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A Wilde Theory

Question: Why do you think Wilde wrote about this theory if he did not publicly endorse it himself? Was it a way to criticize the validity of certain canon’s set by other literary scholars? 272 more words

Wild Musings

1. Why did Oscar Wilde introduce this theory to his audience? What purpose did he have for writing it?

2. Why were Victorian’s obsessed with the concept of Muses? 421 more words

Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde’s only novel was recently dramatised by BBC Radio 3. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Dorian Gray tells the story of a young man in Victorian England who sells his soul in order to remain eternally youthful. 81 more words

Oscar Wilde

A Love for Mysteries

Do we think Oscar Wilde wrote this extension of the theory within his story because he believed it to be true or do we think this was an opportunity for literary creativity? 337 more words

The Paris Blog - Day 2

Even after all that walking I managed to get up and go for a run first thing. This took me to, and then round, Les Jardin du Luxembourg, another place on my list I could cross off. 1,612 more words


Oscar Wilde

“Molti danno agli altri ciò di cui avrebbero maggiormente bisogno per se stessi” ♡
(Oscar Wilde – Il ritratto di Dorian Gray)