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Tokyo Tarareba Musume: on episode 3~4

Story of single women (day)dreaming to find the right men by certain time may not be everyone’s cup of tea, even those a sucker for romance. 1,322 more words


Tokyo Tarareba Musume: first impression on episode 1~2

Marriage isn’t a new premise in dramaland. It is in fact an age-old, timeless theme that’s unlikely to die down no matter what. So, while it isn’t entirely correct to call it a trend, i notice there are more doramas centered around a heroine seeking a life partner for various reasons in recent seasons. 1,041 more words


First Impressions on Tokyo Tarareba Musume : Episode 1

I was gonna compare “Tokyo Tarareba Musume” to summer season’s “Hayako-sensei…” because it features different women in the marriage mart. However, Tokyo Tarareba is a bit different because the girls were pretty comfortable with their single status, happy with just an all-girls’ night-out until one blonde… 2,693 more words


Majisuka Gakuen 2: Iinja ne?


Sayaka va andando mirando a su alrededor, cargada con su guitarra, como si buscase algo que le diga dónde se encuentra o si ha pasado por ahí al salir. 1,348 more words


¿Acaso está eso mal?[KojiYuu]

Buenaas querid@s lectorees!!! =3

o.o He puesto un título en español? Sí, parece que sí jejeje Estaba escribiendo Juujun’na Slave cuando me vino la inspiración para el título de este O.O” Sí el título, el resto surgió después, y la pareja… Pues KojiYuu!!!   1,366 more words


KojiYuu cùng nhau đi "châm cứu"

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Rồi hôm qua Yuuchan nhá hàng một tấm.

Đến tối cùng ngày kadomori lại up thêm một tấm nữa. 109 more words