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Borderland Provinces: a Review

About a month ago, I entered a contest for Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day by writing a blog entry, and recently I received a free PDF copy of Frog God Games… 752 more words


The Octagonal Station

In the Empire of the Petal Throne setting, there is an ancient planetary transit system dug deep underground that links into the underworlds of many major cities and to some places unknown except to those who have ridden within the tube cars that travel this system. 450 more words


TRAVELLER: Out of the Box--The Distant, Isolated Worlds of Original Traveller

Let’s talk about Jump technology and its impact on the implied setting of the original (Books 1-3) Traveller game.

As originally conceived, Traveller is about “travellers” going from one world to the next. 830 more words

TRAVELLER: Out of the Box--Notes on the Personal Combat System

Following up on Omer Joel’s excellent post about Complexity Creep, Modifier Creep, and Scale Creep, I had some thoughts about Classic Traveller’s very (very) abstract personal combat system and its place in roleplaying game design at the time of its release in 1977. 1,047 more words

[Review] Weird New World (Loftp); A bland and reference land.

Do you hear that? That is flames and fire on the horizon. The war drums and the changing of the old guard, corrupt, treasonous and incompetent, its final hour come round at last. 974 more words


Wet passages beneath White Crag

In the side of Merman’s Bluff beneath White Crag Fortress there is a small entrance into the rocky crag with a worked stone wharf leading into the dark choppy waters. 228 more words


White Crag Fortress

No more than a generation ago did Hender, Warlord of the Two Realms, build the white fortress at the end of Merman’s Bluff. A small and fiercely held chunk of white granite looking over the dark and choppy seas where once the local fisherfolk made deals with the merpeople of the Octopus Kingdom. 308 more words