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This Aries time started off with a Manic Rush, a burst of feeling, a reeling, sun kissed delight. Perhaps I feel even more, with this Aries New Moon. 980 more words


After the Equinox

Are you feeling any changes after the equinox?  I always begin to feel more energy and focus at this time.  Use this meditation to help with this transition.  495 more words

🐞 Ostara 2017 Newsletter 🐰

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Are you familiar with my Kokopelli Bee Free Newsletter?

Approximately every six weeks I am writing a newsletter with musings on a particular topic relevant to the current quality of time, with updates, and often also with a little video that initially appears exclusively in the newsletter (and, of course, on my… 178 more words

Wheel Of The Year

🐞 Ostara 2017 Newsletter 🐰

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Kennst Du eigentlich den Kokopelli Bee Free Newsletter?

Etwa alle sechs Wochen schreibe ich einen Newsletter mit Gedanken zu einem bestimmten Thema, welches zur entsprechenden Zeitqualität passt, mit Updates und oft auch einem kleinen Video, welches erstmals exklusiv im Newsletter (und natürlich auf meinem… 172 more words


Bright Ostara

This Ostara comes on the heels of an extremely trying winter.  A breakup, health issues, household stress, and the constant feeling that nothing I attempted to nurture would ever thrive made it almost impossible to focus on much of anything at a time of year that is generally when I’m the most productive.   478 more words


Preparing for the Healing Ritual

Healing Ritual for Deeply Rooted 2017 Ostara

Mindset / Intent

This ritual I have presented to you is a Healing Ritual.  There are elements of banishing mixed in as well to assist in the healing process. 1,255 more words


Resurrection ~ The Rebirth of Spring ~ Ostara's Personal Connection for Me

The Spring Equinox:  Ostara
(March 21)
The Goddess manifests her treasures in the material world, and Mother Earth marks this event with the emergence of plants and young animals, setting the stage once again for future harvests, both those of the physical world and those of the spiritual realm.  859 more words