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Spiderman Gets in Touch With Reality

Peter woke up in a pool of his saliva. He picked himself off the floor, and moved towards the dressing table. He put on his glasses, but he realised that his eyesight was now somehow perfect. 404 more words

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Ant-Man X Spider-Man?

Marvel’s Phase Two wraps up this July when Ant-Man is released, and afterwards Phase Three will begin in 2016 with Captain America: Civil War. Among the many characters expected to appear in the threequel is Spider-Man, which will be his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 422 more words


Rumor: Oscorp & Spider-Man To Be Referenced In Ant-Man Movie

Ant-Man will be released in a month now, and seems that it may be including some Spider-Man Easter eggs. 183 more words

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Will Oscorp Make An Appearance In 'Ant-Man'?

Marvel is having a helluva time figuring out which scrawny white kid will be the next Spider-Man. While recent auditions in Atlanta have at least moved the decision-making closer to the  302 more words


Spider Fratto

Oscorp accidentally gives me super spider powers.  I can do whatever a spider does!  Sadly, my first time web-slinging, I catch a plane.

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A Black Spiderman Explained

New Spiderman Rumors

Images courtesy of Marvel

With Sony and Marvel working together on a new incarnation of our favorite web slinger, landing someone to play this new role is important, since Andrew Garfield will not be returning. 249 more words

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review (2014)

I’ll start by saying I never saw The Amazing Spider-Man. I figured it was reboot that basically followed the origins story of the Raimi original with minimal changes. 754 more words