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[VIDEO] Bass Guitarist Tal Wilkenfeld & Her Japanese Translator タル・ウィルケンフェルドと日本語通訳 

Tal recruits a random Japanese man at a coffee shop to translate a message to her Japanese fans. Things just didn’t go as well as she had hoped…期待に胸を膨らます、日本のファンの皆に、来日ツアーのメッセージを伝えるべく、そう­思い立ったTalは、コーヒーショップにいた適当な日本人らしき男を強引に通訳に仕立­ててみた。だが、、、やはり適当な日本人らしき男は、適当で使い物にならない通訳でしかなかった­。


A New Rail Pass For Tokyo-Osaka Train Travel

Stefan has pointed out on his excellent japan-guide.com site that a new rail pass will be made available to foreign visitors in Japan beginning in April. 563 more words

Jose's Japan Tips

ポケモンEXPOジム- Pokemon EXPO Gym Review

After spending many days of my childhood wanting to be the very best that no one ever was and dreaming of someday becoming a Pokemon Master, it finally happened.   765 more words


Okonomi-Yaki (Osaka Style) Recipe

In Japanese class, our teacher, Tanaka-Sensei, usually makes us do Japanese cooking projects over breaks. They are cultural projects that teach us more about Japanese culture. 429 more words


Osaka - Sumiyoshi Taisha

Located in southern Osaka is another historical and popular destination – the Sumiyoshi Tasha Shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Japan dating back to 211 AD. 132 more words


Dinner at Taian, 太庵, Three Michelin Star restaurant in Osaka

It was a homely gastronomic experience at this 3-Michelin star restaurant, Taian, helmed by Chef Hitoshi Takahata.

What struck me was how humble this place this. 580 more words