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Q&A: Sipping Sake with Robert De Niro and Nobu Matsuhisa

Originally launched as a boutique hotel-within-a-hotel at Caesars Palace in 2013, Nobu Hotels has since opened an impressive collection of luxe resorts and urban stays around the world. 1,117 more words


Replacement for Linux depreciated network tools

Just realized Linux depreciated a lot of the old familiar network tools, such netstat, arp etc. Luckly someone on Internet has already did a cheat sheet regarding the replacements. 9 more words


The Great OS Convergence

As the universe expands some things in turn are coming closer together and the computer in your pocket and the one on your desk or lap are heading for their own collision course. 1,145 more words

Windows OS & CloudNet virus এর গল্প (রাকিবের সাথে )

পৃথিবীতে সবচেয়ে বেশি ব্যবহৃত অপারেটিং সিস্টেমগুলোর মধ্যে Windows Operating System অন্যতম। এটি কোনো সাধারন OS নয়। যারা প্রবলেম সল্ভ করতে ভালবাসেন তাদের জন্য এটি একটি অসাধারন OS।  প্রতিদিন কোনো না কোনো সমস্যা তৈরী করে রাখবে আপনার জন্য। 20 more words


Adelaide’s Lunchtime Newsbyte 24.05.2018

{“contentType”:”VIDEO”,”id”:{“value”:”4291e4b4b102ef143ec6352e7ad54f24″,”link”:”https:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/4291e4b4b102ef143ec6352e7ad54f24″},”originId”:”5348771529001-5788963136001″,”origin”:”BRIGHTCOVE”,”title”:”Adelaide\u2019s Lunchtime Newsbyte 24.05.2018″,”subtitle”:”Adelaide\u2019s Lunchtime Newsbyte 24.05.2018″,”description”:”A burst water main causes slow going at St Peters. A woman cut free from a car after a crash at Bedford Park. 1,372 more words

AN SA News And Photo

Troubleshooting network connection

How to troubleshoot network connection between AWS Lambda, AWS EC2 through Application Load Balancer and outside world.

First try

curl https://thehost.com

returns empty.

Second try… 390 more words


[OS] Stupid Game (YuriAnnin)

Stupid Game (YuriAnnin)

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I was sitting under a tree. The place was quiet and perfect to read a book at school. People thought I was a beautiful person and a smart girl. 1,671 more words