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In this lab you will be configuring EIGRP and OSPF.  After that you will make sure the routing table is using the OSPF routes for routing. 201 more words


Configuring Cumulus Linux High Availability Layer 2 Network (Part 2)

Hi everyone, I’m going to continue where we left off. In the last post we configure,

  • MLAG in our spine and leaf switches
  • Bridge as a VLAN-aware bridge…
  • 851 more words

Configuring Cumulus Linux High Availability Layer 2 Network (Part 1)

Hi everyone, today I am going to do a lab configuration on one of the validated design from Cumulus Linux  which is the data center layer 2 high availability. 1,178 more words


OSPF Database

Here we’re learn how to read the OSPF LSD on a Cisco router.

Router LSAs (Type 1)

List all of a router’s links and their state. 213 more words

IP Routing

GNS3, OSPF Single Area pada Mikrotik

Pada Mikrotik, untuk membuat interface loopback bisa menggunakan interface bridge(tanpa port) kemudian assign ip loopback pada interface brigde tersebut. 1,132 more words


Summary ASB Type4 LSA Part-2 (NSSA)

As we continue our series on Summary ASB LSA 4 we look at LSA4 in NSSA(Not-s0-Stubby-Area).

we all know that the stubby area allows only Router LSA( type1 LSA), network LSA(type2 LSA) and the Summary LSA ( type3 LSA) , the only difference in NSSA is, it allows and generates… 614 more words


All about Summary ASBR LSA4

Why do we need LSA4? Who generates it? Does it get generated with in Area 0? Do you always need LSA4? Can you reach the external network without LSA4? 875 more words