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Hritlà, The Smugglers' Cove

On the mysterious southern continent there are two competing colonies from the major powers in the north – Linyar√≥ (which I posted a map of previously… 308 more words


Optional Rules for LotFP Clerics

In the forums of lotfp.com, some folks discuss how to improve the cleric class. While I cannot side with the “does not hits as good as fighter” argument (NO class in lotfp has a higher to-hit-bonus as the fighter, as… 501 more words


Collapsed Tomb of Mosogret

The tombs of the Mosogret estate were among the structures collapsed and destroyed when the place was overrun by the forces of the city of Tuath and the dwarves of the EarthShip Krohku. 314 more words


Other people on "Veins of the Earth"

Hi everyone,

as my regular readers will already have noted, I started to delve into the material of Veins of the Earth. Others already did so before me, and the opinions and thoughts of two of them I would like to recommend. 127 more words


What to do with all those Lulu Codes?

Lulu is a great resource for small potato publishers and self-publishing authors to distribute printed book but buying full-price from Lulu is rather foolish, a little bit like paying for shipping on Amazon. 917 more words


Another review: Tomb of the Dragon's Heart

Not long ago I uploaded the adventure Tomb of the Dragon’s Heart written using the Labyrinth Lord system. Recently the adventure was reviewed by Bryce Lynch from… 299 more words

Dungeons & Dragons


I came across a bizarre article by DM David yesterday on Sandboxes with the click-baity title “Why Dungeons & Dragons Players Don’t Love Sandboxes as Much as They Think… 339 more words