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Senior Network Consultant - Opportunities in all major cities

JOB TITLE: Senior Consultant

PRACTICE: Network Consulting


 As a member of a team of network consultants and senior consultants, you will use your… 512 more words

Dual WAN Router with Dual ISP Using BGP and OSPF

There are a small variety of methods to implement failover of your WAN perimeter between two ISPs. In this post we’ll look at one way to accomplish this goal with a few technical requirements. 1,795 more words


Fibbing: OSPF and SDN (Hybrid model)

Fibbing is an architecture that enables central control over distributed routing.

This architecture is based on routing protocol OSPF and its ability to set third party next-hop with some tweak… 276 more words


Stub Area, Totally Stubby Area, NSSA, Totally NSSA

Stub Area

An area in which there are no Type 4 and 5 LSA sent by ABR. Stubby Area needs to be configured on ABRs, so that they agree on this flag and form adjacency. 287 more words

Stub/totally stub/nssa/totally nssa

Stub area: LSA type 1/2/3 are allowed, LSA type 4/5/7 are not allowed, no ASBR is allowed default route is injected automatically when stub area is configured on ABR… 108 more words


When OSPF do recalculation

1, When there is update of LSA type 1 and type 2, recalculation will be done for the entire routing table,  started with shortest path calculation for each area. 71 more words


Modify the Redistributed Routes Metric by using Route-Map

There are times, when you want to advertise a different metric than the normal EIGRP and RIP redistributed metric of 20 to OSPF, a option for that is using the popular Route Map. 92 more words