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Weekend was busy. Photographic. Hosting friends from Austria and showing them Ostrava city. It was interesting to see the city through the eyes of firstcomers.


Česko: Moravá [2017]

Давно вже хотів поїхати до Чехії. В Кракові вже майже 2 роки, а завжди якось не виходило. Ще в 2014-му році, їздив до Словаччини, Košice… 777 more words


Urban stuff

Urban landscape. This is a district where I have been shooting a lot. I was photographing gypsies mainly. In black and white. It looked like documentary photos from 50 years ago. 60 more words


As for the photo in this post I am only missing an Easter bunny.

Anyway, there are couple of streets of similar or identical houses in Ostrava. 27 more words

Lawn mower

I have a cheap crappy lawn mower. Old one stopped working two summers ago. I bought cheapest machine I could. It does the work. But it is awkward. 154 more words

Digital photo

Ostrava – Přívoz, January 2017

So I was standing there. One of the poorest streets in Ostrava. And I suddenly saw it’s beauty. It’s poetry.  This is how I see. 287 more words

Czech Republic

What would I shoot if nobody....?

….if nobody was watching? This is a note I wrote down in my phone diary, so I would write something on my blog. This is kind of thought I easily forget. 292 more words