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Fruitvale Station - 2013

Ryan Coogler’s full-length debut produced by Forrest Whitaker is as hard-hitting, emotionally driven and as boldly impressive as they come. A film that possesses a sense of urgency, purpose and passion, 2013’s… 597 more words


Another Man Shot - Black Lives Matter Poem

Another man shot.

Another name forgot.

Are the killings gonna ever stop?

To many names,

Over a short time frame.

I just can’t keep track. 15 more words

News Wire Diaspora

"F*** Your Breath!" Callous Tulsa Police Say to Dying Man

Once again video footage has emerged exposing police officers’ version of a death at their own hands as being nothing more than lies. According to the initial statements put out by the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department, a group of police officers were involved with a physical altercation with 44 year-old African American Tulsa resident Eric Harris. 298 more words


Hashtag: When Will It End?

I’ve spent the last few months sheltering my soul from unwanted intrusion, not wanting to feel the pain of others so that I could deal with my own…pain. 659 more words


Another Death in the Family | Police Shooting Number 839,489,232,342,345,454

Another Death in the Family | Police Shooting Number 839,489,232,342,345,454

Photo: Tim Patterson | Flickr | “Gutless Pussy Thug Guns Down Unarmed Citizen (2015)” | 1,192 more words

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Too many people met Hashtag recently.

Police Shoots.

Bullets fly.

Criss cross

Body down.

When crimson streams flow

Painting with Hashtag on the pavement.

Black body. 35 more words


Belovedness: A Lenten Reflection by Rev. Marjorie Wilkes Matthews

The Lenten journey begins with a baptism – Jesus and John standing in the waters of the Jordan River and a voice that says, “This is my Son, the Beloved….”  It’s only after this declaration that Jesus is led into the wilderness where he embarks on a 40-day journey of drawing closer and closer to the spirit of the One who named him “Beloved.” 613 more words