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Check out Nosue! & Tales from the Grocerystore!

Well, i was at a grocery store yesterday and tried to find some new stuff to eat and drink for reasonable prices.

I ended up buying a bunch of stuff i never tasted before. 364 more words


Digital History Reading Group IV: What does it take?

What does it take to do a digital project?  Or rather, since digital projects come in a variety of shapes and sizes, what different requirements do different types of DH project have? 209 more words

DH Reading Group

Getting better at osu!


In case you don’t know osu! is a rhythm based pc game which you can use a mouse, keyboard, graphics tablet or a touchscreen to play it is also free as well as all the beatmaps on it, I use a tablet for movement and a keyboard to click using the basic keys it gives you which is Z and X the tablet I use is a Wacom Intuos CTL-480 which has a play area of 6 x 3.7 inch I recommend the Wacom brand tablets but they can be pricey so might seem pointless to purchase one just for a game but it does greatly improve your gameplay and it might peak your interest into digital art like it did me, for mouse players it is usually best to play with a lower resolution like 1280 x 720 have your in game sensitivity at x1 and your mouse sensitivity to about 800DPI or the 6th tick on the window pointer speed settings when you start playing osu! 108 more words


Mammoth Find

Mammoth Find

Something fantastic was
Found under OSU—now,
In my part of the land,
OSU stands for “The”
Ohio State

Here, however, we’re
Talking about Oregon, 138 more words

Asuasuyura Stream #4 Taiko

Currently i am watching asuasuyura’s stream. I am also a mod in that chat and its always pretty chill.
It is Taiko though so do not expect many viewers,as taiko is fairly underappreciated game mode. 6 more words


Shigetora Stream 1/3 - Multiplayer

Watching Shigetora atm.
You can watch him here http://www.twitch.tv/shigetora

Currently it seems like he is playing multiplayer with his friends.
Pretty interesting, aim seems on point today! 38 more words


Reol - MONSTER (Romaji/Songtext)

Welcome, here we are with the first Translation and Romaji on this blog.
We start with: “Reol – Monster”

If you do not know this track you can check it out here: 584 more words