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Artifact: Map of the Wilderlands

One of the wonderful things about buying used RPG stuff is finding artifacts left behind by other gamers.

This was inside the cover of the City State of the Invincible Overlord book. 37 more words


Uogralas, City of the Frogs

Some cities just stink. Built over drained swampland and mostly relying on surface sewers, Uogralas is unfortunately one of the smellier urban centres of the land. 219 more words


Reviews of Forgotten Kings

The first review of Shadows of Forgotten Kings is in, and it dragged Gus from Dungeon of Signs out of self-imposed retirement to write it! 204 more words


Oratory of the Eleventh Blessing

Up in the Fox Hills is a small monastic order. They make mead and honey, study liturgical texts, and commune with their god of the harvest. 249 more words


[Review] Liberation of the Demon Slayer (OSR); A Hot Mess

Liberation of the Demon Slayer (2013)
Venger Satanis (Kor’Thalis Publishing)
0-1 Levels
In no way whatsoever suitable for DCC uh I mean (((DCC)))

Back after a small break and damn have I got something for your sorry eyes today. 3,099 more words

Perilous Adventures With Zweihänder

By Anthony “LibrariaNPC” DeMinico, 13 June 2018

While I like to consider myself relatively well-read with tabletop games, there is on genre that has been a glaring weakness for me: 3,156 more words


Weird Alchemical Ingredients

So a player in my Dungeon Crawl Classics game wants potions and other cool stuff but he knows that his character is as dumb as a rock. 52 more words

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