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OSPF Forwarding Address including NSSA- PART 1

So back to OSPF again , this time i am going deal with Forwarding address and why we need forwarding address ,what are the advantages of it and what happens in NSSA ? 1,343 more words


Comware7: OSPF over IP Unnumbered Ethernet

This is a feature that seems to exist already for a while in Comware 7 (it works even in Simware, which is pretty old by now), but I just discovered it recently: IP unnumbered interfaces on Ethernet with OSPF point-to-point links. 1,226 more words


OSPF LSA Types - Purpose and Function of Every OSPF LSA

OSPF LSA types explained with the help of network diagrams and examples. Covering LSA1, LSA2, LSA3, LSA4, LSA5, LSA6, LSA7, LSA8, LSA8, LSA10 & LSA11. 6 more words

What is Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)?


OSPF is a Link-State, hierarchical, classless routing protocol that was developed by Cisco as a replacement of RIP. It has Administrative Distance of 110. It is also compatible with non-Cisco devices.

OSPF Adjacency MTU Mismatch

Did you know that OSPF neighbors do not move to FULL with mismatched MTU?

I found this out at the weekend when I was working on some Data Centre switches, within the fabric these switches use jumbo MTU. 166 more words


Konsep Memisahkan Jalur Paket Upload dan Download dengan Manipulasi Cost Matrik OSPF

Dari gambar diatas, kita akan memisahkan jalur pengiriman paket download dan upload dari PC0 ke Laptop0, garis warna biru merupakan jalur pengiriman paket upload sedangkan garis warna orange merupakan jalur pengiriman paket download. 291 more words


Konsep Load Balancing Deliver Paket dengan OSPF Memanfaatkan Manipulasi Cost Metrik

Dari topologi diatas, yang kita inginkan adalah PC0 menuju Laptop0 melalui Router0, dimana Router0 memiliki 2 jalur untuk menuju Laptop0 yaitu melalui Router1 dan Router2. 181 more words