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Kickstarter Watch: Orwellian, Nightmarish, Brutal – There’s Still Time To Back The Oink Icon Edition

“I was born to serve as a cog in a machine, a terrible and awful machine”

With just under four days left, there is still time to back artist… 1,820 more words

54. On Safety and Freedom

“First they came for the subway jumpers, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a subway jumper.

Then they came for the smut shops in Times Square, and I did not speak out – 3,392 more words

San Francisco

Permanent Detention: Chapter 7

“You’re angry,” my counselor says.

“Huh?” I ask, looking up.

He smiles. “You’re angry. You may not think so, but you are.”

I meet with a counselor for an hour each week. 798 more words


Oligarchy In D.C. To Create Insidious New DHS Gov Agency: Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

CVE will become the American Gestapo – a Federal agency that will target Christians, Conservatives,  and anti-Establishment/Big Government organizations and groups.  But not Muslims.

Remember the IRS targeting of Conservative groups that got no media attention?   1,642 more words

On derision and the language of madness. 

How many times in these past few weeks; indeed, in our whole lifetimes have we all seen or heard the terms ‘loony left’ or ‘right wing nut job (RWNT)’? 452 more words

The Future Of The Left

New definition of extremist: ‘Anybody who challenges the established order’

Note: American’s better wake-up to the smell of tyranny, the same thing is happening in the U.S., only more covertly.

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News And Politics

Permanent Detention: Chapter 6

I remember watching the headlights as they rumbled toward me, bright and unblinking. And I remember the dazzling glare as the chopper cast its searchlight over the road, illuminating my car as if it were the focal point of an onstage display. 1,137 more words