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Not so wild…..Ostriches

We have four supposedly wild ostriches on the estate – we treat them with respect and try to keep them at ‘arm’s length’ recognising that they are wild and enjoying the natural fynbos and renosterbos that forms the majority of the 550 hectares of the Galenia Estate. 320 more words


Ways To Deal With Winter

Ways To Deal With Winter

Hedgehogs are sensible about winter, they hibernate.
In spring they roll on the grass and mate.
In summer they run from garden to garden, 200 more words

Chimneys And Clouds, A Collection Of Poems By Philip Dodd

Copyright shenanigans

So, we’ve all seen some form of copyright. Be it on YouTube videos or products it’s been around us for a very long time.

So what exactly is it? 236 more words


An amazing blog about hacking!!!1!!

So if you’ve been using a computer over the last couple of years then hacking is a word that you would’ve seen a few times (unless you use your computer to play minesweeper 24/7). 153 more words


The Ties that Bind US Together

The results of the recent election have sent many of us into a tailspin. My first impulse was to withdraw from the world and create a cocoon for myself, which I actually already inhabit in Northern California where the government passes sensible laws about legalizing marijuana; reducing access to guns; caring for the environment; and honoring everyone’s rights. 594 more words


Ostrich Facts

I haven’t been up to anything intriguingly new lately but there was another earthquake around here and that is the signal that it is time for more BIRD FACTS. 130 more words

Bird Facts

Cape Town Day 2: Safari Day

We slept in a little, had a scrumptious breakfast, which certainly is the most important meal of the day! And got to see the male peacock in all his glory. 990 more words