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Cucumbers are Doing Great in Our Deck Planter

Our pickle cucumbers are giving us a bumper harvest growing on the leaning trellis in our self-watering deck planter.  We have 6 of these self-watering planters which hold about 4 gallons of water and are on rollers so they can be easily moved.  220 more words

Our Deck Planters Give Us a Surprising Quantity of Veggies

We have had great success growing veggies on our deck with our 6 self-watering planters.  These planters hold about 4 gallons of water and are on rollers so they can be easily moved.  289 more words

Landscape Focal Point Idea

These three photos were all taken in one year as this high impact flower bed featured all tropical plants made dramatic growth.  These kinds of plants are considered annuals as they will not survive outside during winter (some of them are considered to be houseplants).  172 more words

House Plant Tips from My Wife

Rita does an amazing job with our house plants.  I asked her to pass along a couple of tips to help you look like you have a green thumb when it comes to growing house plants.  427 more words

Great Time to Discover Plants with Winter Interest

Several of our plants are showing their stuff during this splash of warm weather we are having right now.  This makes me appreciate that we took the time to discover plants that provide seasonal interest during winter. 132 more words

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Buildings are so well insulated these days it is like we live and work in sealed boxes!  You can’t even open the windows in some office buildings.  361 more words