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OSPF Cost/Metric

E1 & E2 are external route types.
E2 have a default metric is 20 and it will not change or increment this value along a path. 119 more words


OSPF – stub area

This is second post about OSPF and today I will review how stub area behaves comparing to normal area (from previous post).

In this scenario R6, R7 and R8 can’t reach R10’s prefixes because LSA5 is not allowed withing a stub area. 639 more words


OSPF - normal (non-backbone) area

I decided to review what I know about OSPF areas and what types of LSA are exchanged inside each type of areas. The first one is a normal area (not the backbone one). 680 more words


EIGRP VS OSPF Convergence

Different answer on EIGRP and OSPF convergence time:

1. I think you can configure both to converge extremely fast, but if I had all Cisco routers, I would prefer EIGRP because of it’s flexibility regarding the design. 892 more words



DR – designated router in multi access network topology act as collector and distributor for LSAs. A BDR – backup designated router is elected in case the designated router fails. 361 more words



Type 1 LSA: (Router) – Every router generates router link advertisements for each area to which it belongs. Router link advertisements describe the state of the router links to the area and are flooded only within that particular area. 1,189 more words


Reading OSPF Database Details

By using the show ip ospf database we can look at the LSDB and we can see the type 1 router LSAs, type 2 network LSAs and the type 3 summary LSAs here. 337 more words