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Nightcrawler: Gyllenhaal Continues His Brilliant Roll of Stellar Performances

Nightcrawler is a dark twisted take on the desire for success. What success is. And how far we as humans are willing to go to achieve it. 69 more words

Data in the News for the week of March 2, 2015

In the news this week: AT&T’s new Gigapower internet service charges for data privacy * Axciom’s LiveRamp Connect is a rebrand of AOS * Edmunds is carefully making its automotive shopper data available to advertisers * plus much more.
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Big Data

Lame Adventure 456: Milton’s Academy Award Predictions

As Lame Adventures’ dedicated following knows, all of you in the ones of tens, my dear friend, Milton, is the consummate cinemaniac. I don’t know anyone else who spends as many hours as he sitting in the dark, watching movies while chowing popcorn and quaffing gallons of diet Coke. 244 more words


A Haunting Ida (Foreign Film- Poland)

Pawel Pawlikowski‘s Ida is a haunting black and white film about two women searching for answers in post World War II Poland.

Ida is a very slow film as well as not in color and not shot in the widescreen ratio we have become accustomed to as of late.   113 more words


A Patriotic American Sniper

Clint Eastwood‘s return to military film is his best directorial effort since the underrated Gran Torino in 2008.  American Sniper is great but not amazing. 302 more words


An Incredible Whiplash

Damien Chazelle‘s Whiplash is absolutely incredible.

Miles Teller leads the film as Andrew, a first year student at a prestigious and extremely difficult music college.   188 more words


The Imitation Game of Alan Turing

Morten Tyldum‘s English language debut, The Imitation Gameis a marvelous adaptation.

Tyldum’s previous effort, Headhunters, was a magnificent film about an art heist.   239 more words