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Dimensions of Dementia

Vascular Dementia is a less well know reason for memory and cognitive loss.  It is the second most common form of dementia, and is caused by an impaired supply of blood to the brain, such as may be caused by a series of small strokes.   165 more words



On Drivers losing their jobs due to sleep apnea:


On the effects of sleep apnea;


My own personal experiences:

Sleepy in Gauteng – 2010 – When I was using CPAP… 525 more words

Personal Journal

WARNING: OSA trolls are at it again

Troll:  (in folklore) an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf.

Disinformation:  intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately.  1,061 more words

Czekając na żądło... :p

Auto żrą muchy, ja mam za to coś ładniejszego…

UPLB GABAY volunteers for children

UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPINES LOS BAÑOS – UPLB students remember GABAY volunteers as their “Ates” and “Kuyas” back in their freshmen year. But these volunteers are not “Ates” and “Kuyas” exclusive for the students in the campus but for the street children in the Los Baños community as well. 571 more words


Just a few Learning Disabilities and Sleep Apnea Acronyms with my personal definitions, thoughts and opinions

An Acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in a name or phrase, therefore a reduction or abbreviation.

http://www.acronymfinder.com/ 674 more words

Sleep Apnea

The Danger Signs of Sleep Apnea

NeuroTouch – Snoring is one indicator, but there are others to watch for

Does the fact that I snore mean I have sleep apnea?

While snoring is one of the signs of sleep apnea, it doesn’t always indicate someone has the condition. 267 more words

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