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Our Deck Planters: 54 Peppers and Counting

After the last of our spring harvest from our deck planters (kale, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard) we planted 9 pepper plants on April 30.  So far there are 54 Gypsy and Carmen peppers tempting us to pick them, however we are waiting until they turn orange and red when they obtain maximum sweetness. 117 more words

Showing off Benefits of Gardening at Health Fair

This past Wednesday, we had a health fair at work where local, health related organizations came for the day to drum up business and distribute information to staff. 572 more words


Our Five Japanese Maples are Fantastic this Year

Rita and I love the various colors and textures of Japanese Maples.  Too bad you can’t see our five outstanding plants in person, however next best thing is to check out the beauty in these photos.  100 more words

Make a Beautiful Mixed Flower Creation With a Wire Basket and Coconut Fiber Matting.

I call it “coco mat” and it is one of the nicest innovations for planting wire hanging baskets to come along in a long time. Wire baskets are wonderful because they “breathe” and thereby form the base for more vigorous flowers. 548 more words

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