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Oscars 2016: AFI Top Ten Films of the Year

AFI announced their top ten films of 2016.

This is pretty much an anticlimax after NBR. I always feel like I know which way AFI is gonna go. 386 more words


Gender-Fluid Actor Kelly Mantle Makes Oscar History

Opening Friday in limited release for an Oscar-qualifying run is “Confessions of a Womanizer,” directed by Miguel Ali. The small indie film is the longest of shots for Academy consideration, but that’s not stopping it from making history. 251 more words


What is the Best Picture of the 1970s?

The 70s are known for being perhaps the best decade of filmmaking. Certainly the most daring and revolutionary. Cinema was in a rapid state of flux: to simplify things, the old studio system was dying and Hollywood hadn’t quite figured out how to go on without it. 2,801 more words


Round Two Voting – Actress In A Supporting Role


Round Two Actor In A Supporting Role Results

What a line-up this is! And I expect it to be a lot closer that the corresponding men’s contest that just wrapped up. 89 more words


Dalin's Oscar Predictions 2016 - Best Picture Edition: The La, The Moonlight, and the Arrival

That time of year again is rolling around the corner, where Hollywood has their eye on the next movie to throw onto the awards hype train.  811 more words


Sully - Review

Eastwood’s biopic is intricate, and Hanks is superb. 402 more words


Oscar Buzz: Best Supporting Actress

I talked about in my last post about Supporting Actor why supporting role is so important, and this year has had some great ones.  This category (and supporting actor as well), however, have sometimes been used as a way for movies to get a nomination for a second lead that they didn’t want to push in a more crowded category.   421 more words