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Spider Fratto

Oscorp accidentally gives me super spider powers.  I can do whatever a spider does!  Sadly, my first time web-slinging, I catch a plane.

Childrens Art

A Black Spiderman Explained

New Spiderman Rumors

Images courtesy of Marvel

With Sony and Marvel working together on a new incarnation of our favorite web slinger, landing someone to play this new role is important, since Andrew Garfield will not be returning. 249 more words

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review (2014)

I’ll start by saying I never saw The Amazing Spider-Man. I figured it was reboot that basically followed the origins story of the Raimi original with minimal changes. 754 more words

Advanced Hulk #1

Issue 1: Man to Monster

Page 1:
Bruce Banner and his associates walk into Oscorp labs. It is a bright sunny morning. The lab building it a large structure in the middle of Phoenix Arizona, it has a large Oscorp symbol on the top of the building. 2,037 more words

Nick Fury