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The physics-based puzzler Osmos and Osmos for iPad are now available for 80% off on the App Store in celebration of developer Hemisphere’s new Kickstarter game Karmaka… 306 more words


Simplicity, Complexity, and Design Goals in Osmos

Osmos is a rather brilliant example of a game built with an economy in mind. From a simple core mechanic – you move by squirting out part of yourself – the game creates hours of thoughtful, challenging fun. 687 more words


Exuberance and Melancholy (also Foxes) in Gravity Ghost

Gravity Ghost is a game about jumping and flying through lush, physically plausible star systems of painterly planetoids. The most obvious point of comparison is… 303 more words


Steam Challenge - Osmos

This is part of my Steam Challenge Series (the full list is here).

Time played: 2.5 hours

Osmos is deceptive. The trailer, the music, the aesthetic of the game, it all speaks of a soothing, relaxed experience. 139 more words

Steam Challenge

Osmos and Newton

  • How easy is it to learn to play? 9/10
  • How easy it is to use in the classroom? 8/10
  • Cost: Free demo available, PC/Mac/Linux ($10), iPhone ($3.79), iPad ($6.49), and Android ($3.23)
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