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Cutting To The Chase: "Manchester By The Sea" (2016)

“This movie? It’s about a bunch of mopey assholes doing a lot of really boring shit and I didn’t like it at all, but I been seeing this chick who thinks it’s great, so I tell her, in terms of emotional stimulation and, uh, contextual conflagration, it’s, it’s…chock full of magic. But it’s shit.”

Bill Paxton

On the eve of the Academy Awards, a sad note, as popular character actor Bill Paxton passed away from complications after heart surgery at the age of 61. 89 more words

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The Oscars 2017 - my predictions

“One of the more noble things the Oscars can do is pay attention to movies no one knows about. Blockbusters don’t need much help.” –  Jeff Daniels 140 more words


Gold Review

Well if this isn’t oscar bait I don’t know what is, an American dream true story, an Oscar-winning actor, and a strong supporting cast. A down on his luck prospector, Kenny Wells desperate for a break teams up with a similarly eager geologist and ends up in Indonesia, mining for uncharted gold. 530 more words

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“The ride had begun, and what a goddamn’ ride…” 365 more words



“I’m starting to remember a life I had forgotten…” 552 more words


2016 IN REVIEW – The Films I Didn’t See (November - December)

Alright, the last of the films I didn’t see this year! From here on out, it’s nothing but films I’ve seen. These are the last two months, when studios try to cram in every Oscar contender and pretender, even up until the final days of the year. 3,888 more words

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