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26 Eligible Oscar Animated Feature Films Announced

Today the Oscars released their list of the eligible films for the Best Animated Feature Film Oscar. There are 26 films up for the 5 nominations and I’ve seen 19 of them. 1,338 more words

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Through the Eyes of Children: “The Florida Project” Movie Review (4 1/2 Stars)

Never deny how powerful it is to look at a situation through the eyes of children.

This is exactly what Sean Baker does in his newest film The Florida Project.  379 more words

A Sci-Fi Masterpiece Is Born: "Blade Runner 2049" Movie Review (5 Stars)

In the history of cinema, there are certain films that are considered “the best” in various genres. Films that took a specific genre that everybody thought they knew and reinvented it (or perhaps didn’t do much to reinvent it but perfected it.) In twenty years, I strongly believe that when we talk about the best sci-fi films of all time- there is no way that Blade Runner 2049 will not come up in that conversation. 539 more words

Frozen Musical Review

I am writing this blog from good old Denver Colorado! My friend Phaedra and I decided to make the drive to see the new Disney Frozen: The Musical. 526 more words


If I Gave Out Oscars Now

Hey guys! We have now finished the summer movie season and are beginning the Fall schedule of Oscar and holiday films. I thought it might be fun to share with you what I would pick for Oscar nominations based solely on the films I’ve seen so far. 599 more words

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2017 Animated Oscars: Did the Right Film Win?

Today I continued on my annual web series looking at the animated Oscars and asking- Did the right film win?

In 2017 it is a tricky question because they are all good films. 360 more words

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Oscars 2017 Red Carpet

The Oscars.
Where to start? Remember that time we joked about Steve Harvey announcing the award for Best Actor at the 2016 ceremony…

Little did we know… 138 more words