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The Words We Speak and Write Reflect What's In Our Hearts - The Quintessential Leader Perspective

In this post-truth, Orwellian society that we now find ourselves in, but as quintessential leaders we must strive not to be part of, deception and dishonesty have become the norm and have become acceptable. 710 more words

Quintessential Leadership


Originally posted on Ace News Services: #AceNewsReport – Jan.17: UK Counter-Terror-Laws imposed hastily by present government after latest terror campaigns are to say the least Orwellian and some might say Draconian The UK is leading a Europe-wide “race to the bottom” with Orwellian counter-terrorism measures that seriously threaten human rights, according to a comparative survey…

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The damage continues to mount daily now, sometimes even hourly. It simply boggles my mind as I watch in horror as this ‘Trumptanic’ steers towards the iceberg. 604 more words

The Trump Times

The dumbing down of truth

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has announced its 2016 word of the year – “Post-truth”: “Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief,” apparently first used in a 1992 essay by the late Serbian-American playwright Steve Tesich in The Nation. 719 more words


Quack and the birth of Big Brother

…What was slightly horrible, was that from the stream of sound that poured out of his mouth it was almost impossible to distinguish a single word.

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