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Not too bad days lately

Today is a lousy day… Not going to write anything about why, but I can say that I’ve been walking around all day with an anxious feeling in my chest, and a headache from an emotional overload. 498 more words


A spread for a spread

Recently, I briefly shared that I had created a spread for Ostara. In retrospect I should have given more detail about the spread itself. This is me rectifying that. 709 more words


Running on Empty

I’ve been MIA recently and missed some of my own deadlines here on the blog.  I’m still kicking, but the pain issues I mentioned in my last post lead into a horrible bout of insomnia which has left me suffering from mild exhaustion. 708 more words


Here Comes the Sun

Well we had the annual Spring Forward time change and the Spring Equinox this week and a full moon is coming.  The days are longer and the temperatures are warmer and all this sunlight has made the trees sprout their leaves.   414 more words

Ostara, or Easter?

Today, Easter are – for most of the people – connected to Christianity and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But the roots of this holiday lay nowhere else than in paganism. 410 more words

Random Thoughts

Spring, The Season of Rebirth

“In the spirit lands both Christmas and Easter are looked upon as birthdays: the first, a birth into the earth world; the second, a birth into the spirit world.   1,179 more words