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Part 1: RIP into OSPF 1-way Redistribution, Route-Map lab

Being that the two way redistribution training gets into route tagging and other fun concepts, I want to just get an easy lab configuration under my belt to get myself started, and will just be working with R3 and R4 as no other routers can see the OSPF routes except R3 after I do this: 3,001 more words


An Introduction into the wonderful world of Route-Maps, setting the lab

I have to say that going from Distribute-Lists where you are just applying standard ACL’s to Redistribution is like little league softball compared to Route-Map configuration for them. 628 more words


Setting up EIGRP to OSPF Redistribution lab, excellent review of concept for exam day

So I must preface this by saying it is the most beautiful day MN has seen in weeks, the sun is out and it’s probably mid-high 20’s, so it is the perfect day to open the shadows to let the sun in and sit in front of the command line! 1,089 more words


The battle with Distribution-Lists continues, 1 way Redist of OSPF to EIGRP, success!

So I am really reeling it back in here, as I think I got over ambitious without learning the basics, so I am just going to do a simple configuration here. 2,449 more words


Physical cabling issues, Distribute-List issues, what is it Monday again??

So after spinning my tires thinking of how to make it work on my very awesome looking Topology from the previous post, I just need to know this works in general for my own sanity. 1,117 more words


Distribution-Lists, ACL's, and a shiny new topology for practice scenarios for both Distribution-Lists and Route-Maps

As the Topology shows, with all the Branch Offices and Departments, IT just got real!

Concepts will be learned on pieces of this network, will continue to be built out and troubleshot using different methods, and will eventually be using this similar Topology to create scenarios and try to avoid dry lab manuals if possible and to get some network logical design creative juices flowing as well to perhaps look into CCDA/CCDP at a later time. 1,583 more words


GRE IPSec Tunnel - Routing over the Tunnel

Using the same topology and part of the configuration of a previous post (IPSec IKEv1 Formula) we will configure a GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) to allow routing protocols (IGP – Interior Gateway Protocols) through the Internet safely. 609 more words