okay. I’m sure you know exactly where I’m going here, but if you’ve read a few of my blogs then you also know I can’t resist this stuff. 969 more words

Snuff Film

The Bots have always been at war with Eurasia: Paleo poop edition

It’s funny what a benevolent bot will like on Twitter. This time it’s not “social entrepreneur” spam, though.

Welcome to the world of conscientious gastro-blogging. 130 more words



A dystopian world where lies an elaborate list of ‘thought crime’ and abundant ‘thought police’. ‘Big Brother’, is the top man of the superstate ‘Oceana’, the ‘party leader and he watches every move. 194 more words


Erren Geraud Kelly - BROKE OFF LIKE TRUMP

Broke Off Like Trump

an old hippie sits

on the street in


they stopped him

because of a joint

they  used probable cause

to search his truck… 217 more words


Under Your Skin (On The Record Series Book #2)

– by Lee Winter

Finally, we get to take another ride, thanks to Lee Winter,  with our beloved ice-queen-turned-romantic Catherine and the love of her life, Lauren, in this sequel to “ 1,309 more words

Lesbian Fiction

George Orwell's 1984 and Military Establishment in Pakistan

The George Orwell’s Ninety Eighty Four, a dystopian novella, is an effective and still a relevant read in Two thousand and Eighteen.

We are living in a world of screens and GPS tracks, where you can easily monitor through your social media accounts. 1,589 more words