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Let their names breathe.

I don’t have to tell you all about the recent attacks on African-Americans in this country. Between the rising black on black crime, racial attacks, and police brutality; it’s a chaotic tragedy that’s been going on for years. 352 more words

Uncomfortable Truth

When the subject of systemic racism is mentioned, some of my well intentioned Caucasian friends would rather we not have that conversation. Analysis of this established societal pattern apparently gives way to pause, creating feelings of discomfort. 986 more words

#BlackLivesMatter: geezus_is_gud

“Trying 2 COPE”
24 x 36 inches
Mixed Media (acrylic, spray paint and print on canvas)

Things are backwards when the life of a K9 has more than human life. 93 more words


"Creed"...where Sly becomes Mick.

Today is Sylvester Stallone’s 69th birthday. Happy Birthday, Sly! And another “Rocky” movie is coming out? Yeah–kinda, sorta. You see, if you haven’t been following along, Stallone has filmed and completed  422 more words


Dissertation Status Free Write

So as we enter in the next half of the year, I wanted to do a free write on my dissertation status. It has truly been a daunting experience, the comic above says it all. 241 more words


Fruitvale Station.

Fruitvale Station.

Prior watching the movie, I knew it would be about racial prejudice and stuff like that, but I did not know that getting a glimpse of Oscar Grant’s life even just loosely based or just a little would strike a chord with me. 458 more words


In Remembrance

Being black means remembering. Remembering even when you want to forget. Remembering events that others have forgotten. Remembering people we were told never existed. Remembering is the constant background noise to my life. 295 more words