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Ose te concentrer sur toi

Ose parler
ose t’exprimer
ose te mettre en avant
libre est celui qui ose dire “non” quand ca va pas, “c’est pathétique”
quand on est perdu  “je sais pas”, “o la la ” 57 more words

Old School Experiment - Live without Email and SM

I’m doing something different for this month of February. Not writing emails, texts, comments on social media, DMs, PMs, tweets, etc. All of my writing will be towards my books (and my clients’ edits & notes). 134 more words


Legacy of Legends - Mark Horning

“Legacy of Legends,” by Mark Horning, written in memorial for Gene Cernan who passed away on Monday 16 January, 2017.  The last man on the moon is with us no more. 40 more words


The Collars - Escape Key

And the tales of our creations never change with what we tell
How we dream of something better than ourselves

“The Collars,” by Escape Key.  “We all want a better life for our children” gets tricky when your child is an illegally constructed artificial intelligence.  

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Wait for the Sun to Be Born - Ben Newman


Dark and cold, dark and cold
The Sun he has perished as ever of old,
And here in the darkness that never knows morn,

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A Long Way From Home - Ben Newman


You’re a long way from home, such a long road you’ve traveled,
And while you were away, many years went by…
So feel free to roam, for the world cannot hold you.

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Gilbert’s Greatsword - Annwn

Braw and bold, he went a-raiding;
stout and strong, he went to war.
Long his lady will be waiting;

Gilbert’s greatsword strikes no more.

Apparently, there was an SCA contest for best elegy, so Leigh Ann Hussey wrote a song for the “death” of a player in “Steal the Sheep” earlier that day, a game where teams compete to move a stuffed sheepskin across a field.

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