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Opinion: How Bout You Do My Job for Me?

I used to think that I would have to search deep to find anomalies in many of the governing bodies that plague the world today. But the United Nations is one of those entities that really is not too discreet about its mind set. 979 more words


Permanent Detention: Chapter 11

Someone knocked on Mom’s window, then; she and I jumped. A cop stood outside, making a motion with his hands.

She rolled down the window. “Something wrong?” 809 more words


Record Review: Stray From The Path - 'Subliminal Criminals'

Stray From The Path are back with more politically charged social commentary calling out systemic injustices and corruption. Subliminal Criminals hits you with melodic guitars and a deep seething anger beyond outrage on almost every track. 408 more words


Management NewSpeak--Orwell was Right (or “How I learned to speak in tongues at work.”)

The Excerpt:   

Some of my friends consider me to be an anachronism. In  some ways, they’re correct.  In many ways, I’m stuck in the sixties. Some of my mannerisms and behavior from the past  have  carried over into the new century. 190 more words


Permanent Detention: Chapter 10

I remember the last time I saw my mother. It was the night I got arrested.

She looked so tired — so worn-out and defeated. It was after dinner, and she was sitting in the living-room recliner, the newsman prattling on in the background. 678 more words