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OS X Yosemite Apache Çalıştırılması

Bu yazının genel olarak amacı OS X Yosemite işletim sisteminde Apache yerel web sunucusunun çalıştırılması ve olası sorunları giderilmesidir.

OS X Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) işletim sistemi Tercihler kısmından açılıp kapatılamayan Apache sürümüne sahip ilk işletim sistemiydi. 497 more words


OS X clean install: How to start minty fresh with a new user account

”Up until last week, my user account on the MacBook Pro was one that had been migrated forward through OS X upgrades and Migration Assistant since moving from OS revision to OS revision and machine to machine since — and I can’t believe I’m writing this — 2003,” John Moltz writes for Macworld. 201 more words


#Intune to provide Mac #OSX management support

Recently added to the Enterprise mobility Cloud Platform roadmap (located here) is the announcement that Intune will provide OSX support. Taken from the website details are ‘Support for managing Mac OS X devices through the MDM channel will be added to Microsoft Intune in a future service update. 53 more words


(More) Free Online Accordance Webinars, Including Sermon Prep on Wednesday

Yep, that’s right… another Accordance Webinar coming your way! Check all of this week’s sessions out here. I’m leading this one Wednesday:

Sermon Preparation in Action…

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Voice Control on Apple Mac OS X Yosemite

I wanted to know how to control my mac and all the guides on the web said to use speakable items via System Prefs but I could not find this anywhere!? 267 more words

Transferring Files To and from Your Mac

I, like many others, often find myself in the position of needing to transfer files between my Mac and my other computers. The first thought is to simply pick up a… 743 more words


Running Mac OS X in fullscreen in virtualbox

There are several options to do that, just Bing. But only one did the trick for me. Here it is. During the boot, hit enter and enter the following boot option: 28 more words