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The Lower Level of the MegaDelve

I just threw together this quick graphic that puts all the lower level maps from the MegaDelve into one place.

It should fit almost exactly on to three sheets of standard US letter sized paper at this size.


[MegaDelve] The Necropolis of Bryn Mynnyd

And we are back to the Dyson Mega Delve for those two last maps to complete “The Upper Levels”. This is map number 30 of 31 in the set, and once the last one goes up I’ll put together a page here on the blog that links to all of the maps as well as the node map to make it easier to navigate the whole thing. 286 more words


[Tuesday Map] Beneath Crovet's Tower

Not much is left of Crovet’s Tower. But the stairwell to the dungeons beneath was cleared of rubble by holy templars of the church seeking stolen relics a decade ago, and since then who knows what strange beasts (or worse – human cultists!) may have turned this into their home?


Parsantium at Gary Con

When I wrote Parsantium: City at the Crossroads, I wanted it to be used with ANY edition of D&D. The book is written and presented in a style similar to classic AD&D setting material and contains very little in the way of stats. 41 more words


Today's Event - 2015 Kious Ohio State Reformatory Group Shoot

by Cloud Orchid Magazine

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the Cloud Orchid Crew will not be attended OSR 2015.  Co-editor Bryan Thompson of Graffiti Photographic is currently transferring from his post in Afghanistan to a more hospitable post in Dubai.   60 more words


Dyson's Deck of Delves Proof of Concept

I’ve been fiddling with this idea for a while – instead of making new geomorphs in the classic style that I started drawing back in October of 2009 (almost six years ago!), I’ve been considering a different style that fits on a 2.5 x 3.5 inch card (being a standard poker card. 134 more words


[Friday Map] The Temple Complex Ruins

Ancient temples fallen to ruin hidden deep in the jungle. Sounds like the setup for any number of pulp adventures and one I haven’t drawn nearly enough of (although I’ve run a fair number of adventures over the years with this exact premise… or the “twist” of it being an ancient palace instead of a temple). 176 more words