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The 8 lowest calorie legitimate treats, according to a dietitian

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We’re talking the real, not the raw stuff, for those sugar hit emergencies. 2,554 more words


macOS New App Release - Rest Time 1.0

Product Announcement¬†– publicspace of Luxembourg City, Luxembourg has released Rest Time 1.0 for macOS, its small, simple, elegant & unobtrusive break reminder written entirely in Swift and using Apple’s latest platform technologies. 468 more words


MacOS / OS X - App that makes an app for your scripts

If you’re anything like I am, you have scripts that call do random things, or call other apps behind the scenes to set environments to do other things, etc etc.¬† 405 more words

Product Testing & Tinkering

OSX Book: Vol1 Update (and Vol3 on security)

#MOXiI Vol. 1 Status update https://t.co/1vPTroBqrZ
Detailed ToC: https://t.co/HAkVKqsedN.
Last minute requests : https://t.co/0SYtqt7C2S pic.twitter.com/1hyMmjpEPH

— Jonathan Levin (@Morpheus______) July 11, 2017


In addition to update of Vol1, I just noticed there’s a Volume 3 on security:

35 more words

macOS New App Release - Vitamin-R 2.48

Product Announcements Рpublicspace of Luxembourg City, Luxembourg has released version 2.48 of Vitamin-R, its innovative time boxing solution designed to overcome procrastination, retain focus and maintain motivation. 640 more words


OSX Fresh Install - Storage Analysis

Now that I have a “fresh” and mostly empty MacBook Pro (MBP) running OSX Sierra, I am super curious to see how storage changes with time. ¬† 1,483 more words


Yes, 'sugar hangovers' are a thing

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Fogginess and fatigue don’t just follow a big night out. Here’s why you feel crap after a sugar binge, and how to recover, according to a dietitian. 2,008 more words