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The Controversies Therefore.

The night of darkness

the day of brightness

premonitions in stay

the restless mind

sees both with fear

night foretells death

day predicts  breath

death is terrific… 72 more words


The Brothers Karamazov: Oscillation and the Unfinalized Epiphany

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t allow this modest blog post to ruin The Brothers Karamazov! As with every post, this blurb contains major spoilers.

Suggested Drink: Shot of vodka with a kvass chaser. 930 more words

Phase Work Balance

TEXT: They were trying to achieve a phase work balance across all human resources, in order to maximise capability. Bay was a rogue. He knew that a balance wasn’t required for greatness. 97 more words

Atlantic, Boreal, Cycles and Events

Putting on my memory hat and thinking about the long ago times, I got to remembering my high school science classes. In particular, the “Earth Sciences”. 2,571 more words

AGW Climate Perspective

Lecture 12 (Friday Dec. 19, 2014)

Noetherian chains

Computation of the (local intersectional) degree of a phase curve of a polynomial vector field, produced in Lecture 11, is based on the length of the ascending chain of polynomial ideals generated by consecutive derivations. 931 more words


Lecture 11 (Mon, Dec 15, 2014)

Trajectories of polynomial vector fields

Let be a finite piece of a real analytic curve. Its intersection complexity (or intersection degree) is the maximal number of isolated intersections of with real affine hyperplanes, 146 more words