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• The Paradigm Shift: has left us with some awful optics. A boring Oscar show that droned on and on about the problems facing the film industry. 346 more words

6 Degrees: Oscar News

The Oscars are coming this weekend. And the lists I tend to gravitate towards are my own made-up versions for what passes as 6 Degrees Awards… 826 more words

The Danish Girl finds nuance in a story of self-discovery

2015 was not the year of the transgender, 2016 will not be the year of the transgender and no year in the future will be the year of the transgender. 1,038 more words


OSCAR WATCH: Cartel Land drops viewers in the middle of a war with no clear battle lines

Documentaries are made in the editing room. Though this statement can apply to pretty much any motion picture, documentary films often consist of so much more raw footage taken over an extended period of time that the final product relies on the way the filmmaker puts together all these pieces of disjointed truth. 816 more words


6 Degrees: Movie Trends for the New Year

Happy New Year to my fellow movie goers and 6 Degree friends! The Silly season is upon us, and in Hollywood, that’s saying a lot…(It’s always silly season, really). 1,241 more words

Oscar Watch

Breaking Down the Oscar Nominations

Another year, another round of nominations that, for better or worse, reflects the state of the film industry.

But before I jump into my personal opinions, let’s take a logical analysis of this morning’s picks and how the race is looking from this side of the nominations. 1,339 more words