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Ranking the Peasants – China Introduces Orwellian “Citizen Scores”

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, by Michael Krieger

The following is extraordinarily creepy and disturbing. It’s also extremely clever, from a jackbooted, fascist thug perspective. … 326 more words

Dumbing Us Down

Call them out with #Orwellian #blasphemybusiness

Social media memes and debates get emotional and can really bring out the worst of people and what they think they represent. Language can get twisted to mean something totally different. 178 more words


Opinion: School surveillance systems are destroying student security

Our schools are institutions dedicated to providing a secure environment for the academic and social growth of the nation’s children. Thus, the implementation of security cameras have become a ubiquitous effort to ensure the preservation of this promise. 706 more words


Permanent Detention: Chapter 15 (Final Chapter)

Clancy starts walking, and the guards drag me toward him, toward the hill. My head is aching; I’m almost sure it’s bleeding.

Clancy stops and stands with his arms folded. 988 more words