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Understanding OSPF Opaque LSAs

Hello people, I am back this week from where I left off…will talk about OSPF LSA Type-10 here. Everything written in the RFC is beyond the scope of this blog, so I will try to give you a basic understanding theoretically as well as practically (Lab examples) like I do with every blog. 878 more words


OSPF LSA Type 3,4,5 Explained

Hi Everybody. Hope you are in the pink of your health, as you are trying to learn more and more about Networking.
As a rewind, please go through… 887 more words


Konsep OSPF

OSPF adalah link-state routing protocol. Link-state routing protokol cara kerjanya mirip dengan sistem navigasi. Dalam sistem navigasi, sistem tersebut harus mengetahui seluruh wilayah yang ada baru dia bisa menentukan rute terbaik untuk menuju ke suatu tempat. 344 more words


OSPF Router and Network LSAs

Hello people, hope you are all doing great! We will do a deep-dive into LSAs and SPF runs of OSPF in the next few posts. I have decided to divide the topics into multiple posts so that we can understand and easily retain information from each one. 925 more words


OSPF Immediate Hello

Hello everybody, today we will talk about OSPF Hello packets. Wait! Before you go away from here dismissing this as the most elementary thing in the networking world, give me a minute or two to get you understand what specifically we will deal with in this post. 479 more words


OSPFv3: Differences between OSPFv2 and OSPFv3

OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 share many concepts however here are the major differences between the two protocols:

  • OSPFv3 is configured using interface commands, to enable an interface for a particular area and begin sending/receiving OSPF packets all you configure is…
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