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Support for TRIM has been added to OS X 10.10.4

The majority of every operating system in use these days supports TRIM — a special ATA command that allows deleting files on that SSD. The lone exception to that list has been Apple’s OS X, which — at least until today — is now supporting TRIM on its OEM SSDs. 227 more words


Simple typewriter effect using Linux terminal and asciinema

I just found out about asciinema recently, it’s a beautiful little terminal app to record and playback activity in the Linux or Mac OSX terminal. Because of how it works, asciinema provides a sort of typewriter effect, which I happened to need for a recent project. 134 more words

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Setting up Capistrano 3 for Rails application


  1. An existing Rails application.
  2. Application is uploaded on a SCM preferably Git
  3. Deployment server is SSH enabled. Incase you are trying local deployment on Mac OS X, you can refer…
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Yosemite - Enabling SSH

  1. Get yourself a static IP
    System Preferences –> Network –> Advanced –> TCP/IP
    Select ‘Using DHCP with manual option’.
    Give IPv4 address by using the Router IP for first 3 parts and just changing the 4th part of the IP to a unique one.
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El Capitan

I love the updates and improvements to the OSs I use but you have to wonder whether or not they are all necessary. I have no particular opinion about Apple’s forthcoming OS X El Capitan but here’s the lowdown from Apple: http://www.apple.com/osx/elcapitan-preview/

El Capitano

iOS 9 The Next Big Thing


With iOS 9, the iPad Is Ready to Be More Than ‘Just a Bigger iPhone’

The iPad hasn’t been able to match the extraordinary growth curve of the… 1,275 more words


Developing a FileSystemWatcher for OS X by using FSEvents with Swift 2.0

When Swift was announced at WWDC 2014, I was very disappointed to not be able to use some of powerful C APIs such as FSEvents, to write applications in pure Swift language. 364 more words