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Copycat: d10 Benefits for LotFP Fighters

Justin Stewart has released a D10 Fighter Advancement Table for LotFP on his blog . I like the idea of giving a fighter a bit more options than just „+1 to attack“, although this already is a mighty and powerful benefit. 387 more words


OPS: Nightmare at the Inn

Back at the inn, the quintessential starting point for many, many old school D&D adventures. Especially in my campaign. This week, we used an easy play on words to take a classic monster, invent a new counterpart for it, and throw them both at the players. 68 more words


The Halls of Taqash Thesk

One thing you saw in a number of classic D&D adventure modules were crazy long hallways to break parts of the dungeon apart. Part of it was so we could have more wandering monsters. 195 more words


[Review] Towers Two (Lotfp); To Out-Raggi Raggi

Man my search engine hits are going to take a turn for the worst. Towers Two is an adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 4-6 by the lamentably deceased Dave Brockie, lead singer of GWAR and posthumously finished by Joe Bittman (Dungeon Alphabet). 1,677 more words

Buried at Sea

Some people put a lot of effort into their tombs. Others get left in a niche, sometimes still in the same clothes they died in. In the case of one matriarch of the elven line of Tehnadi a tomb in the form of the hold of her favourite ship was cut out of the stone in her honour. 115 more words


OPS: Yarin's Farm

The second of our old-school scenarios, Yarin‘s Farm is a short adventure for low-level adventurers. While the adventure may seem innocuous on reading, it’s up to the GM to use the atmosphere of the setting to create a sense of horror: the community has been brought to heel by something seemingly everyday, and the sewers and dark and dripping. 82 more words


[Review] F3 Many Gates of the Gann (AD&D 1e 3pp); The Sincerest form of Flattery

Many Gates of the Gann by Guy Fullerton of Chaotic Henchman is that rarest of rare OSR, a product that perfectly captures the spirit of classic modules like… 1,278 more words