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The Slow Death of Free Thinking: The Media Bubble

The Fourth Estate – journalism – is under threat. Not only by politicians but by the sociopolitical media bubble that has formed around the publishing and media industry. 700 more words


Fascination with Dystopian Worlds

In film, literature, and video games, dystopias have continued to be a prevalent theme. Usually following the creating of a utopian gone wrong. But why does this theme remain so popular if it is about the ruins of an ideally perfect society? 546 more words


1984~Big Brother Is Watching! (with spoilers)

*casts nervous glance at telescreen while there are spoilers in this post* 276 more words

Book Reviews!

The Orwellian-Octopus of the Entrenched-Interests Media

The MSM is selectively silent and selectively vocal – and in both instances it comes back to hurt and haunt us – ALL of us (i.e. 366 more words

Media Criticism

Lionel Shriver weighs her options

A Writer’s review of Lionel Shriver’s Big Brother.

FRESH from witnessing the fuss Lionel Shriver inspired at the 2016 Brisbane Writers Festival, defending the right to use her imagination without being labelled a cultural appropriator, I took to this book with a half-baked plan to test out both sides of the argument. 610 more words


Location: Train (Strangers)

Communal spaces of waiting are where you get to see an honest portrait of a person. I take trains and buses regularly enough to be in these zones. 2,021 more words