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Correlative Conjunction Horrorshow

Prefer both/and to either/or.
While mire ourselves in tired dichotomies?
Isn’t it better to have the steak and the potato,
the ice cream and the chocolate dip? 25 more words

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Basic Acoustics (Theory of Sound)

Today I learnt how sound travels in longitudinal waves through oscillation. It can be detected using an oscilloscope and is affected by where the sound is produced; in a bigger room, there will be more reverb. 227 more words

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What is Sound?

A sound is a vibration of air molecules. There is another way of saying vibration which is called oscillation. It can be detected by an  150 more words

Unit 58 - Animation Soundtrack

Theory Of Sound - Introduction to Sound

In todays lesson we deeply discussed sound and how it works out and how we hear vibrations.

Our ears pick up sound as pressure and this is called a ” Sound wave ” 268 more words

Induction 2017

The Dual Oscillation Model: Why insulin is secreted in a pulsatile fashion.

Along with many other experts, I see little value in measuring fasting insulin.  However, my reasons may differ to others.   One reason is that fasting insulin does not generally reflect post-prandial insulin levels.   688 more words


Simon recorded a series of “tutorials” based upon what he learned about springs and spring force from Daniel Shiffman’s The Nature of Code book, Chapter 3 Oscillation and corresponding videos.



Do you ever get the feeling that no one really ever knows what they are doing ? Perhaps we are all just winging it, guessing, improvising and rolling the dice from one day to the next. 109 more words