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Dungeons and Depression Part 1: Kiel Chenier

Note: A while back, when I shuttered the original incarnation of Penetralia, I vowed to re-publish the series of interviews I’d been conducting with various game designers in my circles and to complete the ones I had yet to publish. 3,722 more words

Dungeons And Depression

Some little structure maps

I occasionally draw maps of structures that are small enough that I feel awkward posting them as maps to the blog (mainly because I don’t want to feel like I’m short changing my patrons). 254 more words


The Hidden Tomb

Many celebrated the death of the Warlord of Atun. Many others feared that he would not remain interred for long and sought to destroy and desecrate his remains. 249 more words


Torchlight Fantasy RPG Now Available

You’ve volunteered to enter the ancient ruins, delve into dank dungeons and explore vast caverns, to recover the lost artifact, hunt down the monster that’s preyed on travelers and townsfolk alike, and thwart the foul machinations of the undead warlock.  82 more words

Role Playing Games

Dark Albion: Cults of Chaos, a quick review

As a heavy user of the Cultist  template from  DF15, I find this gaming supplement  wery useful. It is chock-full  of thematic woodcuts, and even has art by my friend Jack Badashski   (see his other products   103 more words


The Village of Kith

Village maps are eternally useful – they seem to be the standard for beginning adventures, providing a place of refuge, commerce, and intrigue without overloading the players with thousands of NPCs to interact with. 199 more words


Release The Kraken! The Temple Complex Ruins

Every month that we are over the $400 funding mark on Patreon, I put up a list of eight maps for patrons to vote on. 378 more words