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The 2016 Cartographic Review!

It has finally arrived – a collection of the many maps from last year of cartography on Dyson’s Dodecahedron!

(Buy Print Edition for $18.00 @ Lulu… 209 more words


A different take on OSR healing spells

Lamentations of the Flame Princess and some other OSR games suggest to use (slightly) alternate versions of our own world as backdrop for adventure games. This approach has a lot of advantages, as everybody is able to read up on a given area via… 688 more words


Lords of the Aldeiron Peaks

On the highest ridge of the Aldeiron Peaks, looking down over the city of Samlein is the holdĀ of those who call themselves the “Lords of the Aldeiron Peaks”. 192 more words


TRAVELLER: Out of the Box--Making a Character, Playing to Find Out

Obviously, it is possible for a player to generate a character with seemingly unsatisfactory values; nevertheless, each player should use his character as generated.

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TRAVELLER: Out of the Box--A Subsector Map and a Cluster

A Subsector Map:

The lines between worlds are chartedĀ space lanes generated with the 1977 rules. These are navigational routes allowing a starship to travel safely from one system to another without the Generate program. 712 more words

PrinceofNothingReviews: Dungeon of the Unknown (Lotfp); Outlines & Hen-scratchings of greatness

Dungeon of the Unknown is Geoffry Mckinney’s follow up on his troublesome and strange Isle of the Unknown weird/mythological sandbox. The glades and pines of a bizarre, faded Atlantis are traded in for a minoan labyrinth, inhabited by all manner of strange, often nonsensical inhabitants. 1,210 more words

[SHA] Codes of Conduct

Time for another release. This time I leave the post-apocalypse and the weird realms of dark-fantasy behind me for a while to enter the Kingdom of Vanilla Fantasy in order to release… 433 more words