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Lost in...Karviná

MFK Karviná v Bohemians 1905

Městský stadion Karviná / Czech First League / 26th November 2016

It was 5.30am and I found myself on the train from Trnava to Bratislava with the taste of mulled wine from the opening night of Trnava’s Christmas market still prominent in my mouth. 3,586 more words

Lost In...

My opinion about nations I met in VŠB

I think this post will be most favourite or most hated by readers from VŠB. I want to share my thoughts about students from different countries. 776 more words


Poruba and Socialist realism

Today I want to tell you about district I live in Ostrava. It is called Poruba.

Poruba is located about 10km west from the city centre so it‘s almost same distance like from Vilnius city centre to Pilaitė district. 356 more words


Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava ****

So we had to make another stop in Ostrava, because we were so tired to move on. Therefore we found this hotel:

Hotel Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava **** 575 more words


Orientation week

OK guys, it‘s time to talk about Orientation week which lasted from 6th of September till 11th of September.

On Tuesday I woke up early to be on time on Welcome Ceremony which started at 9am. 1,582 more words