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It's just the beginning...

Final exam. Final push. GET ME OUT OF HERE! I have my bags packed and I’m ready to hit the road. I’m ready to do anything that does NOT require the use of my “medical school” brain. 258 more words

The Human Body is Fascinating

One of the main reasons I was drawn to medicine is that I am enthralled by the human body. Every week —every day, actually —we learn something new that makes me think “oh, so that’s what that is!” or is directly applicable to my own anatomy and physiology. 447 more words


Usama H. Ghazi, DO

After his twin brother was hospitalized with kidney trauma when he was in the third grade, Usama H. Ghazi, DO, realized that he wanted to pursue a career in the field of medicine. 189 more words

Health Care


So the other day I received word that I was accepted to medical school. My first acceptance!!! Ahhhh the relief. Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences — a school that I could definitely see myself going to in Fall 2016 :) It’s weird… the feeling that everything you’ve worked for the past 3-4 years finally paid off and is over. 384 more words

Medical School

How Osteopathic Treatment Can Help Knee Injury

One of the most common complaints of athletes is knee injury. The knee includes bones, the meniscus, and ligaments which are prone to pain with vigorous physical activities. 196 more words

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Welcome to Med School

Welcome to my blog about my journey through my first year at Lincoln Memorial University’s Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine.   To start, I want talk briefly about how I got to LMU-DCOM. 372 more words


Peeking At Sydney Osteopathic Medicine’s Offerings

What Is Ostheopatic Medicine?

Osteopathic medicine is an alternative to allopathic medicine that differs in philosophy and purpose. Osteopathic medical schools give additional medical training in regards to muscular-skeletal manipulation, and have a unique “whole person” perspective on diagnosis, practice, and consultation. 403 more words

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