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A Great Post About the Value of Skills in Original Traveller

Over at The Den of the Lizard King, another great post about Traveller. This one tackling skills:

The first thing to remember is that Traveller characters are competent.

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Mapvember 21 through 30

Not only did I end up finishing the whole Mapvember thing, I managed to get all 30 maps done in the 30 days (although at two points I fell behind, once by two days – by the 30th I was done with 30 maps drawn). 386 more words


The Violet Beacon - the Lodestar of Amaranthine Regrets

Jutting out into Green Shallows Lake is an abutment of grey stone capped with an improbable 320 foot tall spire of yellow stone – the Lodestar of Amaranthine Regrets. 484 more words


Ye ol´mad monk

Sometimes, you want something weird. In a roleplaying game, there are many things that are to be expected: a seemingly easy task will become complicated, a village full of overly friendly people who invite the PC to stay over night… 2,485 more words


An Appreciation -- and Warning -- About QELONG

Qelong is an amazing piece of RPG work. It is a rich setting, with plenty of weird dangers, conflicting factions, mysteries to unravel, and choices to be made about the plight of “others” you have no investment in. 314 more words

Fallen World Campaign [LotFP]–Nineteenth through Twenty-First Session (Or: How The Lamplighters found a ship to sail to different worlds)

Not enough time in my life for a detailed recap. But that’s fine. The gist of the weirdness is all that’s needed.

Please see this preceding post and this preceding post for context. 1,974 more words

Release the Kraken - Behemoth Lookout!

Every month that Patreon funding remains over the $400 mark I sift through my back catalog and bring up a selection of maps that my patrons then vote on as to which will be released under the free commercial-use license. 495 more words