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How's your musculo-skeletal health?

You can get a scan if you’re worried about your bone density but there’s an easier way to test your musculo-skeletal health:

One in three women and one in five men will suffer a fracture as a consequence of low bone density. 193 more words


Treating PMR/osteopenia with food

This is really to remind myself why I’m eating all this stuff. I know there are good reasons but there are so many I’m starting to forget them! 833 more words


What?! You're *STILL* breastfeeding?!

It would appear so! That’s normally what happens when my child is latched onto my breast.

If, like me, you’ve been asked this on numerous occasions you’ll know how difficult it is to answer politely. 586 more words


Nama Produk : Rebond Essence

Kod Produk : 10034
Kandungan : 500mg x 60 kapsul
No. Pendaftaran Kementerian Kesihatan : MAL11030124TR
Harga : RM242.00 (SP) 278 more words


Nose cartilage can help arthritic knees

Swiss researchers used cells from nose cartilage and grew them in a lab (with the help of growth hormone) to the point where they could be transplanted into knees of patients who had damaged cartilage. 113 more words


Bugger - a quick update

Okay. I got some results back yesterday. My blood test showed that my ESR was down from 46 to 9. This means that inflammation has gone down massively – normal is 20 or less. 282 more words