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OSPF Authentication Configuration

This will be brief, as there is not a whole lot to OSPF Authentication, just a few good to know debug / verification commands and a few commands to configure the authentication itself. 444 more words


OSPF Metric Types (E1, E2) config, OSPF Route Summary

I will be using the same lab where I left off before, at least the same logical topology with possibly some loopbacks thrown in there to perform different types of Summarization: 2,388 more words


Getting started with OSPF: LSA types

Hey all, I am back. Now that we know so much about OSPF areas and specific area routers, let us find out the types of LSA packets originated by these routers. 232 more words

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Summary

Hi All,

Here is the list of summary for OSPF. I will add every topic details in upcoming blogs.

What is OSPF ?

– OSPF is Open Standard Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) 247 more words


Ketemu OSPF

Memang terjadi, ketika kita suka dengan sesuatu akan terus ada dipikiran. Salah satunya dalam sebuah kegiatan nge-LAB (red: Belajar Sendiri) tentang OSPF Multi Area dengan Virtual Link sampai kebawa mimpi dengan alur yang gak jelas mulai dari mana dan akan berahir dimana. 194 more words


SSH issues with border leaf nodes

ACI version – 1.2(2g)

This post is about an “interesting” issue which had a lot of clever people stumped. The supplier didn’t know how to resolve, the Cisco AS engineer was puzzled, the reseller’s techical consultant (a CCIE DC) was confused by it, Cisco TAC (a CCIE DC & S) found it all odd. 589 more words


OSPF LSA & SPF Throttling

The biggest challenge in large-scale networks is to recover quickly from failures and instability.

As you know, OSPF is a link-state protocol which uses LSAs to advertise topology changes to other OSPF-enabled routers.    1,265 more words