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National Osteoporosis Month

Dear Friends,

When I was approached and asked to write an article/blog Post on Osteoporosis in order to help draw awareness to the condition, at first I was excited to contribute, but then I went away on vacation, and relaxing in Spain with my daughter I began thinking more about it. 1,112 more words


Teeny Tiny Hospital Gown Disaster

So I go for my bone density scan today and the skinny radiographer chick tells me to get undressed and gives me a gown to put on. 329 more words


About your bones ...

May is Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month, a fact I only learned about late last week. And while the month is nearly over, awareness of this insidious, invisible, potentially devastating and even deadly disease is important all year ’round, not just in May. 607 more words


Strong Like Woman

One of the potential side effects of Early Menopause or POF/POS (Premature Ovarian Failure/Syndrome) is an increased risk in Osteoporosis.

Since being diagnosed with Early Menopause I have been monitoring my bone mineral density through a scan called a DEXA. 410 more words

Early Menopause

Wrist Fracture Treatment in Bangalore


A wrist fracture is actually a fracture in one of the two bones present in the forearm close to the wrist and is a very common injury. 498 more words

Manipal Hospitals

Beer is Good for You!

Now a lot of people love a drink every now and then, but some people like it a little too much. Let’s not let this article be misconstrued as an excuse to binge drink your favorite brew, absolutely nothing is good for you in excess. 315 more words


:: Teh Hitam Bantu Mengobati Osteoporosis ::

CNI DC715 – Ada kabar gembira untuk penderita osteoporosis, atau pengeroposan tulang. Peneliti Jepang menemukan teh hitam membantu mengobati penyakit yang menyerang para manula itu. 90 more words

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