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Party Mapper!

The last two games I played in I got to be the party mapper. This isn’t a role I push heavily in my own games as I often sketch out the map as we go when I’m GMing a game. 299 more words


New OSR adventure: Come to Daddy – part 2 of the Per Aspera Ad Inferi trilogy

“The battle with the barrow-draugr had taken the most of our energy, and we barely escaped with our lives. The gnome was sorely injured in the leg and everyone was frozen to the bone. 445 more words


[Friday Map] Hamel's Well

Many parts of the city are built up over the ruins of civilizations that claimed these lands in ages past. While some forget the roots of the city, others are forced to confront them on a daily basis. 315 more words


Various and Sundry

A few quick notes:

  • Sad news. The excellent Cincinnati gaming store Yottaquest, which I only recently discovered, has announced that they are closing at the end of the summer.
  • 348 more words

[Tuesday Map] The Badlands of Slate

A final map in my trilogy of experiments using the Squarehex mega hex mapping paper (as I write this again, I realize I have no idea what the actual name of this paper is…) 270 more words


The Forgotten Temple: Treasure Map

The players found this map in the griffon’s lair.

Dungeons & Dragons

[Friday Map] The Honeyed Forest

Today’s six mile hex connects to Tuesday’s map of Baraloba – sitting to the northwest of the Baraloba map. Again drawn as an “experiment” using the Squarehex big hex mapping paper. 234 more words