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White guy asks "when it is okay to call the police?"

So this happened yesterday during the early morning walk with the pups on High Street near Brookdale Park. From across High Street I saw a man on all fours trying to stand up with great difficulty. 955 more words



A letter from the mother of Oscar Grant to the Brown family.

Some of these racist murders make the news, but many go unseen, unspoken of, unheard of, they rest silently, without peace. No justice, no peace…

Motivated Mindset

The acclaimed philosopher W. E. B. Du Bois wrote The Souls of Black Folk, and although decades have passed, his writing still underscores a poignant struggle of the perseverance of the African-American male. 217 more words


EverythingShaq Poetry Speaks!: A Birthday Tribute To Oscar Grant

A spoken word tribute for an eternally blessed soul, taken far too young, and for reasons far too wicked! An ‘EverythingShaq Poetry Speaks!‘ edition, honoring the often overlooked, though never forgotten legacy of Oscar Grant.   50 more words

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A Poem for Mr. Grant

For those who may need reminding, there was once a young man named Oscar Grant. He was born in the year nineteen eighty-six. If he were still living, he’d be turning 29 tomorrow, February 27, 2015. 846 more words

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A Matter of Lives

Here’s a poem I wrote and read at a speech presented by San Joaquin Delta College (in my hometown of Stockton, CA) and given by Wanda Johnson, mother of the late Oscar Grant, the young man murdered by a BART police officer in 2009. 269 more words