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[Friday Map] Tavistock Manor

Again with the compass-derived maps this month, I bring you Tavistock Manor. A three-story manor house that seems perpetually for rent on the north side of the city. 119 more words


Planetary Transmission Issue #1

I recently picked up a PDF version of a new White Star ‘zine called Planetary Transmission (PDF available here), by Leviathan Publishing.  Included are a couple of new classes (the Star Seer and Star Pilot), a new alien threat (The Dreg), a couple of new starships, a light-weight skill system, options for enhancing armor (rocket packs and what-not), and a few additional optional rules and random tables.  55 more words


D&D with kids: Goblin Gully

Last night, I played D&D for the first time in months – probably the first time in 2015 – and I did so with my kids. 1,329 more words


[Tuesday Map] Lady White's Ruins

I often feel that dungeons should be damp, deserted, half-collapsed things. Thus we have Lady White’s Ruins – an old hillside structure, long ago razed by the marching forest army, and the structures that had been cut into the stone behind the ruins. 251 more words


POI: Research Station Copernicus

Reports from the remote fringes of the Apocalypse Rim indicate the sudden appearance of a long-lost scientific research space station – the ISS Copernicus.  The Copernicus orbited a star thousands of light years distant from the Apocalypse Rim, along the receding borders of the Old Empire.  272 more words


Hamel's Well Revisited

Something was really off about the elevations of Hamel’s Well – the map I posted on July 3rd. I had intended to add stairs in a few specifics, but forgot to put them in before I scanned the map and didn’t notice the mess-up until it was pointed out to me later. 43 more words


Christmas in July

For the next six days, it is the “Christmas in July” sale at RPGnow / OneBookShelf. A whole pile of cool stuff is for sale during this event, including of course the PDFs of… 69 more words