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Jackson to present Osteoporosis 101 May 6th

TOMS RIVER –  The Jackson library branch, 2 Jackson Drive, will present “Osteoporosis 101,” a workshop about the bone disease, 2 p.m. Wednesday May 6. 112 more words

Preventing fractures is imperative for elderly

Ana Weisman takes Prolia, an injectable shot, twice a year. It helps to slow bone deterioration, crucial for preventing falls and fractures that might have dire consequences for an aging person. 705 more words


Fluoridated water

Following a recent blog on Birmingham’s fluoridated water supply, a thoughtful reader said she could not understand why hip fractures would increase when fluoride was accumulated, adding to bone mass. 693 more words


Weight lifting lady

Before you get the wrong impression, let me get the record straight. I am not a gym fanatic. I am not interested in having the body of a weight lifter. 592 more words

How Fast Bone Density Decreases. Part 2 of 2

How Fast Bone Density Decreases – Part 2 of 2

The bone density of the women fell by an average of 4 percent over a period of 10 years, the investigators found. 162 more words


How Fast Bone Density Decreases. Part 1 of 2

How Fast Bone Density Decreases – Part 1 of 2

How Fast Bone Density Decreases. Older women who are satisfied with their lives may have better bone health, a young Finnish study suggests. 150 more words


Could Weak Bones, Sudden Hearing Loss be Linked?

A new study from Taiwan finds that people with osteoporosis have high incidence of sudden and temporary hearing loss. The study could not find the cause-and-effect to the connection between weak bones and sudden hearing loss. 85 more words

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