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OSPF Default Route on Juniper

Continue the previous post “Configure OSPF on Juniper” , now we will configure the default route.

The scenario is IP loopback interface of J1 ( will not advertised through OSPF, but J2 and J3 will reach it through the default route that injected into OSPF. 424 more words


Configure OSPF on Juniper

With this simple topology we will configure OSPF single area on Juniper routers.

Let’s start from J1, setup the IP Addresses :

root@J1# set interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet address…

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OSPFv3 for IPv6 alone or IPv4 as well?

We know that OSPFv2 is Link state routing protocol developed by IETF as a robust IP routing protocol suitable for large networks and to carry Ipv4 addresses. 498 more words


default-information originate in different routing protocols


To generate a default route into Routing Information Protocol (RIP), use the default-informationoriginate command in router configuration mode. To disable this feature, use the no form of this command. 451 more words


Network summary route in different routing protocols

network summary route in different routing protocol


  • auto summary: summary subnets into classful net route
  • ip summary-address: Automatic summary addressing always summarizes to the classful address boundary, while the ip summary-address router configuration command summarizes addresses on a specified interface.
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OSPF Virtual Link

In OSPF Multi Area, all area must be connected to the backbone area (area 0), in order to communicate each other. Inter area routing will through the backbone area (area 0). 683 more words


OSPF Default Route

With this simple topology of 2 Cisco routers, we will configure default route in OSPF.

The scenario is interface loopback 0 on R1 ( will not advertised into OSPF, R2 will reach it through the default route. 626 more words