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Home of the Master

A powerful and evil spellcaster, “The Master” has ensconced himself near the middle of a city full of monsters and humanoids that serve him at some level or another. 285 more words


Using Original TRAVELLER Out of the Box--Symera Subsector at Dragon's Breakfast

The premise of the Traveller: Out of the Box series is that the original Traveller rules were a framework to allow a Referee to create his or her own settings to share with friends.

896 more words

The Wreck of the Wight's Shadow

In the ruckus during and after last week’s incredible storm, it went almost unnoticed that a local pirate sloop, the Wight’s Shadow, went under. Not lucky enough to run ashore in the storm, Walford ‘Two Toes’ Shelley’s sloop ran into the reefs where she was badly holed, and sank. 276 more words


TRAVELLER: What The Traveller Adventure had to Say About Throws in Classic Traveller

Several months ago Mike Wightman pointed me to pages 28 and 29 of The Traveller Adventure (1983). On these pages the writers lay out how to use the “playing pieces” including in… 1,312 more words

Fallen World Campaign [LotFP]–Twenty-Fourth Session

We picked up the game with the Player Characters leaving earth via a magical ship and heading off the shore of the Qelong Valley on an alternate earth. 570 more words

Old School Revival +5 Bundle!

The latest OSR bundle is here from the Bundle of Holding. Grab your 2016 Cartographic Review and a pile of awesome stuff including Gathox, Dragon Kings, Nightmares Underneath, Mortzengersturm, 3 Red Tide books, & more! 7 more words


Minimalist & Rules-Light Games

Wow; massive post today. I think I’ve had this one brewing for a while… It’s mostly rambling and I honestly don’t know who the intended audience is. 1,077 more words