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Healing the Empath Trait - Balancing the Extreme

Lately I’m noticing the change in my tricky characteristics of empath. I’m sure you’ve heard of empath by now nowadays. Maybe you’re aware that you’re empath. 804 more words


Underdamping: A Wet Blanket

In the last post, I wrote rather briefly on the complex lissajous trajectories – when simple harmonic motion is no longer constrained to a single degree of freedom and the frequencies of both the x and y oscillations are different, the oscillations take on the form of parabolas, ellipses and closed loops. 579 more words



I delivered this piece today to a lovely couple in Sheffield who, hopefully will enjoy rocking their baby boy to sleep or reading him a story before bed time. 197 more words

Sonic Pinball Oscillation

If you were a 1990s kid and anything like me, your best companion when you were grounded at home would be your home consoles. Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, PlayStation – boy, those were the good ‘ol days when Sonic the Hedgehog was still the official Sega mascot. 966 more words


The new Daddy of the carnivorous plant world

Researchers at The University of Bristol have discovered a new mechanism that carnivorous plants use to cleverly trap their prey.

In case you’re not that… 495 more words


Oscillating Neutrinos: The 2015 Physics Nobel Prize

On the 6th October 2015 researchers Takaaki Kajita (University of Tokyo) and Arthur McDonald (Queen’s University, Canada) won the 2015 physics Nobel prize for there career long research into the unusual behavior of the fundamental Leptonic particle the Neutrino. 361 more words

AC#47 Proof: The Solar Neutrino

This is a diagram of nuclear fusion, the nuclear reaction that occurs inside stars and generates the energy necessary to keep them alive. In a previous post, I explained nuclear fusion and the proton-proton chain in more detail, but all you need to know for this post is when two of those red balls collide, they’ll eventually (at the end of this “chain” of reactions) produce a helium nucleus, but they immediately produce the solar neutrino. 990 more words

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