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Schrödinger the Cat

“Arf!” barked Cleo.  “Arf Arf!”  (Marley’s retort).

“Alert barks!” realized the Doctor.

There was either a mouse in the house, or a cat or a rat. 167 more words


The Doctor Worries

Every few days Harriett reports her location. I thirst for her messages not just with interest, but with relief to learn she has completed another leg of the trip. 78 more words


Ozzie spent his Winter

Ozzie spent his winter cruising up and down the Amazon River.  The Amazon River cuts a path across the continent of South America; it makes its way through Brazil, Colombia and Peru. 169 more words


Harriett's Wintering Ground

The Santo Antônio Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Madeira River. It is part of a planned four power plant Madeira river hydroelectric complex.  387 more words


The Santo Antônio Dam


Harriet has left her South American wintering ground. As you read these words, she is in mid migration. She will travel over 2000 miles in the next 2 weeks anxiously, excitedly, anticipating arriving behind the Doctor’s giant nest to see what she knows is the Doctor’s latest effort to provide her with the best of all nesting sites. 25 more words


The Beginner

The Doctor had “BEGINNER” written across his forehead. He ran to the bathroom mirror to see if it was so; and it was so. Like a flashing strobe light, it hurt the Doctor’s eyes, and you know he didn’t like it. 269 more words