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Likho's Lullabye - Vixy & Tony

Sleep, my girl, and dream of home
Of lamps alight and hearth aflame
A china cup, a silver comb
An old grey wolf for you to tame…

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Velvet - Talis Kimberley

She puts on velvet, fits like a glove
She doesn’t hate and she doesn’t love
She’s a beast without and a woman within
When she puts on velvet like a second skin.

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Black Water - Leslie Fish & Heather Alexander

Black water, final rescue, dark water, lasting peace
Black water, keeping secrets none may know
Black water, final rescue, bring silence and release
Black water, through the city swiftly flow…

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Merlin Am I - Damh the Bard

Merlin am I, Merlin am I,
I know the secrets,
Of the land and the sky,
Land and the sky,
And you’ll hear my voice,

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World's End - Talis Kimberly

There used to be some radio from Swindon
Eight months ago the signal failed to send
I’d like to hope that there are other places…

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October 2016 Newsletter

We produce The Monthly Special–a monthly newsletter/e-newsletter curated and distributed to increase awareness of special events occurring in the City. The Monthly Special is intended to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the different roles and responsibilities of our office and offer helpful tips and suggestions for established and aspiring event producers in Philadelphia. 18 more words

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Keeper's Lament - Anne Harlan Prather

I am the daughter of a poor estate.
With no dowry there’s no man who’d have me as wife.
The tower called out so gently to me,

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