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Ransom and Flotsam

The city of Ransom is just about what you’d expect from a city with the name “Ransom”. It was built by pirates and raiders as a landing and repair site for their ships in unfriendly waters. 614 more words


Releasing the Kraken - Episode 1 - The Turning Tower

As long as Patreon pledged support remains above the $400 level, every month we are releasing one older map from the blog into the commercial license archives. 124 more words


[Map] Crimson Tide Tower

Lo, my first ever submission to the One Page Dungeon contest! No disclaimers about lack of time or artistic practice, just the adventure for ya. Please let me know what you think! 51 more words


[Review] Deep Carbon Observatory (OSR/Loftp); Great but unpolished

(Review contains spoilers, like any review worth reading)

DCO was recommended to me by the internet, an avid reader and close personal friend, tenfootpole bryce gave it a glowing review, my boss, several random passersby on the streets and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk devoted an entire season of The Wereld Draait Door solely to singing its praises, going so far as to barricade himself inside the studio and commit ritual self-immolation on a pile of what must be pretty rare hardcopies by now when the clamouring media big wigs had enough of yet another flagrant defiance of the original programming, which I think we can all agree is taking your love for elfgames a little bit too far. 1,978 more words


Sunken Ruins

Outside of the Yellow City proper is “the old city” – or more precisely the ruins thereof slowly sinking into the swamp. This particular map explores a building that is partially submerged because the much heavier and larger library behind it has fallen completely below the level of the streets bringing the rear end of this building down with it. 192 more words


Nightmare Keep

“Welcome to Nightmare Keep, one of the most demanding adventures your players will ever experience. The challenges awaiting within these pages are intended for only the most skilled, courageous, and resourceful heroes of the Forgotten Realms.

1,273 more words

This is Not a Real Review of Death & Taxes

Back at the end of February, Zach Glazar quite generously sent me a PDF version of Lesser Gnome’s new module, Death & Taxes, as a try before you buy.  563 more words