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Where would we be without stoma nurses?

This post was originally written for Eakin’s A Bigger Life

Seriously? I don’t think I would have gotten through my surgery without mine! Stomal therapy nurses play a pivotal role in our lives pre and post-surgery. 904 more words


Osto-what?! Learning ostomy lingo!

This post was originally written for Eakin’s A Bigger Life: http://abiggerlife.com/ostomy-terminology/

When you’re new to ostomies, getting to know all the new terms and meanings can be like learning a whole other language!! 739 more words


Stoma blockages + Sausage & Egg McMuffin

This post was original written for Eakin’s A Bigger Life: http://abiggerlife.com/food-blockage/

I am very fortunate that in my almost 4 years of having my ostomy, I am yet to have a blockage. 504 more words


Roses are white, and I am a model!!

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m far from being a girly girl! My beauty routine is virtually non-existent and the extent of my makeup repertoire is a bit of mascara and some tinted moisturiser. 912 more words



Now I’m not complaining or anything, BUT ……….. thus far my experience of dealing with the NHS has been frustrating to say the least. 1,507 more words


Got Stoma?

Join Vlogostomy in her crusade to show that not everyone with a stoma is eldery or even just down to IBD! 457 more words


Have you got your Purple Wings yet?

Last Saturday night I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of attending my very first Ostomy / IBD event since arriving in the UK! The Purple Wings Charity hosted a Christmas dinner in Bourton on the Water, a fairy-tale little town in the Cotswolds. 727 more words