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Does A Doctor Contemplate My Fate?

Well, indirectly, though they wont know about it at the time,yes, they will.

Assuming that the fairly obvious is correct, and after the bone density scan, they do decide that my issue with my back is osteoporosis related, there are a couple of fairly obvious supplements I could be given to try and ease, and hopefully cure the issue, to some degree at least. 614 more words


Tuesday Morning

I am writing right now because my right hand hurts too much to knit. Seriously, this is ridiculous. I am beginning to feel like Job. But Job was gracious and faithful when he said: 401 more words


PAP පරීක්ෂණය වගේම වැදගත් තවත් පරික්ෂණයක්.... (ටී අගය හා අස්ථිවල ධාරිතාව)

අස්ථිවල ඇතිවන විවිධ රෝග තත්ත්ව එක් තැන්වීම කෙරෙහි බලපායි.විශේෂයෙන්ම අස්ථි ක්ෂය වීමෙන් හටගන්නා ඔස්ටියෝපොරෝසිස් (osteoporosis) රෝගය නිසා අපේ වැඩිහිටි කාන්තාවන්ගෙන් බහුතරයක් එක් තැන්ව ඇත.

ඔස්ටියෝපොරොසිස් රෝගයට කාන්තාවන් මෙතරම් ගොදුරු වන්නේ ඇයි? 8 more words

Health Education

Are you taking care of 'dem bones?'

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.

Now hear the word of the Lord.

Those lyrics from an old spiritual have been running through my head since I started reading about osteoporosis and our bones. 404 more words

Weight-bearing Exercise

Madu Lebah Apis Dorsata Bisa Sebagai Obat Anti Osteoporosis

Gangguan osteoporosis sering diderita oleh masyarakat. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian yang dilakukan oleh mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan (FKH) Universitas Airlangga, diusulkan kepada penderita untuk mengonsumni madu lebah  407 more words

"What's The Best Type of Exercise to Avoid Osteoporosis?"

There’s a very clear winner here; an undisputed champion. Let’s start with a bit of history.

More than a hundred years ago, we understood the concept of bones becoming stronger in response to stress. 438 more words