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Apple finds itself in uncharted territory

”The more I have reflected on what is happening right now in the consumer technology industry, in particular Apple’s position, the more a key observation hits me. 416 more words


Apple now makes more money from services than by selling Macs

”Apple now makes more revenue from its services than it does from selling Macs,” Tom Warren reports for The Verge. “Revenue from services like iTunes, the App Store, other internet services, and licensing has increased 20 percent year-over year. 359 more words


A panacea for El Capitan problems: applying the latest Combo updater

Once, whenever things started going wrong and we didn’t have any better ideas, we would repair permissions. Thanks to El Capitan’s SIP – and the fact that this has not been of much help for some years – that is no longer available. 728 more words


How to update ruby 2.0 to latest version on Mac?

Mac OS X Yosemite comes included with Ruby 2.0. But when you are working with the latest version of Rails, you might be in need of the latest version of Ruby to have better performance. 118 more words

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What to Do When the Mac OS X’s Time Machine Asks You for a Password That You Didn’t Even Set Up

This post is dealing with a technical issue regarding Mac OS X and Time Machine. I normally don’t write technical posts like this but I’m only providing it because I recently had a problem and trying to use Google to find a solution was a total bitch. 592 more words


Get dtrace and iotop back on OS X

Security in versions of OS X has been updated with the no-root theme with System Integrity Protection. Unfortunately that also includes dtrace and commands like iotop that rely on it. 92 more words


How-To: Find your MacBook's battery cycle count and learn what it means about its battery life

Recently I noticed that my Late 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina Display seemed to be dying at a faster clip. Naturally, I assumed that the battery might be going bad. 477 more words