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Moments in Magical Modernity: XIII


             When the winter snows have melted away, the trees warm and bud as their lifeblood begins to flow once more. The world begins to awaken. 214 more words


American Gods Season One Finale: Come to Jesus - Low Expectations make it Amazing

The eighth and final episode of American Gods first season has come and gone and, as much as we enjoyed it, we can’t help but feel underwhelmed.  1,024 more words

American Gods

Old Gods Vs the New

Context: TV Series “American Gods”, Season 1: There is a war brewing between the old Gods and the New gods. In the following, the Old Gods are represented by Wednesday, his accomplice Shadow Moon,  Easter.   580 more words

Series Issues: Finale Thoughts as American Gods Comes to Jesus

You should believe in spoilers coming your way.

American Gods might have been taking the last few weeks to set the stage and show you what world is it you are living in, but this week the cards get put in the table with  836 more words

Series Issues

Coming back

Well, it’s been a while.

I never decided to take a hiatus from blogging. Other things simply demanded my attention, and I let blogging slip by the wayside. 527 more words

Onward We Go Round the Spiral / Equinox Chant

Onward we go round the spiral,
touching darkness, touching light.
Twice each year we rest in balance…
Make choices on this night.
Make choices on this night.