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Wouldn’t it be beautiful if all the best things in the world were free? Free as in freedom. Well, even that that’s not true, I still have good news: some things ARE free. 318 more words


The Armor of God (OSSETIC: Bible NT)


Ephesians (Эфесӕгтӕм) 6:10-18

10 Ӕппынфӕстаг, ме ‘фсымӕртӕ, удвидар кӕнут, Хицауимӕ кӕй стут, уымӕй, ӕмӕ Йӕ домбай хъаруйӕ.  

11 Уӕхи сифтонг кӕнут Хуыцауы хотыхтӕй, уӕ бон хӕйрӕджы мӕнгард миты ныхмӕ лӕууын куыд уа, афтӕ.  

12 Уымӕн ӕмӕ нӕ тох адӕймаджы ныхмӕ нӕу, фӕлӕ ӕнӕбуар ӕлдӕртты ӕмӕ барджынты ныхмӕ, ацы талынг дунейы хицӕутты ныхмӕ, уӕлдӕфы чи ис, уыцы фыдӕххӕссӕг удты ныхмӕ.  

13 Уый тыххӕй уӕхи сифтонг кӕнут Хуыцауы хотыхтӕй, цӕмӕй фыдбылызы бон куы ралӕууа, уӕд уӕм разына ныхмӕ ӕрлӕууыны хъару, фӕуӕлахиз уат ӕппӕтыл дӕр, ӕмӕ ма фӕцудат.

14 Уӕдӕ фидар лӕуут, уӕ астӕутӕ ӕрбалвасут ӕцӕгадӕй, уӕ уӕлӕ скӕнут рӕстады згъӕрхӕдон.  

15 Фидыды уац хъусын кӕнынмӕ цӕттӕдзинад уӕд уӕ къахыдарӕс.  

16 Кӕддӕриддӕр уӕм уӕд, хӕйрӕджы ӕппӕт судзгӕ фӕттӕ кӕмӕй ахуыссын кӕндзыстут, уый – уырнынады уарт.  

17 Ирвӕзындзинад уӕд уе згъӕрхуд, ӕмӕ райсут Уды лӕвӕрд цирхъ – Хуыцауы ныхас.  

18 Кӕддӕриддӕр кувут ӕмӕ курут Хуыцауы Удӕй разӕнгардӕй. Уый тыххӕй ут къӕрцхъус ӕмӕ ӕвӕллайгӕйӕ кувут ӕппӕт сыгъдӕджыты тыххӕй.


SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager Attends OSS Society Gala Washington DC

SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager a member of the OSS Society attended the annual OSS Society dinner in Washington DC which honored historical and current members of the U.S. 12 more words


A NATIONAL DISGRACE! Congress Disrespects WWII Veterans 

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff

A bill that would honor members of the World War II-era organization that was the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency as well as some of the U.S. 682 more words


We love Open Source!

Every single software developer talks about Open Source Software. They say, I love Open Source, Have you changed that program?, I’m installing Linux! But what the hell is Open Source?! 242 more words


Teaching myself math from the beginning

Awhile back I read a book called Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences by John Allen Paulos where they argue that a lack of understanding of numbers is just as detrimental as being unable to read or write. 503 more words


Integrate .NET Core, AppVeyor, OpenCover and Codecov

As a developer I need to take a good rest at night. In my line of work the only way to achieve it is using a integrated workflow pipeline, aka Source Code Management (SCM), Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) with some tools in the middle. 373 more words