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Diary of Osteitis Pubis

I’ve been injured now for one year and two months, on reflection I think it began much further back than that. A GP, two sports medicine consultants, an MRI and I’m no further forward.   798 more words


7 weeks post surgery

I’m 7 weeks post surgery now! I go back to my surgeon in Hershey next week to get fresh Xrays and review my status.  I’m hoping that I will hop in there with my walker and finally be able to walk out without it.   406 more words

Osteitis Pubis

1 month down, 6 weeks to go!

I’m 4 weeks in now and time is actually flying by.  I guess I really only recall about 2 weeks of that since I really did lose about 2 weeks of my life right after surgery.   524 more words