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Wild Ostriches in South Africa.

Somehow it is totally different seeing animals caged in a zoo to seeing them wild.

They are different.

Nature is incredible.

These giant birds are amazing to see in their natural habitat.


City of Chandler commemorates history with Chandler Chamber Ostrich Festival

The Ostrich Festival is a special tradition in the city of Chandler, Arizona that goes all the way back to the city’s history of ostrich ranching and even it’s founder. 82 more words


Ye Olde Times

I spend a surprising amount of my time being thankful I wasn’t born in the 1400s. Or 600 AD. Or 1100 BC. Basically, all of the dates before the second half on the 20th century. 1,566 more words


The Ostrich Capital of the World

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Our ship docked in Mossel Bay, the bay of mussels, this morning. The name dates back to 1595 or 1601, depending on which story you believe. 543 more words

Crystal Cruises

First Morning at Mashatu

Saturday, December 30, 2017

To beat the heat, we started this morning’s game drive really, really early – 5:15am. We were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. 394 more words


Musing: The Ostrich


To you my feathery friend, I write

In the greying fields, your fur I sight

Dangling by your sides are your wings

Your neck is up, for a long time you sing… 115 more words


Photo Safari - The Ostrich

These ostriches were some characters.  Did you know what their eyes are bigger than their brains?  And of all the animals that came close to our bus, these big birds were the only ones who got right up to and into the bus as they were trying to grab anything shiny such as cell phones. 9 more words