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Scene 31: Int Rundown

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The top brass review Amory’s files and determine her condition to be Out-Int.

Last Lines: Dave hurries out of the office. The senior officer picks up the phone and makes one final call to the person who will handle Amory’s case.

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Top News: #Sleep

Here are the top read news for #Sleep:

Can Melatonin Really Help You Sleep Better?

“Scientists are just beginning to understand how well melatonin supplements work for different sleep problems, and when and how much it should be taken,” says sleep specialist Michelle Drerup, MD. 277 more words


The best place for a conference...

Is in my view Italy. Or where the senses are as engaged as the brain!

I’ve attended many conferences over the years some of them absolutely excellent and some not so good. 258 more words


Merera Gudina: Oromo protests and the future of Oromo struggle

A keynote address by Merera Gudina, chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress, at the 2016 Oromo Studies Association (OSA) annual conference.


I am here today to talk more about ourselves than the regime in power about whom I have been talking for a quarter of a century. 7,449 more words

Oromia &Ethiopia


KENYATAAN MEDIA Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia (DPPM)

28 Julai 2016 | 23 Syawal 1437H

1. Pemuda UMNO Malaysia tidak seharusnya mengalihkan isu utama dengan mengheret tiga tokoh utama negara dengan dakwaan wujud konspirasi untuk menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri dalam skandal kewangan 1MDB. 212 more words


Good Bye Snoring - welcome Quality sleep

I have always felt happy with my Sleep pattern. Usually I hit the bed around 9:30 – 10 PM and wake up by 4:30 AM. I am a sound sleeper – I don’t snoar, but I ROAR in the sleep. 592 more words

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