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Dungeon Delver’s Survival Sale

Greetings, Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great weekend and enjoying everything October has to offer.  This week we have another great sale for you.  86 more words

Role Playing Games

Alpha Blue by Venger Satanis, Review by Kurt R.

Think of this as “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” on Sci-Fi steroids.

This PDF is a Rule-set and Campaign Setting for a space station that cruises the galaxy offering Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll.  619 more words


The Spiral Crypt

“They” say that the restless dead get confused by corners and curves. Thus they make their crypts into convoluted spirals and in some cases interlocking circles to confuse the restless dead and force them to remain underground, away from the living. 299 more words


Did we see progress?

Trigger warning: Online harassment in the tabletop role-playing community.

Three-month check-in

In late July, Mark Diaz Truman posted a reflection on his company blog (Magpie Games) about a perceived conflict in tabletop role-playing sub-communities, followed by a… 213 more words


The Krisdithas Estate & Ballroom

The Krisdithas Estate is one of the best-pedigreed upper-class homes in the city. While it has changed hands a few times in its long history, it has always been to rich families with the bluest of bloodlines and long stories of money, corruption, influence and dark secrets. 311 more words


The Covers for My Classic Traveller Binder

A quick and simple post. But it has weight for me.

I build binders for my games, holding notes, ideas, rules reference sheets, and more. I grab art off the internet and create something that gets me focused and in the mood. 115 more words