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CCNP ROUTE: 3.28 Configure and verify OSPF operations

OSPF Router ID

The OSPF RID is determined the same as EIGRP.  The RID is chosen as the time the OSPF process is initialized.  Here is the order or precedence: 140 more words


CCNP ROUTE: 3.27 Configure and verify OSPF path preference

There are a few different ways to manipulate the path preference for OSPF.  We already talked about summarization, filtering, and changing the metric type… 225 more words


CCNP ROUTE: 3.26 Configure and verify network types, area types, and router types

3.26.a Point-to-point, multipoint, broadcast, nonbroadcast

  • Point-to-Point
    • Default on Frame Relay point-to-point subinterfaces
    • Does not elect DR/BDR
    • Discovers neighbors dynamically
    • Hello Interval is 10 seconds, Dead Timer is 40 seconds…
  • 790 more words

CCNP ROUTE: 3.25 Configure and verify OSPF neighbor relationship and authentication

OSPF Neighbor Requirements

  • Interfaces’ primary IP address must be in the same subnet
  • Must not be passive on connected interface
  • must be in the same area…
  • 590 more words

CCNP ROUTE: 3.24 Describe OSPF packet types

OSPF Fundamentals

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is an open standard link-state routing protocol.  OSPF uses Dijkstra’s algorithm (SPF) to find the shortest path between two nodes in the network.  208 more words


CCNP ROUTE: 3.11 Configure and verify manual and autosummarization with any routing protocol

EIGRP Summarization

Summarization can be performed on any router in EIGRP and can help reduce the query scope.  Summary routes in EIGRP are given a default AD of 5. 484 more words



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Apakah OSPF itu?
OSPF adalah singkatan dari Open Shortest Path First merupakan Routing Protocol Open Standart yang diimplementasikan oleh berbagai macam vendor, termasuk Cisco… 826 more words