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photo diary part 68…Higher Purpose…

I  was struggling with my photo-book-making thing. I mentioned it here  the other day.  My problem was that I was lacking the right purpose of my book. 263 more words

photo diary part 67…ominous underpass…

Yesterday evening I was going to proceed with editing as I am still stuck in May photos. And I accidentally opened a November 2015 folder where I got a glimpse on some images that I like… a lot. 129 more words

photo diary part 66…strolling around dysfunctional building…

I was strolling around so called “polyfunctional building” that was built in 80’s as I checked on one architecture website. To me it is very sad looking place. 234 more words

photo diary part 65…Talking to myself…

Me 1: Why are you posting so often on the internet? Almost every day. Whole year. Day after day. It’s crazy.
Me 2: Because I am out shooting very often. 222 more words

Viktor Kolar's Photos

“The people I photograph have secret resources,” Kolar says, “secret mechanisms that keep them sane, that keep them going.”

I was lucky enough one summer a few years back to catch a retrospective of Viktor Kolar’s photography. 79 more words

photo diary part 63…It's just a snapshot…

It’s often perceived as inferior type of photograph.
“Hey, it is nice shot”, someone says.
“It’s is just a quick snapshot. Nothing special.” I hear the answer. 270 more words