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Thoughts of Mesopotamia

It moves in a sine wave
It’s sinewy and sinuous
There is a place of eternal equinox
The line bisects the sphere
Just as the setting and rising of the sun… 249 more words

Prose And Poetry

The perfect sphere


Today, on a fabulous science news website named sciencedaily, I came across an article that described how  that scientists have discovered the most spherical object that has ever been found. 175 more words

Sampling Error in Mathematica

Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, it seems that my Mathematica stopped functioning for the past week (too spooky for me :O). Manipulate[], arguably the most useful function in the program, refused to work. 472 more words



Oscillation is a beautiful word, with gentle meanings. I actually prefer this physics-specific definition more than the general: regular variation in magnitude or position around a central point. 592 more words

Four Methodological Contributions of my Research on Rhythm

It’s job application season and as a postdoc who is nearing the end of her post, this is currently taking up large amounts of my time. 1,443 more words


Phi Dance

The sequence starts;
One plus one equals two,
continues; one and two is three;
two and three gives us five…

my little friend,
a constant of the approximative value… 93 more words



Oscillation is the variation or vibration of a particle or object in equal time interval and distance/displacement about a point of reference or a central value i.e. 255 more words