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Gilbert’s Greatsword - Annwn

Braw and bold, he went a-raiding;
stout and strong, he went to war.
Long his lady will be waiting;

Gilbert’s greatsword strikes no more.

Apparently, there was an SCA contest for best elegy, so Leigh Ann Hussey wrote a song for the “death” of a player in “Steal the Sheep” earlier that day, a game where teams compete to move a stuffed sheepskin across a field.

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Femme Fatale - Leslie Hudson

This manipulation buries my twisted truth
This modification carries my future youth
So I shall be what I’ve become
Femme fatale

“Femme Fatale,” from Leslie Hudson’s concept album about fictional redheads.  

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The Ballad of Barry Allen - Eben Brooks

And I’ll be there before you know it
I’ll be gone before you see me
And do you think you can imagine
Anything so lonely…

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Apocalypse Ballade - Araxie Haldane



Sometimes you need to take a break from hope songs to be sad and scared and take refuge in needlessly complicated poetic forms.

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Likho's Lullabye - Vixy & Tony

Sleep, my girl, and dream of home
Of lamps alight and hearth aflame
A china cup, a silver comb
An old grey wolf for you to tame…

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Velvet - Talis Kimberley

She puts on velvet, fits like a glove
She doesn’t hate and she doesn’t love
She’s a beast without and a woman within
When she puts on velvet like a second skin.

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Black Water - Leslie Fish & Heather Alexander

Black water, final rescue, dark water, lasting peace
Black water, keeping secrets none may know
Black water, final rescue, bring silence and release
Black water, through the city swiftly flow…

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