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Chambers of the Vanished Queen

We hadn’t seen the Queen of Isthen for seven days and seven nights, and thus we finally braved her ire and broke down the doors to her quarters. 77 more words


Official Dungeons & Dragons Colouring Book

I knew today was the release date for the new official Dungeons & Dragons coloring book (you wouldn’t believe how hard it is for me to spell it that way… “coloring” with the poor u just dropped from the word). 328 more words


My Private Jakalla (Map 1A)

In the classic Empire of the Petal Throne setting, the original author and man behind the scenes (Professor Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker) ran a huge megadungeon under the main city of the setting (Jakalla). 265 more words


The Tube Car Station

This map is a companion to the map of the Octagonal Station that I posted back in May. The Octagonal Station at first feels like an old temple of some kind, but at the back of the structure is an old elevator that goes deep underground. 263 more words


An OSR Forum Makes a Subsector

Over at the The Ruins of Murkhill forum, a group of dedicated Old School players have taken it upon themselves to build a subsector with the 1977 edition of original… 221 more words