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The Greatest Snub, man

At the time of writing this, it has been three weeks since I had the misfortune to suffer through the 90th Academy Awards.

Despite the emotional turmoil inflicted upon me by 2017’s show, wherein La La Land (my favourite film of 2016) was incorrectly announced as Best Picture, I was cautiously optimistic for the 2018 Academy Awards after watching The Greatest Showman. 576 more words

Kyle Dos Santos

The Academy Awards 2018: A Decline of Oscar Bait

The Academy Awards are right around the corner, 4th March 2018. It is the time of the year to talk about Oscar Bait Films.

Subtlety has not been the Academy’s forte. 321 more words


Is Hostiles the best western since Unforgiven?

If you’re a fan of westerns, this movie could be for you. If you aren’t a fan of westerns, what exactly is wrong with you? Watch below as Jeff reviews the film and waxes philosophical about the true meaning of life…and whether or not he left the oven on.

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Severed Head Saturday?

What can I say, I like movies where somebody loses his head.  Not ALL movies where that happens, of course.  I don’t need to see the blood spurting out or anything really disgusting like that.  305 more words


Things We Binged: January 20

Lane and Michelle binged a few of the same things this week, and took advantage of their down time to take in some new shows, music, and film. 656 more words

Things We've Binged This Week

Film Review: The Post Sacrifices Thoroughness and Nuance for Relevance

Steven Spielberg is not normally a spontaneous filmmaker. When he finds projects he likes he sits on them and mulls them over for years before ever making it to set. 1,410 more words

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The 2017 Movie List

Bye bye 2017.  It wasn’t a great year for cinema — although it did produce one great movie (“Dunkirk”) and six or seven highly original ones. 1,880 more words

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