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“Something’s not right,” said Jesse.

Abigail had the same feeling.  She felt a restlessness, a need to move.

“Where the heck is everyone, anyway?”  She continued. 243 more words


Empty Nest

The Doctor

“Ozzie left Friday; Harriett left Saturday.” said the Doctor.

The three juveniles are about to begin their rough, harsh adult lives, that which makes life beautiful. 341 more words


Osprey’s Redeemed

I couldn’t get this video to upload properly, but enjoy if you care to click on the link. Sorry about the swaying of my kayak, but there’s no way around it. 79 more words


Ospreys Rugby BLK 2015/16 Home & Away Shirts

Given all the Lions they lost in 2014, nobody really fancied the Ospreys to be anything other than dreadful last season, but by Christmas they were top of the table, and while they only finished third in the Pro12 ultimately, they confounded expectations and showed that the future is definitely bright for this season. 1,074 more words


Preening, Preening and More Preening

Preening feathers is an important activity for many birds especially aquatic birds.. Birds rub their bill against an oily sac at the base of the upper tail feathers, called a “preen gland,” and distribute oil over their feathers. 71 more words


What has happened to FX9?

Concerns are growing for the juvenile osprey (FX9), that fledged a few weeks ago from the main nest. The bird took off and there have not been any confirmed sightings of him at the nest site since. 627 more words


What to Expect Next - Fledgling to Miration

“Jesse appears to have left us early,” remarked Harriett.  “I have not seen him for a week.”

“Abigail is spending all her time with us at the Taj Mahal.   266 more words