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OSR Teaser! Rogues of Remballo

Do you like OSR games? Do you like city crawling and intrigue? If so, here’s a little OSR teaser for you. Frog God Games will be publishing a new city based adventures for 1st level characters in the coming weeks. 157 more words


[Tuesday Map] The Architect's Dungeon (working with the Dungeon Architect Cards)

In March of this year I backed a Kickstarter for “Dungeon Architect Cards” because I was in the consideration phase for the Dyson’s Deck of Delves project. 466 more words


Enchanter Class for Labyrinth Lord and OSR Games – Review by Kurt Roesener

This is the first product by Brett Slocum and his newly created Welsh Bard Games and is offered as PWYW with a suggested price of $1.00; with additional commentary by James Spahn and Ian Borchardt… 183 more words


[Friday Map] The Lost Base

Sir James sought out an underground military headquarters from which he could command troops and maintain an eye on logistics but also be out of sight when needed. 335 more words


Saving Throws

Saving Throws in 2e have largely been based off of your class, with a general dump for save vs Magic to catch all other things that don’t apply to anything specific. 839 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

[Tuesday Map] Temple Complex Ruins of the Forbidden City

As my D&D5e campaign continues in the titular city at the heart of of the classic 1981 module “Dwellers of the Forbidden City”, I find myself drawing out maps of more and more structures from said ruins. 176 more words


[Friday Map] A Green and Pleasant Map

A companion piece to the Red and Pleasant Map I posted on Tuesday, this map was inspired by the gardens of Voivodja. A city block-sized chunk of city, surrounded by streams with a few bridges connecting it to its neighbours. 280 more words