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The Meaning of “OSS” / “OSU”

By Jesse Enkamp


If there was a magical word that could be used for nearly anything.

Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?

Well, for many martial artists there is such a word! 1,474 more words


Melies Program One by Georges Melies

More evidence of Georges Melies status as the first film-making wizard, Melies Program One (1903) is a short collection of 3 such films. They are more films in the same vein as… 77 more words


Fire by James Williamson

Fire (1901) is an extremely early film which helped usher in the concept of a narrative progression through multiple shots and takes. Through early editing, the film tells of firefighters who respond to a building on fire, and the scenes are in many different places, like a room, the street, and the exterior of the burning building. 35 more words


Anticipation of the Night by Stan Brakhage

This film feels like a test. A test for the audience. A test of the mind, of comprehension, of cognition. But it also is likely a test without an answer. 163 more words


The Tipsy Playboy of One A.M by Charlie Chaplin

The Tipsy Playboy (1916) is one of Charlie Chaplin’s lesser known films, but it’s also rather lengthy and developed. it’s a rare case of an entire film revolving around one scenario, in this case being a drunk who arrives at his house late and tries to have a drink and go to sleep. 162 more words


Ohio State AD does not want CFB Playoff to expand

Ohio State athletics director Gene Smith has plenty of reasons to offer praise for the new College Football Playoff. His football program wiggled into the four-team playoff last season after nudging past and pulling away from Big 12 contenders Baylor and TCU, and then the Buckeyes took advantage of the opportunity by defeating SEC champion Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and Pac-12 champion Oregon in the first College Football Playoff national championship game. 340 more words

Rumor Mill

Mickey One by Arthur Penn

Mickey One (1965) is soaked in the jazzy undertones of Chicago. It makes it feel smooth without seeming cliched as a genre film. Warren Beatty portrays a comedian who goes on the run because he finds out he owes the mob money, but he never finds out how much and why. 120 more words