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[Friday Map] Scart's Descent

Introduced earlier this week, Lord Scart of the Hemron Coalition was a name-level fighter who took over a series of insanely meandering and twisting goblin warrens and converted them into his base of operations known as… 188 more words


[Tuesday Map] Scart's Hall

In a departure from the norms of dungeon development (where foul goblinoids and monsters invade the subterranean works of other races), Lord Scart of the Hemron Coalition took over a series of crudely-cut but extensive goblin warrens and spent twelve years with a large team of engineers and sappers to establish Scart’s Hall. 105 more words


[Friday Map] Redstone Shrine (with time lapse video)

One thing with running the classic “Dwellers of the Forbidden City” module – there’s a lot of opportunity to draw up ruined and partially ruined temples and other buildings to scatter throughout the area as most of it is presented from above at a scale of 50 feet per square. 178 more words


Exploding Wizard Syndrome!

Thanks to Dungeon Crawl Classics, I experienced something I hadn’t realized I had been wanting for the last 35 years… This weekend, I had one of my characters die from casting a spell. 200 more words


[Tuesday Map] Floridungeon

A while back someone commented on how many of my recent dungeon maps were distinctly bound by the limits of the page (that is to say, they were quite square or rectangular in overall design). 122 more words


[Friday Map] The Dawnflow Bridges (with time lapse video)

Small and simple maps can often produce about one evening of play when you incorporate travel times, investigation and research and a few good twists and encounters once at the location in question. 369 more words


PrinceofNothingReviews: A Red and Pleasant Land, Part V: Undo Previous Event or A Desert Called DnD

And so we arrive at the final conclusion of this grand magnus opus, previous parts of which may be viewed to the reader’s delight here, … 2,074 more words