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Daily Riches: The Deadening Effects of the Familiar (Leonard Sweet, G. W. F. Hegel, Brian Aldiss, Marcel Proust, and James Finley)

“What is familiar is not known.” Hegel

“The paradox of the eyes is that the closest things to you are the hardest things for you to see. 438 more words


Idiotic Idling Idioms/ Ostranenie

For when tatay cannot make tayo, even when you tayutay.

When I say that you
Should stab me with a knife,
I did not mean for you…

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Exhibition at fYREGALLERY - 18 March to 10 April 2016

I’ve been working on pieces for a solo show over the last few years and its all finally coming together! Look out for updates and progress images for my exhibition at fYRE GALLERY in 2016… 11 more words

Indian Givers

Indian Givers

They reach the edge of the desert
and send a postcard home,
see a one-eyed orange porpoise
dancing on the tarmac
in estranged sneakers… 43 more words

Writings & Witterings

In Defence of Tourism

19 February 2014


I now believe that there is no virtue in authenticity, in the authentic experience. First, because it’s unattainable, and the very attempt at mimicry is grotesque; second, because, as an aim, it is empty of meaning. 1,187 more words


An exploration through defamiliarisation of the Cork Docklands. This piece sought to see a more obscure view of the well known docklands of Cork and (re)define how this area may be treated in an approach to design. 64 more words

Reverse Chronology in Cinema - Part II

Another interesting aspect of reverse chronology in movies is that when a story-line or a narrative goes backwards, it’s a different story altogether. So to simplify, if X is seen backwards, it’s about Y. 1,148 more words