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OSPF ile Dinamik Yönlendirme

OSPF (Open Shortest Path First – İlk Önce En Kısa Yolu Aç) Prokolü ile Dinamik Yönlendirme – TEMEL DÜZEYDE ÖZET

Bir yerden sonra statik yönlendirme ağın genişleyip kompleks yapıya dönüşmesiyle birlikte ağ yöneticisine büyük bir külfet getirip işlerin karışmasına sebebiyet verir. 810 more words


Asymmetric routing caused by unfiltered redistribution

This quirk demonstrates how the different administrative distances of BGP, combined with the Best Path Selection algorithm can cause asymmetric routing if redistribution isn’t done carefully. 3,239 more words

Asymmetric Routing

Redistribution Lab 1

Redistribution lab 1

Solution: (Highlight below to see)

The solution to objective 1 is to change the metric value for the redistribution of connected routes on R1 to anything less than 16.  69 more words


Mystery behind OSPF DR/BDR election?

In the OSPF DR/BDR election which one gets elected first the DR or the BDR?

Lets check that out in this post its all about DR/BDR. 1,439 more words



In this lab you will be configuring EIGRP and OSPF.  After that you will make sure the routing table is using the OSPF routes for routing. 201 more words


Configuring Cumulus Linux High Availability Layer 2 Network (Part 1)

Hi everyone, today I am going to do a lab on one of the validated design from Cumulus Linux,  which is the Data Center Layer 2 High Availability network. 1,253 more words


OSPF Database

Here we’re learn how to read the OSPF LSD on a Cisco router.

Router LSAs (Type 1)

List all of a router’s links and their state. 213 more words

IP Routing