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Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Permanent Character Folder

This is an awesome flashback / forward for me.

Back in the late 70’s TSR put out a lovely four-page character “folder” for AD&D. The style was very similar to the famous “goldenrod” character sheets except these were printed on thicker white paper stock, with blue ink on two sheets and black on the other two, and the border extends all around the sheet instead of on three of four sides. 131 more words


Teaser: Come To Daddy – new OSR adventure for Blood & Treasure and Swords & Wizardry

Finally the sequel to “No Country For Weak Men” is doing serious progress. And here I present the adventure’s cover with art by David Lewis Johnson… 252 more words


[MegaDelve] The Crypts

We head back to the top-left side of the Dyson Mega Delve node map for the next three maps (although the last of the three may be delayed by a week or two as I post commercial-licensed maps at the beginning of March – see below for more information). 391 more words


The Secret of Bone Hill

“Danger lurks in the Lendore Isles. Bands of evil creatures prowl the hills overlooking the town of Restenford, seeking unwary victims.”

-The Secret of Bone Hill, front cover…

937 more words

[MegaDelve] The Giant Citadel - South

Giant Citadel – South (with grid)

Today we return to (and complete) the Giant Citadel. There’s a valley in the mountains that is avoided by sensible people and even adventurers (who are notoriously not in the sensible category most of the time) because it is home to a Stone Giant warlock of immense girth and supposedly immense power. 256 more words


Hadramkath - a lovely dwarven city map

The Mega Delve is nearing completion, but some people are already taking the pieces of it and adapting them to their own games.

Look at this piece of beauty put together from two of the maps of the Dwarven City by… 75 more words


Owen's Mine Variations

I drew Owen’s Mine sometime around June of 2011.

Wait… 2011? I’ve been blogging here for a while, eh?

Anyways, yeah, Owen’s Mine. It was inspired by a game of How to Host a Dungeon that I played where the kobolds had their base of operations just beside the human mines, without any actual connection between the two. 72 more words