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Modification: Cryopods

Cryopods are an efficient means to increase a ship’s transport capability without taxing life support systems or requiring additional supplies.  Many military vessels employ cryopods to carry replacement crews, in case of excessive casualties.  170 more words


The Devil's Pit

Pincara I, an airless void of a pimple on the ass end of the Apocalypse Rim, orbits a waning star.  It is home to a private prison, officially known as the Pincara Penitentiary, but more infamously known as the Devil’s Pit. 180 more words


[Friday Map] Further Explorations into Castle Gargantua

Last month I indicated that I was drawing maps for Kabuki Kaiser’s next book – Castle Gargantua. The trick about these maps is not only are they gridded, they represent areas where the squares are 60 feet across instead of the normal 10 feet per square for old school play or 5 foot squares for new school play. 150 more words


Hand Nuke

Hand Nuke Hand Nukes are particularly dangerous explosive devices of unknown alien construction.  They are nearly twice as heavy as standard grenades, and thus cannot be thrown as far.  36 more words


Charisma: Reaction Adjustment

As part of my ongoing adventures and dealing with new players asking hard questions, one such stumbling point has come across that I’m sure many people have looked at quizzically. 627 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

The Complete Exquisite Corpse Dungeon

Last week I showed off my slice of Roger Thorm’s Exquisite Corpse Dungeon project. (shown again below)

But now the whole thing has been revealed in all its glory! 20 more words


Doom of the Dreadstar

Doom of the Dreadstar is a short White Star adventure for level 3-ish characters.  The PCs receive a mysterious distress signal from a doomed pirate ship.  74 more words