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Part 18: Knife Skills

“In life, anything tough is meant to be. We had to get to the point where we believed in something enough to make others believe it was possible too.” – Brandon Chrostowski…

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Part 17: Edith + Eddie

“She don’t want to go.  I don’t want her to go.” – Eddie, of Edith + Eddie


Best Documentary Short Subject

My Two Cents…

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Oscars 2018

After many months away (my longest stretch, by far), I’m finally sitting down to write a new post.  I could offer up various reasons why the blog has been at the bottom of my “to-do” list these past months: a very minor car accident that I am still dealing with paperwork-wise many months later; a hectic work schedule that picked up right around my last blog post; the passing of a family member before the holidays; the holidays; health issues, including a horrible respiratory infection that knocked me on my ass for several weeks. 577 more words


Part 16: Mudbound

“I went to fight for my country to come back and find it hadn’t changed a bit.” – Ronsel Jackson, played by Jason Mitchell, in Mudbound…

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Review: Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread left me depressed and with the annoying sense that either I’d missed (or the film failed to offer) a redemptive quality that would have justified or at least explained its existence.  352 more words


Part 15: The Big Sick

“Apparently, there are good and bad comas. And the kind that they put her in – the medically induced ones – are definitely the good kind of coma.

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Part 14: The Florida Project

“It’s only the second week of summer and there’s already been a dead fish in the pool.”- Bobby, played by Willem Dafoe, in The Florida Project…

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