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Adventures on our last day in Dublin

Hallelujah and hot damn-we made it alive with the car in one piece back to Dublin after our road trip across Ireland.  Not that Thom isn’t a great driver but all roads except the motorway are teeny tiny lanes and frightening not to mention the whole driving on the wrong side of the road.  446 more words


Week 39 UK Chapbook Chart 2016

The UK Chapbook Chart has been rejuvenated by two new entries this week. Whittlings by Paul F. Lenzi occupies the coveted Number 1 position while Perfectly Formed by Stuart Buck sits just below at Number 2. 188 more words

Love Yourself.

Have you ever been knocked down so hard,
You were afraid to get back up?
Have you ever been betrayed so bad,
You were afraid to trust ever again? 454 more words

The moaning wind went wandering round the weeping prison-wall

I’ve had a peculiar fascination with crime and punishment for as long as I remember.  Growing up, various members of my family worked at Broadmoor Hospital… 381 more words

Nerdy Stuff

Short Story: The Flash by Italo Calvino, read in Numbers in the Dark and Other Stories. Recommended.

Poem: Endymion by Oscar Wilde, listened to through Librivox. 28 more words

Ray Bradbury Challenge

Lucky You

so simple
like clockwork
fall into place
so easily

we’re that old tower
in front of my window
big hand chasing
little hand running

“for whom the bell tolls” 144 more words