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Pagan Book Study - Part 1

In my quest to learn more and start anew, I’m reading through the book Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by Joyce & River Higginbotham.  There are several areas in the book that contain exercises and questions for reflection, so I thought since I’m already writing these things out I might as well include my process here on my blog.  719 more words


Sabbat Crafts - Ostara

– Affirmation Eggs –

One of my most favourite sabbat activities is affirmation eggs (my take on a fortune cookie). The first time I made them was for a coven ritual I wrote back in 2012, those eggs were no where near as pretty as these ones they were just simply dyed with food colouring in a single colour. 339 more words

Grey Witch Craft

Ostara Paintings in the Works

It’s been too long between posts! Time to get back into the painting groove for me. I’ve been busy studying for my teacher credential tests, and that has been taking up a lot of time. 64 more words

Secular During the Holidays?

With Yule now past us and the new year approaching I thought I would touch on a, well, touchy subject; how can you be secular and still celebrate the holidays? 698 more words

Epsom Salt Bath Spells

As a bath witch you would not believe the power a salt bath can have on your body–no, I don’t mean that expensive dead sea salt (although that’s FANTASTIC for your skin), I’m talking about regular Epsom salts that you can find in little packages at the dollar store. 335 more words

"Napoleonic Blues" Proves that Ostara's Shadow Still Lingers as Dark and Erudite as Ever

“Even when I am gone, I shall remain in people’s minds the star of their rights, my name will be the war cry of their efforts, the motto of their hopes.” 1,385 more words