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Osteoporosis: Get up and move

1.5 million people suffer from fractures due to bone disease yearly.

Osteoporosis is the most common cause of fractures.

Osteoporosis causes the bone to become fragile and brittle, making it susceptible to fractures. 370 more words


Supplements for Bone Health and Support

Supplements for more robust bones include many nutrients and especially calcium, vitamin D3 and K2. Magnesium and trace nutrients are also crucial for fortifying bone health… 50 more words

Best Pills

Ride baby-get off and push! 

Got your attention didn’t I? I’m talking about this stationary bike! My dr wants me to do 30 minutes of “brisk” riding per day. 30 minutes- okay I got this. 311 more words


Don't give up!

Had to share this, from NY Post. This woman is 85, see how much she’s straightened out. I have read this story as a reminder that things that might seem irreversible, might not be. 42 more words


What happens in osteoporosis, exactly?

What is it?

Osteoporosis is a disease which is characterized by weak and brittle bones. It can get to the point where bones break even while doing things like coughing or bending over. 336 more words

Osteoporosis, Age, Parkinson's decrease dynamic balance and increase fall risk

Motor abilities influence an individual’s success in the performance of certain motor skills (Magill & Anderson, 2013). A motor ability of interest is dynamic balance, or the ability to maintain stability while one is in motion, as there is a strong correlation between poor balance and falls (although it is not the only factor), which are a large health concern among many populations (Ünlüsoy et. 803 more words


In a word: NO! Weightlifter uses rat poison

Extremes for Glory –  click here for article

Along the way, we have lost our grasp of so many foundational truths.

When I was growing up, the Olympics meant the ultimate individual pursuit of a seemingly impossible goal. 74 more words