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Video of 10 white globes floating in Osaka sky leaves net users wondering worldwide【Video】

A video showing 10 unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky over the Japanese city of Osaka has been making waves in Japan this week, to the degree that news sites all around the globe have begun talking about it. 291 more words


Lauren Brevner - Various Works

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Lauren Brevner grew up in a mixed heritage family rich with culture and inspiration. In 2009, she moved to Osaka, Japan in hopes of reconnecting with her roots. 37 more words


Alighting at Night

Osaka International Airport

By: azul_momento


Creative shark exhibit ad for Osaka aquarium goes viral on Twitter

Thanks to movies like Jaws and the rare instances of human shark attacks, most people don’t conjure up images like the friendly-looking guy above when they think about sharks. 408 more words


Should you visit Japan or Korea (if you had to chose)???

Hello World!!

Today I’m doing a final review of my Japan and Korea trip (July 4th-July 24th, 2015!!

After days of blogging and telling you about my days in details, I am making an ultimate decision on which location I liked better (not which country is better, because that is not for me to say) during the time I was there for my particular personality. 258 more words

Charismatic Cherie

UFO Invasion in Osaka Japan

What looks like a swarm of UFO’s has been captured on camera in Japan’s port city of Osaka. The footage was uploaded to a Japanese YouTube channel. 102 more words