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Hollywood Red Carpet OMG!

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by MJ Racadio and Gherald Alaman of Talent and Skills NYC


Hollywood Red Carpet OMG!

Hollywood, CA (Social Dragon PR) July 31, 2015. 148 more words

The Oscars in Retrospect: 2006 Best Animated Feature

2006 was a huge step up from the previous year in this category as far as the nominees go. The whole field was also a bit stronger even though only a couple of them truly deserved to be in contention. 1,296 more words


The Imitation Game

This film was nominated for eight Oscars, and rightly so. Although it only went on to win one of those awards, it arguably deserved much more – pity the competition was so high this year! 339 more words

Feature Pieces

Throwback Movie Review - 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

I must admit that I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I sat down to watch “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” About 100 minutes later, I left the theater dancing a jig to the incredibly upbeat music in the credits and wondering where in the world Wes Anderson ever came up with the idea for the delightful madness that is his latest movie. 635 more words


Dr. Flores Shows You How To Eliminate Dark Spots!

For women of all ages, fighting acne is tough enough. Dealing with scars after acne or a pimple clears is even tougher. These mild scars are dark spots, also known as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. 169 more words


Bob and Weave, Bob and Weave: Southpaw

Hello Beauties,

ALL OF THE AWARDS NEED TO BE GIVEN! ALL THE AWARDS NEED TO BE GIVEN TODAY! Southpaw is IT! My God, it gave all the intensity in the world. 769 more words

Beautifully Entertained: A Queen's Take On TV And Movies

DISCUSSION POINT: Will THE REVENANT being a 'living hell' to shoot make it a classic or horror show?

By all accounts, The Revenant has been a bitch and a half to film, making it not just one of the most anticipated pictures of late 2015 but one of the most controversial. 365 more words