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Senior Named Intel Semifinalist for Impressive Work in Chemical Engineering

By Hannah Lachow

The Intel Science Talent search is one of the most prestigious science competitions out there for high schoolers. Around 1,800 distinguished applicants submitted their original science projects, and Griffin Williamson ’16 was selected for his remarkable work in chemical engineering. 161 more words


TRAVELLER: Out of the Box: Why I'm Not Fond of Rolling Against of Characteristic Throws

In the comments of the previous posts on Traveller Skills, Christopher Thrash wrote:

One important insight in the classic Traveller skill set is what’s missing: there are no knowledge skills.

2,356 more words

In the Dungeons of the Googly Lords

I was doing some house cleaning and getting ready for an upcoming move (oh, I dread the very concept of moving… but lower rent, bigger place, more convenient location… pretty much makes up for the effort involved) when I came across several bags of googly eyes which I haven’t used in at least a couple of months. 118 more words


Open Source Roleplaying

A recent (private) thread from +Stacy Dellorfano and an ensuing comment from +Kiel Chenier got me thinking about what I like about these older, simpler rulesets. 291 more words


Can you play Dungeons & Dragons without Minis?

The question arises because some commenters at File770 brought up that minis were unnecessary, and one pointed out that to his kids “Old School” meant “that the game not be bogged down in setting up miniatures/toy soldiers or taking long breaks in the action to consult the rules”. 322 more words


The Roadside Fortress

Roadside Fortress (with grid)

Most borders remain generally undefended, with the occasional watch tower near primary points of interest. But there are always places where it just makes sense to set up a small fortification along major trade routes and roads leading in and out of your domain. 300 more words


Fallen World Campaign [LotFP]–Seventeenth Session

The third session of Scenic Dunnsmouth, the first big fight of the game. Pulled out the battle map and cardboard figures.

The killed Magda (infected) last week. 847 more words