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iPad pro 当真省电

一上午 下来, 同样的工作 , iPad 还有 97% 电。

而 MacBook 只剩 42%。


Four Methodological Contributions of my Research on Rhythm

It’s job application season and as a postdoc who is nearing the end of her post, this is currently taking up large amounts of my time. 1,443 more words


Balance, Tension and Discernment

“If the string is too tight, it will snap. If it is too loose, it will not play.”

Siddhārtha Gautama

In order for an arrow to leave the bow, there must be tension in the string. 306 more words

Self Discovery

Phi Dance

The sequence starts;
One plus one equals two,
continues; one and two is three;
two and three gives us five…

my little friend,
a constant of the approximative value… 93 more words