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The National Threat Assessment (is rubbish)

With much pomp and circumstance the attorney general and our top state security mandarin’s have rolled out the brand new threat level advisory system. Congrats to us, we are now the proud owners of a five runged ladder of terror. 336 more words


Nicky Hager warned us about this.

Nicky asked that the takeaway from his ‘Dirty Politics’ book was not that John Key has bad taste in friends but that the government’s PR machine was increasingly running spin and shutting down, shutting out, or simply shutting up bad news. 39 more words

I Love Mickey Mouse

In this instance, the high score goes to Alec Guinness for getting out so damn early.


A More Honest TerrorĀ 

In the fallout of crisis, good people will not only lose their rights, they’ve been trained to line up and give them away. What’s the greater evil? 210 more words

Conservative Hippyism Concepts

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive, multinational trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement. 1,220 more words


Review: Tingo

This review was originally written for The Reviews Hub.

In an Orwellian and altered reality version of Dublin, Joe (Michael Mullen) finds that the hum-drum of daily life is grinding him down. 488 more words


My Orwellian odyssey: a descent into the fiction of George Orwell

As it happened, I was in the midst of reading “Burmese Days”, George Orwell’s very fine first novel about imperialism and prejudice set within a rural Burmese village during British rule, when the plans for “Operation Fortitude” were made public. 1,084 more words

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