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All birds – from the tiny hummingbird to the giant albatross – have the same basic feather groupings.

There are four basic wing shapes and all birds fall into a semblance of one of the four configurations. 318 more words


Photos from 05-02-15 - Connecticut (Day One)

How much wildlife can you fit into one day?  Apparently quite a bit!

I have selected my favorite shots from the entire day (including previous posts), which created the largest gallery I’ve ever shared in a single post.  168 more words


Chick fitted with satellite tag

The main nest osprey chick is very settled and growing quickly. It will only be a matter of time before this chick will fledge from the nest and begin to explore the area around the Tweed Valley. 589 more words



This morning at 5:56 AM, Jesse sustained himself 1-2 feet above the nest for 10-12 seconds.


Week # 7 Ends. The boys are looking good.

“The boys are looking good,” thought the Doctor.

David and Jessie appear to be strong and healthy, right on schedule in their development.

“Those are healthy looking babies you’ve got,” thought the Doctor. 201 more words


More from Week # 7 (Day # 42 - 49)

The highest quantities of food are brought to the nest once the nestlings are 40 days old. Ozzie is bringing up to 6 fish to the nest per day.   155 more words


Week # 7

“Get ready for some action,” said the Doctor.

For those of you that have been with us for more than a year, you will remember this time last year when Tweedy, a single day from taking flight, was tossed into the sea by hurricane Arthur. 115 more words