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The Last Five Years (of the Oscars)

If you asked me why I care so much about the Oscars, why I watch every minute of the overlong broadcasts, why I spend so much time writing about them beforehand on a blog that few people follow, why I know so much about their history that I’ve won both the Oscar trivia game and the awards predictions game at the last two Oscar parties I went to (You could say I’m bragging, but is that really something to brag about? 944 more words


The Official timmmc.com 2015 Oscars Prediction Post

The Grand Budapest Hotel


American Sniper



The Theory of Everything


The Imitation Game

Well, I finished all 8. It was looking pretty hairy for bit there, but I made myself nice and lazy this weekend and finished my “quest”. 933 more words


REVIEW: The Theory of Everything

Of all eight films I watched for this year’s Oscars, The Theory of Everything might be the most surprising to me. I hadn’t heard all that much buzz about the film, so, frankly, I was expecting a run-of-the-mill biopic, maybe something that tries to do/be too much and ultimately just existing. 118 more words


REVIEW: The Imitation Game

When I wrote my review of American Sniper, I wrote that I do not like war films. I feel like I should clarify that… films  258 more words


REVIEW: Boyhood

I really, really wanted to love this film. I’d heard all the reviews and saw all the accolades… but I don’t share the sentiment. I am absolutely fascinated by the way the film was done… but for me, that very concept is the film’s undoing. 42 more words


REVIEW: American Sniper

I’m not a war film fan. It’s a personal bias that I struggle with whenever I see a film like American Sniper…. and unfortunately, this is a time where the bias wins. 72 more words


REVIEW: Whiplash

Now here was a movie I thoroughly enjoyed. Well, mostly…. not being a musician, I feel like some of the really solo musical segments were lost on me (as they are when I go to concerts, to be honest). 44 more words