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Ragnhild and the Big Cats

We were able to score an interview with the awesome Ragnhild from Green Lights Ahead. She writes a blog from Norway, but has spent time in Namibia with the big cats. 598 more words


Etosha - Other Wildlife

Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s largest nature reserves. It is located in the beautiful and desolate north-western reaches of Namibia in the Kunene region. 187 more words


Got Rhythm?

Have you ever just done the same thing every morning day after day? Can you recite every single detail of your actions? If you can, you might have rhythm. 475 more words

Chit And Chat


Is it a plane? Nooo. Is it a Bird? well actually yes it is, not only just a bird it is the largest bird in the world. 611 more words

Willy Street Area to Host a Running of the Bulls Event

By Vin Sparks

Through it’s sources at City Hall, Spoofing Willy has learned that the Willy Street Area Commerce Board and Association of Local Businesses (WSACBALB) has applied for a Street Use Permit for a … (wait for it) … Running of the Bulls event. 273 more words